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Which Camry Has Panoramic Roof

Mini Cooper Hardtop Signature

Toyota Camry Panoramic Glass Roof – How Far Does it Open & How Does it Work?

If you want these cars with panoramic sunroof, youll need to upgrade quite a bit to the Signature trim. These differ greatly from the base, S, and John Cooper Wick. First, the upgrade adds your panoramic sunroof, heated front seats, keyless entry, and dual-zone automatic climate control.

In addition, bumping up your trim to the Signature level also opens the door to some extra paint options, upholstery choices, and interior dashboard features. You can also add on the JCW Solaris Orange Special Edition if you prefer. This adds black exterior trim, a head-up display, and all-season tires.

Theres even a Premium package available if you desire more features. This comes with power-folding mirrors, chrome exterior trim, cornering lights, auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors, LED headlights, LED fog lights, a 12-speaker Harman Kardon audio system, and satellite radio.

What Makes A Moonroof A Moonroof

A moonroof is a specific type of sunroof that includes a glass panel that slides back between the roof and headliner of the vehicle itself. Plenty of modern moonroofs do this with a motor and can also tilt open. To help keep the two distinct in your mind, remember that it is called a moonroof because it can slide back into the body of the vehicle either a little or a lot, like how the moons phases show a little or a lot of light depending on the phase of the moon.

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Toyota Vehicles With A Moonroof/panoramic Roof

Cars & Minivans

  • 2021 Toyota Sequoia
  • 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser

Regardless if you are in the market for a sedan, SUV, truck, minivan, or hybrid vehicle there is a new Toyota model with a moonroof for you to enjoy. You can drive a new Camry or Corolla, a Tundra or Tacoma, a RAV4 or 4Runner with a moonroof. You can enjoy summer time trips to the shore in your new Toyota and have the roof open to get the full experience. Those cool nights will feel even better with the breeze of the open roof flowing through.

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Cars With Panoramic Sunroofs: Volkswagen Arteon

Its swift, strong, and enjoyable to drive, but its not a performance sedan. The Arteon, on the other hand, is all about luxury. Also, theres the matter of beauty. And theres also the matter of function. Its elegant, coupe-like external design conceals a concealed hatchback, giving this sedan freight adaptability not typically seen in the sector. Its cabin prioritizes passenger comfort, with enough space for five adults. Its a peaceful and quiet ride thats also pretty sleek.


  • Cargo area that is both large and convenient
  • Smooth and silent ride
  • Interior materials that arent really remarkable
  • Infotainment monitor with small 8-inch touchscreen
  • No hybrid options

So Would You Still Option A Panoramic Sunroof

Lexus of Lakeridge

Despite their flaws, some vehicle owners do love their panoramic sunroof equipped vehicles you only have to check the comments below for proof of that. But perhaps they live in more forgiving climates, or the systems employed in their vehicles are better designed than the ones I have dealt with in the past. But knowing what I do now, the next time I purchase a vehicle Ill definitely save the money and go without a panoramic sunroof.

They may look fantastic and the idea of owning a vehicle with one fitted is extremely appealing, but do consider my warning that the reality of owning a car with a panoramic sunroof might not live up to your expectations.

Do you own a vehicle with a panoramic sunroof? If so, what are your thoughts?

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Weve Got The Top Options If You Want To Search Cars With Panoramic Sunroof

Panoramic sunroofs are a top option with many vehicles these days. Many people love the warmth of the sun hitting them while driving down the road. With so many cars to pick from, its tough to know which are the best on the market. Thats why weve put together a list of the ten best cars with panoramic sunroof.

In our list of cars with panoramic sunroof, youll find several low-cost options and other luxury models. Thats because theres a nice variety of vehicles on the market today with the features you desire. No matter what your budget is, you should be able to find cars with panoramic sunroof that suit your needs.

Toyota Safety Sense P

Finally, the new 2020 Toyota Camry also offers many amazing safety systems for drivers to enjoy! These features range in what they do, but many of them work by boosting your awareness on the road. Examples of these features are found in the Toyota Safety Sense P suite, a package of great safety technologies. Included in this suite are Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, and more! These features work to make you feel more secure while on the road!

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Sunroof Options On The 2019 Toyota Camry

If you are shopping for a new Toyota Camry, then you may want to know about its moonroof or sunroof features. Baierl Toyota can go through all the sunroof options on the 2019 Toyota Camry, and if you are shopping in the Pittsburgh area, you can feel free to check out our new Toyota Camry inventory today.

Popular Cars With Panoramic Sunroofs: Audi A4 Allroad

How to Operate the Panoramic Roof on the 2018 Toyota Camry with Jonathan Sewell Sells at Bondyâs To

Its telling that Audi only provides a few wagon options in order to get Americans to buy them, almost like a crossover wagon compact SUV. The A4 has a slightly higher suspension and more ground clearance than a conventional sedan, and its covered by impact-resistant body cladding that gives it the look of an off-roader with the styling of a European sport wagon.


  • Strong handling on both wet and dry surfaces
  • Cutting edge infotainment and technology features


  • Subpar monitors and driving alert systems
  • Smaller cabin and storage space

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Cars With Panoramic Sunroofs: Kia K5

Formerly known as the Kia Optima, the K5 competes against popular sedans like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. Unlike those well-known brands, the K5 leads the class with strong style and performance. All-wheel drive is available as an option, as is a fun-to-drive performance variant at the top of the range.


  • There is no hybrid model
  • Limited all-wheel-drive models

Cars With Panoramic Sunroofs: Volvo S60

It may not have the longest electric range in its class, but it is one of the most appealing hybrids on the market. It utilizes Volvos tried-and-true midsize platform and improves fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance. All-wheel drive and a slew of safety features are standard.


  • Materials and workmanship in the cabin
  • Acceleration is quick
  • The range is average on the electric model
  • Pricier than most other sedans
  • Not as powerful as European competitors

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What Is A Panoramic Glass Roof

A panoramic glass roof is exactly what youre thinking it is. Its glass that stretches along most of the roof from both sides and front to back. The Camry panoramic roof is even better because its also a moonroof which is awesome!

The glass roof is actually two panels and the front panel can both tilt open to let in some air and slide back to let in all the air. Both panels are also tinted to keep out excess heat and sunlight. You have an option for this on both the XLE and the XSE, you can contact Tustin car dealerships for more information.

  • By Sheila MaeDecember 26, 2021

    After Buying A Car, Be Aware of this Maintenance Schedule If you have bought a car,…

  • The 10 Best Cars With Panoramic Sunroofs

    2020 Toyota Camry XSE Wind Chill White Red Leather ...

    Photo by Alex Jumper on Unsplash

    The phrase sunroof has been widely used throughout the history of vehicles and can be quite literally defined as an openable metal or opaque glass panel. While there are dozens of cars with panoramic sunroofs with glass that extends to the rear passenger compartment, they do vary in quality and size. Loved for its brighter interior to the outdoors, the potential mechanical failures could be a slight downfall. Here are some of the highest-rated and most popular.

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    Volvo S90 T5 Momentum

    All T5 S90 models come powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 250 horsepower. This is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. Standard features at this trim level include LED headlights, automatic high beams, a panoramic sunroof, and 18-inch alloy wheels. Youll also receive LED foglights, rear parking sensors, selectable drive modes, keyless entry and ignition, plus leather upholstery. If thats not enough, expect to receive an auto-dimming rearview mirror and 10-way power-adjustable front seats that offer memory.

    Tech features include Volvo On-Call, an eight-inch instrument panel, nine-inch touchscreen, a navigation system, rearview camera, and ten-speaker sound system. There is also lots of standard safety equipment included. Youll have forward collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, Oncoming Lane Mitigation, a traffic sign reader, and the Pilot Assist semiautonomous driving system. All in all, this is one of the best cars with panoramic sunroof simply because of everything that comes with it.

    Reasons To Avoid Cars With Panoramic Sunroof

    Of course, we love the way cars with panoramic sunroof look. The way they allow the sunlight in and the freedom of heading down the road with fresh air is unprecedented. With that said, we arent trying to rain on your parade if youre shopping for cars with panoramic sunroof. We simply want to warn you of some major reasons you might not want a panoramic sunroof.

    Here are the five top reasons to avoid buying a car with panoramic sunroof .

    1. Increased Heat

    If youre purchasing a vehicle that has a panoramic sunroof, you have to expect more heat. While this might not seem like a problem for most people, there are others that are going to hate it. For example, if you live in Arizona, you already battle the heat for a majority of the year. Do you really want to increase the cabin temperature more than you have to?

    Sure, many of them come with tinted glass, but that only blocks out some of the rays. In addition, the retractable sunshade under your panoramic sunroof also prevents some of the heat, but theres an incredible amount stored in the space between the two. Overall, youll force your air conditioner to work much harder just to remain comfortable.

    2. Reduced Headroom

    Its a common misconception that having a panoramic sunroof increases your headroom. The additional space needed for the motor mechanism plus the sunshade rollers might reduce your headroom by up to two inches.

    3. Adds Weight

    4. Additional Noise & Mechanical Issues

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    Popular Cars With Panoramic Sunroofs: Toyota Camry

    The Toyota Camry is a medium vehicle that seats five people comfortably. It comes in 13 model levels, many with gas engines, hybrid engines, and the option of front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Regardless of the model you pick, the Camry prioritizes passenger comfort with a warm interior clad in appealing materials. While other cars have limited rear-seat space, the Camry has enough capacity for three adults.


    Car buying can occasionally be frustrating, especially if youre purchasing your vehicle through a dealership. Were here to tell you how to navigate a situation in which a dealer refuses to cancel your extended warranty.


    • Interior has plenty of space
    • Various trim levels are available
    • Hybrids get good mileage
    • The standard base engine is unimpressive
    • Average trunk space

    Popular Cars With Panoramic Sunroofs: Hyundai Sonata

    2018 – 2021 Camry XSE Panoramic Sunroof In-Depth Overview!

    After a thorough makeover, the Hyundai Sonata is now in its second year and continues to provide a great value proposition among midsize cars. With appealing lines, excellent safety features, a well-appointed cabin, and a wide range of powertrains from conventional gasoline engines to a gas-electric hybrid, the Sonata delivers performance and features on par with long-time class leaders such as the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord while beating them on price.


    • A wide range of standard features are available
    • Technology is simple and easy to use
    • One of the best warranties for major manufacturers


    • Limited trims with a high-performance engine
    • The rear legroom is smaller than competitors

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    Cars With Panoramic Sunroofs: Cadillac Ct5

    The Cadillac CT5-V is a high-performance variant of Cadillacs midsize car, the CT5. It boosts practically every area of the sedans performance, making it feel more responsive and allowing for faster acceleration.


    • Two strong engines are available
    • Handling is exceptional for a luxury vehicle


    • Manual transmission on many trims
    • The cabin looks less posh than its European counterparts
    • The trunk is small
    • Entry-level cost is considerably high


    You wont realize how outdated other car searching apps are until you try the CoPilot car shopping app. CoPilot does the hard work for you by searching all of the listings in your area and intelligently creating a personalized list of the best buys in the area that match what youre looking for.

    How Often Will You Actually Use It

    People often purchase convertible vehicles because they imagine theyll get the roof down all the time, but the reality is very different. Often it is simply too hot, too cold or too windy to drive with the roof down and as a result the driver eventually stops using it. From what Ive seen, panoramic sunroof equipped vehicles often suffer a similar fate.

    Like a convertible, a panoramic sunroof by design is an all or nothing proposition. In most vehicles, you cant have the sunroof open unless the internal sunshades are completely retracted, meaning the entire vehicle is open to the sun. This makes it pointless to leave the sunroof open or tilted whilst parked as the glass roof will let in far more heat than the sunroof can expel.

    In addition, sunroofs are often too loud to have open at speeds above 80kmh , unless you enjoy yelling at your passengers in order to have a conversation.

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    Added Weight Where You Dont Want It

    Car manufacturers work hard to reduce the weight of their vehicles as it pays dividends when it comes to acceleration, braking and fuel economy. Where possible, they also try to position heavy items as low as possible, in order to improve vehicle stability and handling.

    So it doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out that a 100kg+ glass roof running across the very top of the vehicle isnt exactly the best idea. The reason they weigh so much is due to glass being a heck of a lot thicker and heavier than steel or aluminium roof panels, not to mention all the additional reinforcing bars, electric motors and drainage channels required.

    Think about it like this. Having a panoramic sunroof fitted to your vehicle could be the equivalent of having an additional passenger in your car permanently.

    Trim Levels Of The 2020 Camry

    Lexus of Lakeridge

    At Tri County Toyota, were committed to helping you find the Corolla that suits your style, so were pleased to offer six different trim levels.

    L The 2020 Camry L comes standard with Bi-LED combination headlights with auto on/off feature, 16-in. steel wheels, integrated backup camera with projected path, 7-in. Multi-Information Display, and multi-function in-key remote keyless entry system with lock, two-stage unlock, panic, trunk-release functions, and remote illuminated entry.

    LE The 2020 Camry LE comes standard with many of the same features as the Camry L, unlike the Camry L, it has 17-in. alloy wheels, an 8-way adjustable driver’s seat with power lumbar support and 6-way adjustable front passenger seat, a 60/40 split fold-down rear seat with center armrest with cup holders, an anti-theft system with alarm, and an optional power tilt/slide moonroof, as well as several other optional packages not offered for the Camry L.

    XLE The 2020 Camry XLE features 18-in. silver machined-finish alloy wheels, LED taillights, heated outside mirrors with turn signal and blind spot warning indicators, leather-trimmed multi-stage heated front seats, and integrated backup camera with dynamic gridlines. The XLE comes with a 3-mode drive mode switch, featuring ECO mode, Normal mode, and Sport mode.

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    Features And Benefits Of The New 2020 Toyota Camry

    The Toyota Camry is back at Tri County Toyota – conveniently serving the greater Royersford, Birdsboro, Collegeville and, Boyertown areas – with the classic Camry style updated for 2020. It features a flowing exterior shape with sporty yet elegant front and rear bumpers, and a refreshed interior that is comfortable for every passenger.

    Come down to our lot in Royersford today and test drive a 2020 Camry and see why this generation is the best it’s ever been!

    Which 2021 Toyota Camry Has A Sunroof

    Searching for a new Toyota Camry that comes equipped with a sunroof? Our Toyota of Morristown dealer serving auto shoppers from Mendham, Parsippany, Morris Plains, Summit, Randolph, and Madison is here to highlight which 2021 Toyota Camry trim levels come standardly equipped with a power tilt/slide moonroof and which trim styles offer this as an available feature!

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    What Toyota Vehicles Have A Sunroof Or Moonroof

    Lots of Toyota vehicles have a moonroof or sunroof, but they usually must come from a higher trim level to include that feature. For sedans, the 2020 Toyota Corolla has a power moonroof, and the Camry of the same year has a panoramic moonroof. The SUV lineup is well-equipped, with the 2020 Toyota RAV4 and Highlander having panoramic moonroofs. The 2020 Toyota 4Runner has a Power Moonroof, much like the Sequoia, but the Sienna minivan has a unique dual moonroof design.


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