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What To Ask A Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor Question #: What Roofing Materials Do You Offer

Top 8 Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor

Make sure to ask your prospective roofers what roofing systems they have to offer. Asking this is a simple way to get a good idea what your roofing options are, and youll also be able to discuss the more technical matters, such as how the material or system in question will perform .

A roofer that offers more than one type of asphalt shingle roofing can give you more flexibility in your design. Many homeowners are surprised that asphalt shingles are available in options other than what theyre used to seeing around the neighborhood including the increasingly popular dimensional shingles.

Most good roofing contractors offer at least:

  • Asphalt shingles. These are the most common types . These shingles come in a variety of colors and styles, and some cost more than others do.
  • Metal roofing materials. Aluminum and steel roofs are very popular because theyre durable and fireproof. They do cost more than asphalt shingles.
  • Natural slate is heavy and durable, and it creates a luxury aesthetic. Your contractor can explain your options when it comes to slate and if you want the look but not the cost, you may be able to take synthetic slate for a spin.
  • Clay and ceramic tiles. Spanish-style roofing is unmistakably beautiful, and it may be the right choice for your home. The tiles are fire-resistant and rugged, and they do well during inclement weather.

Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor When Getting A Leak Fixed

As a homeowner, you are probably already aware of the importance of regular maintenance, which typically involves routine cleaning, such as vacuuming carpets and washing windows. You might also be familiar with doing small jobs around your house, like painting or fixing leaks.

However, if you notice water damage on your rooftop and need roof leak repair, it is likely time to hire someone to fix these issues for you. Refer to the ensuing list of pivotal questions you should ask a contractor to determine if they are the perfect choice for your needs.

Do You Have Workmans Comp And General Liability Insurance

When learning what to ask a roofing contractor, its essential to know whether they have general liability insurance and workmans compensation attached to their services. Because if they dont, any injuries that occur while working on your roof might become your responsibility. Roofing is dangerous work, and general liability insurance will cover any damages to your home during the roofing process. Any roofing contractor who doesnt have either of these isnt someone you should consider working on your roof.

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Roofing Contractor Question #: What Is Your Change Process

Certain situations call for changes while the project is underway. Sometimes roofers discover hidden roofing issues while theyre removing an existing roof, such as wood rot. In other cases, the homeowner changes his or her mind after seeing the materials. The homeowner needs to sign off on changes that will delay the projects completion and can change the projects costs thats standard across the industry.

To protect yourself, youll want to find out what the process is if any changes become necessary during the project. Ask the contractor what happens if roofers find damage, if the materials arent what you expected, or what will happen if you change your mind. That way, youre prepared for the unexpected.

How Long Will It Take

9 Questions To Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Always ask the prospected timeline for a job whether that be minor roof repairs or the installation of a new roof. If the roofing company does evade your questions, you may need to ask why. You can also use the testimonials for further digging and check to see if any previous customers stated the project ran over the initial deadline.

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Establish A Foundation: Roof Problems Or Remodel

Establish your needs before reaching out to a contractor. Determine whether it is a roofing problem to be fixed or a new remodel. Research roofing options before contacting a contractor. You don’t need to know everything about roofing, but knowing the overall project details equips you to decide which contractor is the best fit.

It will be helpful to consider these questions and expectations as you begin the process of gathering several bids:

  • What is the amount I am willing to spend on roofing remodel or repair?
  • Determine an expectation for the project timeline.

We Are Here To Answer Your Questions

If youre looking for roofing experts and reliable contractors, you have come to the right place! With class and years of experience in the roofing industry, you can do roof replacement while taking care of your property, because we work with tact and efficiencyjust the way you want it. Call us now and lets discuss your roofing needs.

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What Is The Price Of The Deposit

If you request the price of the deposit straight away, you will get an idea of the overall cost without appearing too demanding. Never pay a roofer the full cost upfront too many times, this has resulted in a total lack of service and loss of money.

The roofer should, at an early stage, give you an idea of the expenses that need to be covered throughout the work. It would also be useful to buy an insurance-backed warranty or guarantee, should it be available but, first, check what it will cover, Citizens Advice recommends.

You want a warranty or guarantee that will cover the expense of having the work finished or rectified should the contractor go out of business mid-job or simply provide poor work.

Are You A Local Contractor

Top Questions to Ask When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Finding a contractor that is local to your area is essential. Always ask where their physical office is, and check the area code on their phone number to ensure you know where they are located should a problem arise with your roof.

There are instances, like after a big storm, where a company from outside your area will come in to maximize its profits. Theyll replace your roof and then move on. And if issues come up, they will be harder to contact.

Additionally, those companies may not know local codes or adequately install your roof to maximize its lifespan.

In comparison, local companies will know the installation codes, required paperwork, and procedures and leave their reputation within the community on the line.

Not only do they know everything necessary to ensure your roof is installed correctly and up to code, but they will also want to exceed your expectations because their reputation can be negatively impacted.

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How Will Your Roofer Cut Their Shingles

When it comes to cutting shingles, a roofer should never just eyeball it. Instead, they need cut on a straight edge using a straight or hook blade.

Its also important that they strike a chalk line before installing your shingles. This will keep shingles horizontally and vertically aligned, especially over large areas or long distances. It will also help to eliminate short exposures, waviness, and other aesthetic issues.

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How Do You Protect My Property

Anytime you have work done on your roof, a roofing contractor should do everything possible to protect your property.

Its crucial to your peace of mind to ask a roofing contractor what steps they take to protect your lawn, landscaping, light fixtures, etc. For example, they should angle a tarp thats secured from your gutters down to a dump tarp on the ground to cover the foliage and landscaping that surrounds the base of your home.

Be aware, some contractors sneak into the fine print of your roof estimate that theyre not responsible for any damage. Theyll throw on your roof without a care for your property and will show you the clause in the fine print showing theyre not responsible.

Protecting your property is a crucial part of the roof replacement process. To learn more about the protective steps a reputable contractor takes, read this article on how your property is protected during your roof replacement.

How Long Have You Been In Business

What questions to ask to a professional roofing contractor?1. Do you ...

When you invest in a roof replacement, you need to ask and look up how long theyve been in business in your area. If you choose a newer roofing company thats a couple of years old, chances are their prices will be a lot cheaper.

The problem is they dont know how to price jobs correctly to have retained earnings at the end of the year to get them through the winter months. That’s when a new company will shut down.

That’s not to say there arent good young companies in your area. However, five years from now, you want to make sure the company will still be there to take care of your roof investment.

Make sure you choose a contractor thats established and has a strong history in your area. The longer a roofing company has been in the business doesnt make them any better, it just means that they’ll be around if there’s a problem.

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Will You Ensure My Roof Is Adequately Ventilated

Your roofing contractor should check the intake and exhaust ventilation systems to ensure humid air is continuously being removed from your attic and cool, dry air from outside is replacing it. Without these systems working properly, moisture can build up inside your attic and under shingles, leading to damage and potentially invalidating your roofing warranty.

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Roofing Contractor

1. Do you have adequate insurance coverage?

Your roofer should carry insurance to help protect your home from accidental damage. Owens Corning Roofing Platinum and Preferred Contractors hold at least $1,000,000 in general liability insurance.

2. Do you offer limited warranty* and workmanship** coverage?

Your roofing contractor should be able to offer a limited warranty that may include workmanship coverage. Owens Corning Roofing Platinum and Preferred Contractors offer several different levels of Roofing System Limited Warranties that offer up to a lifetime** of material and workmanship coverage.

3. Will you provide an explanation of my warranty?

Your roofing contractor should explain your warranty and be clear about whom to call with a problem. Find out if defective shingles are replaced for prorated replacement cost or original cost and if labor charges are additional. Learn more about our warranties here.

4. Which roofing materials will you use on my roof?

Not all roofing products are the same, so be sure your roofer works with a name you can trust. Learn more about Owens Corning® Roofing products here.

5. Will you provide me with a written estimate?

Your roofing contractor should provide an estimate that includes an accurate description of the work to be performed, plus work that may have to be contracted out.

6. Do you comply with all local building codes?

Your roofer should know and comply with all local building codes.

Ask for references and call a few of them.

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May I See Your References

The contractors past work is a testament to their expertise. By asking a potential roofing contractor to provide a list of people they have worked for, you can visit the sites or talk to previous clients and ask about their experience.

Ask their previous clients if the job was finished on time and if they are satisfied with the work. In addition, ask if there were mistakes in the work and if they were corrected afterwards. Finally, ask if previous clients will recommend the contractor to others.

Additionally, you can check out online reviews to see what others are saying about this roofing contractor. , and the Better Business Bureau can help you get ease of mind in this companys work.

What To Look For In

Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor – Questions to Ask a Roofer

Once youve looked through several roofers websites, the next step is to call three or four of them for a quote. Its better to call multiple companies so that you can compare them. Your potential roofers will want to come to your roof, inspect it, and then create a detailed quote for you.

Perform research on any company before you let one of their representatives up on your roof, so that you can ensure they have insurance, a license, and the other important things we discussed in the first step. It is unwise to allow a roofer who stops by your door unexpectedly onto your roof. They could be storm-chasers, or unlicensed contractors, who are looking to take advantage of you.

When you meet with one of these roofers that you have chosen in person, you should judge them based on a few different criteria:

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How Would You Like To Get Paid

To save you the headache that comes with payment issues, it is advisable to talk about the payment terms with the contractor early on. Structuring the payment terms in a way that fits your budget and the preferences of the contractor ensures a smooth transaction. Talk to your contractor about their specific payment process before the project begins.

These are just some of the important questions that you need to ask roofing contractors before closing the deal. Knowing the answer to these questions in advance ensures that the renovation work on your roof will be smooth and hassle-free.

Guest Blog Post written by Chris Woodard: Chris Woodard is the Co-Founder of Handle, where they build software that helps contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers secure their lien rights and get paid faster by automating the collection process for unpaid construction invoices.

What Training And Experience Does The Crew Have

Working with a manufacturer-certified roofer is always a smart choice. Roofing projects require adherence to industry and manufacturer standards to guarantee quality performance. Ask the roofer if their crew has special training from the manufacturer of your preferred roofing material.

Reputable roofing material manufacturers such as GAF, Owens Corning, and CertainTeed enforce rigorous standards for certification. Moreover, the contractor must be insured, licensed, and have a proven reputation in the local community to get certified. They must also commit to continuous professional training to ensure the crew has fully mastered the installation, maintenance, and repair of their roofing products.

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Questions To Ask Your Roofer Before You Hire Them

by Dave Lodde | Aug 24, 2016 | Buyer Beware, Roofing

Most homeowners know the typical questions to ask of a roofing company theyre considering including how long theyve been in business, references and proof of insurance, and information about warranties. But installing a roof is a complex job. The little things can make a big difference, which is why its important to choose an experienced roofer who really knows what theyre doing.

Check out these ten roofing-related questions you should ask your roofer before hiring them:

Will The Roofer Remove Your Old Roof

5 Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors When Hiring

An easy way for black-hat roofers to cut corners is by visually inspecting the old roof and then shingling over it. If they dont pull the old shingles up, however, they wont know whether or not there are soft spots hiding beneath. If problems arent found and repaired early, youre looking at costly repairs down the road. A good, experienced roofer should always take up your old roof before placing a new one down.

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