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What Is A Epdm Rubber Roof

The Complete Guide To Epdm Roofing

What is EPDM Rubber flat roofing?

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EPDM roofing provides a cost-effective solution to your roofing needs. With longevity in mind, you can expect this material to withstand the elements for over 50 years due to its ethylene and polypropylene qualities. Quick and easy to install, it creates a durable surface that requires minimal maintenance throughout its lifetime.

The Lifespan Of Epdm Roofing

A roofs lifespan is the number of leak-free years you get out of it and even tells you when itll need to be replaced in the future. EPDM roofing is extremely durable and is kind of like having a bulletproof rubber roof system.

As long as its installed properly, you can expect to get around 25 to 30 years out of a fully adhered 0.060 thickness EPDM roof. Just know, putting a lifespan of 25 or 30 years on an EPDM roof is great, but it doesnt necessarily mean youll get this many years out of it.

No matter what kind of roofing material you have , the number of years you get out of it depends on multiple factors. This includes the weather in your area, the amount of direct sunlight that hits it, the quality of installation, and more.

But as long as EPDM roofing is installed correctly, you should get pretty close to the lifespan range above.

Epdm Patching And Repair

If you confidently laid your own EPDM roof, the chances are youll be able to repair a hole or puncture yourself using a patch repair kit. Make sure the area is clean and debris-free before using an EPDM roof cleaner to ensure the patch will stick to the membrane.

Measure the patch and make sure you leave at least 50mm of membrane outside the damaged area, then round off any corners. Apply the patch following the instructions on the packet and ensure its fully sealed by checking for the bead that appears when the seam is bonded.

If you have any doubts about repairing a puncture its best to seek advice from a roofing specialist.

If you would like more advice or information regarding EPDM roofing, speak to our team on 01752 692 760.

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Benefits Of An Epdm Roofing System

  • EPDM roofs are popular for low-slope buildings because the material is remarkably durable and resilient.
  • The EPDM membrane is resistant to the suns UV and ultraviolet rays, which makes it a versatile, durable solution in all climates.
  • The synthetic rubber surface of a black EPDM roof can help reduce heating costs in winter months.
  • EPDM roofs are compatible with many silicone and acrylic coatings which may help extend the life of the membrane and reduce energy costs.

Disadvantages Of Epdm Roofing

EPDM Rubber Roofing Membrane 1.14mm

If youre looking to save on roofing expenses, you might be thinking about installing an EPDM roof. These is one of the most common and least-expensive roofing materials, and if your building was constructed over the last few years, it may already have it. Choosing an EPDM roof now could save you lots of money upfront, but there are some trade-offs youll make as a result. Once youre aware of these, you can decide if EPDM is right for your roofing needs if you should use another material.

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What Are The Other Things You Could Do To Protect Your Roof

We can all agree that you need to prioritize protecting your roof from the elements and that delaying the inevitable wear-and-tear. Fortunately for you, there are a great variety of ways you can protect your roof.

Aside from the basic and essential steps of applying RV roof coating and sealant, you can also invest in these other strategies:

  • RV roof patch add a roof patch or roof tape in your emergency repair kit for your RV. Roof patches or tape are easy to apply, water-resistant adhesives which can seal up rips or tears, and they tend to be permanent or long-term solutions.
  • RV roof covers if youre planning to camp in an area with lots of trees with falling leaves or in a place with plenty of dust and rain, or if youre going to store your RV outdoors for a long period of time, then you should invest in a roof cover. A high-quality RV roof cover can prevent more moisture from accumulating and can physically prevent harmful debris from scratching your roof.
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    Can You Walk On A Rubber Rv Roof

    People ask all the time if its safe for them to walk on their RV roof to do maintenance or otherwise, and the truth is there is no clearcut answer. Whether or not you can walk on your RV roof depends on the make and model of your vehicle, and the type of support the roof offers for one or more persons.

    What RV has the best roof?

    5 Best RV Brands With A Fiberglass Roof In 2021

    • 5 Best RV Brands With A Fiberglass Roof.
    • 1: Forest River RVs With A Fiberglass Roof.
    • 2: Happier Camper Trailers With A Fiberglass Roof.
    • 3: Sunseeker RVs With A Fiberglass Roof.
    • 4: Venture RVs Fiberglass Roof Models.
    • 5: Winnebago RVs With A Fiberglass Roof.

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    Con: Installation On Your Roof May Not Be Simple

    Compared to an installation on a roof with obstacles such as lanterns, chimneys and vents, if you have a completely flat roof and x number of square meters, your installation will be relatively easy.

    Obstacles, such as those listed above, require the rubber to be cut, flashing tape to be used and water-tightness must be kept throughout! In cases where your roof is not completely flat, it would be advisable to getting a professional to assist with the installation.

    Epdm Roof Membrane Thickness And Color Options

    How to install an EPDM Flat Rubber Roof, ClassicBond

    EPDM roof membrane comes in rolled sheets that are wide and long and manufactured in three common thicknesses:

    • 45 Mil EPDM rubber roofing
    • 60 Mil EPDM rubber roofing
    • 90 Mil EPDM rubber roofing

    With some manufacturers also offering a 75-mil EPDM membrane.

    When considering membrane thickness for single ply roofing installation…

    There are several factors your roofer will consider when making a recommendation.

    Thickness directly correlates with the materials resistance to damage.

    Those in high-risk zones for flying debris and severe storm conditions will want to choose a robust thickness for their EPDM rubber roofing.

    Fully Adhered EPDM Roofing Detail

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    Geography Of Epdm Roofing

    EPDM roofs are far more common in the north than in the south these days. Cheaper reflective white membranes such as TPO have largely replaced them in warmer climates due changing energy code and LEED requirements.

    In addition, the uncured or semi-cured material used for roof flashings tend to deteriorate faster under the intense UV radiation of Texas than they do in a place like Chicago, for example.

    How Do You Apply Epdm Rubber Roofing

  • Roof Deck Preparation. Clean the roof surface prior to installation.
  • Install Drip Batten. Install the Drip batten wherever a gutter is present.
  • Install Drip Back Drip Trim. The Drip Trim has a front and back piece.
  • Chase out Wall Upstand.
  • In this manner, can you walk on EPDM rubber roofing?

    Can you walk on a rubberroof Yes, but only to an extent. All RKD Rubber Roofing Systems are designed to enable LIGHT foot traffic during installation and for any occasional cleaning or maintenance. Install Promenade Tiles/decking straight onto the EPDM membrane.

    Also, how long do rubber membrane roofs last? 40 years

    Similarly one may ask, is EPDM roofing any good?

    EPDM rubber roofing is also very lightweight, so the roof deck doesnt need any kind of reinforcement. Because there are few seams, leaks are fairly rare and a good quality EPDM roof can last up to 20 years. Installers also have options of how they will install the material.

    How much does a roll of rubber roof cost?

    Rubber roofing commonly comes in a roll or sheet often referred to as a membrane. On average, youll spend about $7,500 for 1,500 sq. feet with a range of $6,000-$18,000.

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    How To Select An Epdm Roofing Contractor

    While many companies offer roofing services, EPDM roof installation requires an experienced roofing contractor. If you’re looking for a long-lasting roof, you will want to employ the services of a highly-experienced roofing company, familiar with local roofing requirements.

    You need a team of professionals that can spring into action and mobilize immediately with the resources needed to get the job done and help you plan for a future permanent roof replacement solution.

    It’s important to get a professional roof inspection prior to completion of emergency roof repairs. You also want to select a roofing company with extensive experience installing your type of roof.

    Look for an EPDM roofing contractor with the following qualifications:

    • Is licensed, bonded, and insured
    • Experience in emergency roofing & repair services
    • Experience installing the permanent roof solution your property will require
    • Experience managing staged roofing projects that may require parallel tear-off and installation
    • Experience working with insurance companies on roof damage claims

    An experienced emergency roofer can help you avoid leaks and major problems and provide a permanent roofing solution that lasts for decades.

    In 2022, RestoreMasters was ranked #29 of the Top 100 Roofing Contractors in the nation.

    The Cost Of Epdm Roofing

    Firestone® RubberCover Roof EPDM (1.14mm thick)

    The last thing and most important thing you need to know about EPDM roofing is how much itll cost. Just know that its impossible to give you an exact price due to all the different cost factors.

    The numbers below should only be used to help you understand the budget needed for EPDM roofing. With that in mind, EPDM roofing will cost around $14.00-$17.00 per square foot for smaller projects and around $12.00 per square foot for slightly larger projects.

    A couple of big cost factors help determine where youll fall in the price range above. The first one is the type of insulation used under the actual EPDM roofing membrane.

    It costs more to use insulation thick enough to insulate the entire structure than using fabric insulation and gluing the membrane to it. The second factor is the size of the roof getting EPDM roofing installed on it.

    If you have a smaller project, the cost per square foot will actually be on the higher end of the price range. For larger projects, the cost per square foot has the opposite effect and drastically decreases.

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    Reviews Of A Washington Dc Rubber Roofing Contractor

    “I recently had my roof, gutters and siding replaced. Ryan and Juan were respectable and knowledgeable men. They paid close attention to detail and were very patient. Seth scheduled the delivery of material. It was on time and they took special care to not damage my lawn and flower beds. If you are looking for a company that is knowledgeable, patient, kind, experienced and provides excellent and high quality of work, look no further, Capitol Improvements is it.” -Ninotchica A.

    • Washington, D.C.
    • Thermoplastic Polyolefin
    • Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
    • Polyvinyl chloride

    Pro: If There Is Damage Repairing Is Easy

  • Clean the damaged surface thoroughly to ensure nothing will interrupt the bonding process for the rubber.
  • Correctly prime the surface using the appropriate primer.
  • Use your 9 flashing tape to completely cover the damage
  • Sometimes having the knowledge that even if damage were to happen you can perform a repair without too much stress and hassle can make all the difference, and that is one of the many things EPDM offers.

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    Firestone Flat Roof Epdm Accessories

    Whether a new installation or performing maintenance on an existing EPDM flat roof, using the right tools is essential. We stock a vast array of accessories, including fixings, walkway pads, paving slab supports & rubble sacks to ensure you’re always properly prepared for any project.

    Epdm Roofing Vs Felt And Grp Roofing

    Is An EPDM Rubber Roof Strong Enough To Walk On?

    As the popularity of EPDM roofing has soared, traditional roofing materials such as felt have taken a backseat in the ever-evolving market. While EPDM is a strong material thats easy to work with, offering an attractive finish, the cheaper felt option will need to be laid by a specialist and repairs run the risk of looking patchy.

    GRPs attractive appearance is especially popular with homeowners. However, it should ideally be installed by a professional and often comes at a higher price point than EPDM.

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    Pros Of Bowie Pvc Roofing:

    • Even more flexible. The plasticizers and other chemical components of PVC rubber roofing make it even more flexible than TPO. This makes it resilient and resistant to building-settling.
    • Time-tested product. Roofers have been using PVC for over 50 years. As a long-time industry favorite, its easier to find a roofing contractor who specializes in PVC roofing than in a newer product like TPO.
    • Energy efficient. Like TPO, PVC is energy efficient and can help reduce your cooling bills during the warm summer months.

    Which Buildings Can I Use Flat Rubber Roof Membranes On

    Flat rubber roof membranes can be used on a number of buildings with a clean finish and a range of sizes. Any building with a flat roof should have a rubber membrane installed to ensure the highest level of protection and durability.

    Flat roofing systems can be laid out on commercial buildings, industrial buildings, agricultural buildings, and apartment buildings to serve a range of purposes such as protecting the building from extreme weather conditions, for example.

    Garage roofs and garden buildings also highly benefit from rubber flat roof coverings. We provide rubber membranes to all buildings by measuring in square feet. There is no minimum size for your buildings or the membrane roll sizes required.

    For any information regarding our roofing services at Flat Roof Experts please contact us using the details below and one of our experienced staff will be happy to help.

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    How Are Rubber Roofs Installed

    When it comes to installation, there are several different techniques that can be used. It can be installed fully adhered, attached mechanically or ballasted. When its installed, EPDM roofing is rolled out and then attached to the roof. Since its installed along a large surface, you need multiple rolls like this to cover the entire roof. After the rubber is rolled out, the seams are sealed using a liquid adhesive or a special type of heavy-duty tape.

    EPDM roofing works great for a number of different commercial uses. From huge warehouses to schools to office buildings, this roofing option is a great choice. It has an easy application, its reliable, and it will last a long time. When you own your own business or manage an organization, the roof of the building shouldnt be something that you need to worry about.

    Useful Links For Epdm Roofing Information

    Firestone EPDM rubber roof membrane. High quality single ply roof ...

    1. General: See this in-depth general article about various roof systems on the Whole Building Design Guide site, which is maintained by the National Institute of Building Sciences.

    2. General: For a decent general discussion of EPDM as a material, see the Wikipedia EPDM page. Not much information specific to EPDM roofing, though.

    3. General: The EPDM Roofing Association has thorough and accurate information at this location . Just remember that this is an industry association that was formed with the purpose of providing data documenting the many benefits of EPDM roofing systems .

    4. General: Industry news can be found on the EPDM Roofing Association website.

    5. Building Codes: R905.12 Thermoset Single-Ply Roofing from the 2015 International Residential Code and 1507.12 Thermoset Single-Ply Roofing from the 2018 International Building Code. Both available on the UpCodes website.

    6. Chemical Compatibility of EPDM: See this chart for a long list of chemicals and whether you can expect them to damage EPDM. Note that EPDM roof seam adhesive and semi-cured or uncured EPDM flashings may be affected differently than fully-cured EPDM field material. Chart is made available by Mykin Inc.

    9. Safety: See this material safety data sheet for health and safety information about EPDM at the Carlisle Syntec website. This is only an example and other products and brands may be different.

    12. Technical: Ballasted EPDM, what is it? See this page on the Carlisle Syntec website.

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    Widths Ranging And Thicknesses

    EPDM roofing systems are sold in a variety of widths and thicknesses to help meet any homeowners needs. Its widths range from 7.5 to 50, and its thicknesses are available in 45 mil , 60 mil , 75 mil and 90 mil . The roof can be attached through adhesives, ballasting, or mechanical attachment. Its good to know that the thicker material you choose, the longer your roof is designed to last. The average lifespans for each thickness include:

    • 45 mils About 12 years
    • 60-75 mils About 12-17 years
    • 90 mils At least 25 years

    EPDM should be installed by professional roofers. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

    Why Choose Centimark As Your Epdm Contractor

    Workmanship is more important to a good roof system than the materials themselves. is to keep our customers’ buildings watertight, protect their properties and employees, all in concert with regular business operations. From inspection and installation to repairs and maintenance, we focus on workmanship and attention to detail, providing you a peace of mind with our that is backed by a multi-million dollar provision. Our dedicated service and production crews attend mandatory safety and installation training on a regular basis. This means your projects are OSHA compliant and completed by experienced, specialized experts every time.

    Fast Fact: EPDM roofs are a very popular option. In fact, they account for 35% of the total roofing market in North America!

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