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Where To Order Roof Trusses

Roof Truss Designers & Manufacturing

How to buy trusses at Menards

Tailor Made Designs Ltd manufacture timber roof trusses for individuals, builders and developers for use in builds ranging from small domestic extensions to large commercial projects. We offer a full wooden roof truss design service and nationwide delivery at competitive rates, with sensible lead times. We are also able to provide any glulam beams / purlins, loose rafter timber and all associated truss clips and hangers etc.

We have a full professional team that can design your roof trusses which are specific to your design or requirements for the project. We use kiln-dried strength grade timber which are joined together using the Mitek system. All of our products are quality assured and guaranteed as they are the framework for your roof, ceilings or floor applications. Roof trusses are a very cost effective solution for your project. Our years of custom designing and manufacturing timer products means we can give you expert detailed and specific advice to make sure it is the perfect solution for your project. Most designs can be very complex in which our design team can provide you the best quote and prices for your project.

Ready To Order Your Machined Wood Roof Trusses

Once you have all this information, you are ready to order your roof trusses. Make sure to do business with a manufacturer who guarantees products with precise dimensions made with premium quality materials.

At UsiHome, you can simply contact us and send us your construction project plans. We will recommend products that meet your needs and budget.

When Roof Trusses Break

No one likes to see it, but sometimes trusses break. When they do, it is usually because of mishandling during delivery or while setting the trusses. We strongly encourage our customers to thoroughly read the Job-Site package provided on truss delivery before handling the trusses. Doing so will greatly minimize the chances of injury to yourself or the trusses during and after installation.

Broken truss? heres what to do

So a truss has a broken piece, or plates that have pulled apart. Unfortunately, it happens. Heres what to do:

Contact us immediately with as much information as you can. We will need the truss number, the broken piece ID , the exact location of the break, with measurements either from one end of the truss, or the nearest joint. If possible, send pictures to us so we can properly assess the damage before passing it on to the engineer.

If the damage is greater than we can repair in-house, we will write up a detailed report of the damage, and send it to our engineers so they can design a repair. It typically takes about 24 hours to get repairs returned.

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How To Build Roof Trusses For A Shed

The roof trusses for sheds are one of the most vital pieces to design. These consist of 2 rafters that will hold up the structures roof. Once completed, the roof trusses are installed and lifted onto the top part of shed frames.

The trusses you require may depend upon the sheds length. The longer your shed is, the more roof trusses you will have to make. The good thing about roof trusses is that they are simple to construct.

Step #1

Begin by determining the measurements of the roofs slope. This will be the rafters length. If your roof has a long slope on one of the sheds side, one of your rafters should be longer.

So, know the number of the roof trusses youll need, then double the number for you to acquire the number of the rafters youll need when building the roof trusses.

Step #2

Cut the rafters from 2×4 piece of wood. Cut it to the length you require and add the plumb cut to its ends. This plumb cut should be a 45-degree angle cut.

Step #3

Cut the bottom cord of the roof trusses.

Step #4

Make the gussets, which are the half-inch thick plywood pieces that will cover the 3 ends of the roof trusses.

Step #5

Example Of Truss Costs Calculation

How to Build Wooden Roof Trusses

Here is an example to give you a clearer idea of how project costs are calculated. Suppose a customer needs trusses for a private house with a roof area of 12.6m x 9m with a metal tile roofing.

1. Creating building geometry. In this step, the geometry of the building is created based on the parameters of the clients project.

2. Creation of the roof plane. Based on customer information and the project design analysis, our engineer determines the height of the roof and the slope of the roof.

3. Truss creation. Once the roof plane has been drawn, the trusses themselves must be created. Trusses are made based on several factors:

  • Snow load.
  • Weight of roofing.
  • etc.

4. Truss placement in the roof plane. Based on the design parameters and the roof plane, the timber trusses are positioned to support the entire roof area.

5. Calculation of the offer. Because this project has a very simple solution, you only need to produce one truss variant, but sometimes there are projects that use more than 50 truss types. All in all, we see that this project requires the manufacture of 9 trusses, 2 rafters and the addition of mounting parts . Total cost of the project with delivery and VAT is 1427,16 EUR.

Find out the price of timber trusses for your project. Order a timber truss price quote and truss plan here Order a timber trusses

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Advantages Of Timber Trusses

The main difference between timber trusses and traditional roof rafters lies in the preparation and installation aspects, but the main advantages of timber truss solution is the remarkably high installation speed compared to rafters. Also the timber trusses has lower costs than metal structures and at least 30% less timber waste than classic rafters structure. But these are not the only pluses of wooden trusses!

Size and shape. Timber trusses allow a production of large span structures that do not require additional load-bearing walls up to 35m. Roof trusses are made for each individual project, adapting the trusses to any type of shape. Trusses are very versatile and can be easily combined with other structures such as steel beams.
Manufacture. Structures are designed with the help of specific software, which enables fast, high-quality construction with millimetre precision and regional standards.
Variations. Thanks to the aforementioned design program, timber truss structure provides unlimited planning and re-planning possibilities.
Quality. The trusses are manufactured in-house and are not exposed to changing weather conditions, maintaining high quality standards.
Montage. Trusses delivered on site are ready for installation and do not require any special knowledge or highly qualified personnel. Usually the assembly for private house roof takes 1 to 2 days.

Family Owned And Operated

The Turkstra Lumber Company is a family owned and operated business that has served Southern Ontario and the Niagara Peninsula for nearly 60 years. With 11 lumber yards and several manufacturing plants we provide a complete range of products for individuals and contractors in the home building, renovation, and commercial construction industries.

Each of our branches is a full-service traditional lumber yard. Experienced inside and outside sales estimators prepare detailed quotations and provide construction expertise throughout your deck or fence project. Each branch maintains a complete inventory of wood products including pressure treated lumber, composite, and cedar products.

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What Are Timber Trusses

Timber trusses are factory-built roof constructions. They are placed on external load-bearing walls. To save on roof constructions it is recommended to add an inner load-bearing wall.

The roof structure consists of a number of trusses, which are symmetrically arranged to cover the building from one end to the other. Unlike rafter roof that are put together on site, timber trusses are manufactured at the factory and delivered to the construction site for ready-made installation.

Exposed wooden trusses are ascetic roof constructions. They can be seen most often in warehouses or in barns, but today’s architectural solutions alone use this roof construction solution to give the building individuality and greater space. Each client, when ordering a roof construction project, wants the construction not only to fulfill its direct function, but also to add extra value visually. For this reason, more and more builders and architects use exposed timber trusses for retail space, large living room or dining room, churches, studios as well as outdoor spaces gazebo, open-air stage, garden constructions

Freimans – a professional manufacturer of timber trusses and roof constructions with 15 years of experience in the European market. We offer to design and manufacture simple and more complex constructions.

How To Build Roof Trusses

Constructability3D – Identifying Roof Truss Issues BEFORE Ordering!

Roof Trusses are constructed according to the type of roof trusses being used in the construction. The construction of a Fink Roof truss will be different from a gable or gambrel truss although they might have certain similarities.

It is important to know what kind of roof truss you want to construct, know what and what not to, the benefits and its disadvantages as well as it will guide you.

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How Much Will My Roof Trusses Cost

  • How much will my roof trusses cost?
  • Timber roof trusses, also known as trussed rafters, are one of the most critical considerations in any residential building project. Before these are designed and ordered, the type of truss required needs to be identified as there are many different options available. When it comes to pricing roof trusses, the original roof truss design, as well as the span and pitch can influence costs depending on the size of the project.

    If youve been wondering how much the required roof trusses will cost for your project, we have the answer. With our new instant quote function, you can get a quick indicative quote for your roof truss configurations in just four simple steps.

    The cost of your roof trusses will depend on various factors. To get an accurate quote for roof trusses, you will need to have the following details before you start the process:

    • Truss type: this depends on the roof shape
    • Span : refers to the distance across the length of the truss where it bears onto the wall supports.
    • The pitch : is the angle of the top chord of the truss as it runs away from the wall head.
    • The quantity: how many trusses required for the roof space or project in general

    What truss options are available?

    The cost of roof trusses:

    For the same project, but instead, with attic cantilevered eaves trusses, this would cost £2, 866.50.

    *Prices are exclusive of delivery and VAT

    Factors that can affect the cost:


    How To Measure For A Roof Truss

    • Written by Robert Miller on Apr 19, 2010To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by
    • 150-400

    Installing a roof truss is a serious project that must be performed with great care according to exact specifications and measurements. The trusses are important structural units that bear the load of the roof. The size, spacing, and span of the roof trusses must be carefully calculated to hold the weight of roofing materials and accumulated snow loads. Prefabricated trusses are available from hardware stores and these are appropriate for a wide range of common projects. Specialized applications will require the builder to frame their own trusses using 2×4 or 2×6 lumber.

    Step 1 – Design Trusses

    To design an effective roofing frame you will need to start with several measurements. These include the slope of the roof, the length of an overhang, the size and location of ceiling joists, the size of ridge beams and bearing beams, and the load weight. Trusses can be fabricated by a lumberyard based on construction drawings or you can cut them yourself. If you order customized trusses, inspect them immediately upon arrival at the job site. Take an inventory and notify the supplier if you received the wrong number of sizes.

    Step 2 – Mark Cap Plates

    Step 3 – Cut Lookouts

    Step 4 – Plumb Rafter Tails

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    Types Of Roof Trusses

    Aside from the common wood roof trusses, there are still other types that are built using different materials to effectively support and distribute the load to the walls.

    • Flat Trusses

    The flat truss can be designed as bottom or top chord bearing or for multiple and simple spans. This can be cantilevered at one or both ends.

    A flat truss is not necessarily flat, as it slightly slopes to prevent the pooling of water on the roof and prevents the damaging or collapsing of the entire structure.

    While among the most common types, this truss is considered as less efficient because the stress on the webs of the flat trusses is greater compared to other types.

    • Gambrel Trusses

    The gambrel roof truss resembles the appearance of a barn roof. It has two upper chords, with one longer than the other. These two chords meet at the trusss apex. Since it has steep sides, there is sufficient room for a living space below the roof or can be used as a storage space in the attic.

    The gambrel roof truss in homes lets you include an upper floor below the roof. There is also an extra room for the large windows that can make it look brighter inside the house.

    • Bowstring roof trusses

    Usually large and arched, the bowstring trusses give support to the buildings weight, such as the aircraft hangars and the warehouses that require a lot of open space inside.

    • Dual pitched trusses

    Advantages Of Light Steel Frames

    Timber trusses for two storeys private house
  • They are easily handled, light in weight, and durable.
  • Their level of accuracy is high compared to other framing materials.
  • Light steel frames resist corrosion.
  • In terms of cost, they are very cost-effective as compared to the other roofing frames.
  • They are termite-proof and cannot be destroyed by insects as compared to wooden frames.
  • Trust the trusses and take advantage of them to secure your dream home. Steel trusses and light steel frames are engineering structures and thus are intended to solve problems. More importantly, light Steel frames are recyclable making them environmentally friendly.

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    Build Your Own Roof Trusses

    The very first step for building roof trusses is to prepare a design layout that can be sketched by a professional architect or can also be done by using a software that is specifically meant to design a roof truss.

    The second step in building a roof truss is to prepare the materials needed. These will include wood, a hammer, a saw, roof truss plates made from galvanized steel and galvanized screws of 1 ½ inches.

    The wood needs to be cut based on the size of the roof and specifications in the design. It must also adhere to all the local building standards and codes. Most of the time, the sizes of the wood used range from 2×6 and 2×8 even though its thickness can be based on the weight that it will support and the overall size of the roof.

    It is crucial that you use connector plates made from galvanized steel. It is a kind of steel that has a zinc coating and can prevent the occurrence of any corrosion.

    The plates and the wood will join together in the shape of a triangle and will then be fastened together using galvanized steel screws, which arent shorter than 1 ½ inches in their length. Depending on the woods thickness, you might also want to use thicker screws.

    If you want to build a roof truss with the use of other materials aside from wood, like steel, aluminum or tin, you will need to cut the material based also on the roof size and design specifications, just like with wood trusses.

    Tips For Roof Trusses

    Allow plenty of lead time. It can take anywhere from two to eight weeks before the trusses will be delivered.

    Dont deviate from the plan. If you change the dimensions on the building after the roof trusses are built, you will be out of luck.

    Trusses can be very heavy and awkward to handle. To minimize the danger to yourself and your employees, consider using an all-terrain fork lift or small crane to set them.

    Adequate temporary bracing should be available and correctly installed. If trusses fall over, they usually go like dominos not a pretty sight.

    Last, but not least, let one of our truss experts review your building plans.

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    Why Buy From Us

    • Lifetime support to your roof
    • Professional craftsmanship
    • Premium Aluzinc and 100% Aluminium sheets at affordable prices
    • 24/7 after sales service on dedicated hotlines
    • Long term material durability
    • Free office and on-site technical advice
    • Sheets produced to customer specification
    • Free Estimates within Accra

    How Timber Truss Price Is Calculated

    Southern Truss Delivery Day VLOG The Perfect Mono Roof Truss For An Overbuilt Car Port!!!

    Of course, one of the most important factors that interest any future homeowner and builder is budget. There are several factors that influence the cost of timber trusses:

    • Overhang

    Information needed to create a timber truss offer:

    • Address of the project
    • The function of the building
    • Desired truss assembly date
    • Drawings Section, floor plan, etc.

    Why do we need to know the project address? Location is an important factor that will be used to determine the snow and wind loads that are different at each location. Therefore, it is important to know the exact location of the project in order to design trusses.

    Why do we need to know what purpose will the building serve? Building functionality helps determine the necessary parameters and standards to guide the design of the trusses for the project, so it is important to know if the trusses are for the home, supermarket, pavilion, garage or other buildings.

    How important is the choice of truss type?We have already mentioned that there are different types of trusses available. Type of the timber truss will influence the living space, ceiling height of the room and the cost of the project.

    Why do we need to know your roofing material? The type of roofing determines the weight that the truss will need to support.

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