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Do Roofing Warranties Transfer To New Owners

Understanding The Basics Of Roofing Warranties

Do Roofing Warranties Transfer To New Owners?

Although it may seem as though theres a wide range ofwarranties offered on roofing, there are really just three main types:

  • The standard manufacturers warranty that covers the products you purchase
  • A workmanship warranty from your contractor that covers the installation
  • An extended manufacturers warranty that covers contractor workmanship along with expanded coverage for the products

Here, well take a closer look at the coverage providedby each type and explain what it means in practical terms.

What Is Covered Under My Commercial Roof Warranty

If you have a roofing material manufacturers warranty, the original installing roofing contractor is required to provide a two-year workmanship warranty to cover issues resulting from the workmanship during the first 2 years of the roof installation.

The material manufacturers warranty can cover both labor and materials or just the materials from 10 years and up to 25 years depending on the type of warranty purchased. Repairs that are typically covered are those caused by deterioration of materials due to normal weathering, manufacturing defects, or workmanship in the application of the roof system.

It is extremely important to read the specific terms, conditions and limitations in the warranty carefully as they cover specific items such as length of coverage, exclusions to covered repairs and what circumstances can void the warranty.

Do You Know How To Use Your Commercial Roof Warranty

BySchena Roofing June 8, 2021

Sometimes a commercial roof can fall under an out of sight out of mind or if it aint broke, dont fix it attitude. But the reality is, the roof is one of the most critical elements of your buildings structure. The roof protects everything from the top down, and when it fails or becomes damaged, you risk destroying the countless other assets under it. Thats why its so important to understand how well youre covered with your roofing warranty before you need to use it.

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Four Steps To Protect Your Warranty

  • Get Regular Inspections: Inspecting the roof every one or two years allows your contractor to spot and fix any minor issues with vents, flashing, shingle damage, caulking deterioration, and more. When you stay ahead of repairs and prevent major work in the future, you maintain your warranty coverage.
  • Stay with Your Original Contractor: Most contracts include language that voids the contractors warranty when a separate company is hired to alter the original installation. Continuity helps original installers correct their own mistakes. Keeping a good contractor as a lifelong roofing partner will protect your investment and maintain warranty coverage.
  • Register Your Warranty: Dont forget to submit your warranty registration to the manufacturer. Without it, you may not have coverage at all. The process is different for enhanced warranties, though. First, the contractor installing the product must be credentialed to install and provide the warranty. Then, the contractor must register the warranty on behalf of the customer. This type of upgraded coverage requires more than just a mail-in registration.
  • Is My Manufacturer Warranty Transferable


    Many asphalt shingles do have a transferable manufacturer warranty. CertainTeed asphalt shingles, as an example, come with a limited transferable warranty that does not require a monetary fee to transfer. A CertainTeed warranty is only transferable by the original property owner to the first subsequent property owner. After the warranty has been transfered once, it is no longer transferable.

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    Transfer Your Emerald Pro Or Premium Warranty

    Thank you for choosing Malarkey Roofing Products® for your roofing project. Emerald Pro and Premium Warranties may be transferred once during the life of the warranty to new owners, as outlined in the warranty documents.

    To transfer an Emerald Pro or Premium Warranty, a downloadable PDF transfer application, , must be filled out and submitted via mail or emailed to our warranty department at within sixty days after the date of title transfer. Payment for the warranty transfer must be made by check or credit card.

    ‘your Choice’ Standard Warranty

    If you prefer another manufacturers limited warranty to Malarkeys limited warranty for a similar product, we will honor their terms and conditions. Your Choice Standard Warranty covers manufacturing defects of Malarkey shingles and accessories with your choice of any manufacturers standard warranty coverage. Please review the Shingle & Accessory Warranty linked below, and visit the Your Choice Warranty page for more information.

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    Requirements For Transferring A Roofing Warranty

    Depending on the warranty, there are a few common requirements that you may have to adhere to in order to transfer your roofing warranty, including:

    Administrative Fee: In some cases, an administrative fee might be charged to have the warranty transferred from one owner to another.

    Notify Manufacturer of Transfer: At the very least, you will typically be required to notify the provider of the warranty of the transfer of ownership within a specified amount of time.

    Tip: Identify your window manufacturer, as well, to inquire whether they provide a warranty. This is usually found on a sticker that is on the window.

    Do Roofing Warranties Transfer To New Owners

    Chase Roofing Shares Warranty Tips For Homeowners

    If you’re wondering, “do roof warranties transfer” the answer depends on your situation. When you get your roof done, it’s important to find out if you are getting a transferable warranty.

    A transferable warranty is a type of warranty where if the object or structure covered by a longer warranty is sold, the warranty automatically transfers to the new owner once the sale is complete. Roofs are a little different from other product warranties because the warranties last for decades, usually between twenty and fifty years, and not everybody lives in the same house for that long.

    Does a roof warranty transfer? This is a common question for people who are getting their roof replaced and luckily most roofing companies at least offer a one-time transfer so that if the homeowner sells their home within the warranty, the new homeowner can still receive the benefits of that warranty. However, if the new homeowner sells the home again during the span of the warranty, it isn’t guaranteed that the next owner will still have access to that warranty.

    When it comes to selling your home, having a transferable roof warranty is an attractive selling point for potential buyers. If it is transferable, make sure to save all your paperwork about a potential roof warranty transfer so you can give it to the new owners. That way, they will have a starting point on where to go if they ever need work done on the roof down the line.

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    Roofing Contractors Answer Your Roof Warranty Questions

    Installing a new roof is a huge investment, and as with any investment, you need to be covered for any type of problem that may occur in the future. This is why roofing contractors provide different types of warranties when you replace your roof. Here we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions to provide you with the most up-to-date roof warranty information.

    Why Does A Roofing Warranty Matter

    A new roof is a huge investment. Why wouldnt you want to be protected? If something goes wrong, you dont want to hand over thousands of dollars for repairs.

    Ask questions before you purchase your roof. Understand the coverages that come with the materials and installation youre considering. Make sure the roof and the warranty are right for you.

    Every homeowner we talk with has their own personal concerns when it comes to replacing their roof and trusting a home improvement company, says Jeff Caron, director of sales at Long Roofing.

    We offer many product and warranty options to meet the needs of each homeowner. Sometimes the best warranty is a 20-year, while other clients love our 50-year. We take as much time as our clients want to explain all the product and warranty options that are available. The end result is that we will always do what is best for our clients.

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    Dont Neglect Warranty Registration

    Once youve chosen a brand of roofing and an installation contractor and decided that an extended warranty is your best option, be sure to check the manufacturers requirements for registering your warranty.

    If an authorized contractor is handling the installation of your new roof, they may have to register its warranty with the manufacturer within a specified time frame.

    Double-checking that the requirements have been met can help you avoid any headaches about non-registration if you have to file a warranty claim in the future.

    To learn more about Owens Corning Roofing warranties, or how to register your warranty, contact one of our knowledgeable representatives today at 1-800-GET-PINK®.

    Do Shingle Warranties Matter

    Workmanship Warranty on work performed by Pittman Roofing

    Shingle manufacturers tout product warranties that range from 25-50 years. They use impressive-sounding long-term warranties to convince buyers that their shingles are the best and will last the longest. They compete over such features as the length of coverage, algae resistance, wind tolerance, and whether the warranty can be transferred to a new owner. These warranties are often one of shingle manufacturers’ main selling points.

    But don’t be taken in by a warranty that sounds too good to be true. Even companies who sell decades-long warranties or lifetime guarantees don’t expect your roof to last longer than twenty years or so. Standard manufacturer’s warranties “aren’t worth the paper they’re written on,” according to Andy Talley of Apple Roofing Company in Philadelphia.

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    Why Having A Good Roof Warranty Matters

    Like most types of building products, better qualityroof shingles typically have longer warranties. However, because installation plays such a large role in shingle performance, manufacturers only offer their best warranties if the installation is performed by one of their factory trained and certified roofing contractors.

    This correlation between installation quality and the level of coverage from your shingle manufacturer makes it essential to choose your installer wisely and weigh all your warranty options.

    Are There Differences In Coverage Against Manufacturing Defects

    Nearly all manufacturers provide a warranty against manufacturing defects for their roofing products, but your exact coverage will vary depending on the brand. For example, homeowners who choose CertainTeed Roofing products are afforded complete coverage against ALL manufacturer defects, which is different from other manufacturer warranties that only cover defects that cause leaks or affect performance.

    Manufacturer warranties also vary depending on your shingle type. Most architectural shingles carry a lifetime or lifetime-limited – warranty against manufacturing defects. The fine print here is that lifetime usually refers to the original owner of the home when the shingles are installed, and limited means the product was installed as intended by the manufacturer. Most 3-tab shingles carry a 20 to 30-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. Its good to ask questions so you understand what is covered with the shingles you are choosing.

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    Get A Free Roofing Quote From Experts

    At Joyland Roofing, we are a GAF Master Elite roofer. One of those benefits is that on many of our roof replacement estimates, we can offer the 25 year Golden Pledge Warranty from GAF, our shingle manufacturer.

    Send us a text or to take the first step to getting a new roof. You can also fill out a form to tell us more about your project.

    We cant wait to serve you!

    Notes On Certainteeds Warranties

    Benefit #2 – Lifetime Limited Warranty (One-time transferable!)

    Four Levels of Warranties

    In addition to their basic warranty, Certainteed offers 3 levels of extended warranties. Each is available for an additional charge and are only available from installers who have been approved by Certainteed.

    Some unusual features of Certainteed warranties include:

    • More comprehensive coverage of defects.
    • Certainteed likes to tout the fact that its warranties cover any manufacturing defect in their shingles,
    • Most manufacturer warranties include language limiting coverage to defects that cause leaks or materially affect the performance of the shingles.
  • Short non-proration period with the basic warranty.
  • The non-proration period on Certainteeds CT20 shingle is 3 years,
  • This is the shortest non-prorated period any manufacturer offers for any shingle.
  • Certainteeds basic warranty can cover tear-off and disposal for some shingles.
  • Coverage for workmanship defects is only included with their highest warranty level.
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    Reasons Why Extended Roof Warranties Make Good Sense

    To benefit fully from your investment, you should choose the highest quality material within your budget, and have your new roof installed by a manufacturer-certified professional. Here are three reasons why opting for a better warranty pays dividends over the long term:

    • More comprehensive coverage. A standard shingle warranty only covers the material against manufacturer defects, and not other roof system components like flashing, vents, underlayment, water shield and labor costs. An upgraded warranty can give you non-prorated coverage for the entire roof system, as well as the installation workmanship. If the problem is due to poor workmanship, youll lose out on limited warranty coverage.
    • Transferability to new owners. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, a new roof that comes with a transferable warranty can make the property more attractive to home buyers. In most cases, a new owner has no roof warranty when they buy an existing home, so having one in place can boost a buyers confidence level and increase your homes value.
    • Warranty longevity. The length of basic warranties varies depending on the exact type and grade of shingle you choose. In comparison, an upgraded warranty can give you non-prorated coverage for 20 to 50 years, as well as coverage for a needed tear-off and disposal, materials and labor, and up to 25 years of workmanship coverage.

    To learn more about your roof warranty options in the Kansas City area,contact us at Bill West Roofing.

    Notes On Malarkeys Warranties

    Malarkey offers 3 warranties

    Some unusual features of Malarkey warranties include:

    • Two types of algae coverage
    • one for its algae-resistant shingles
    • another for shingles that feature Scotchguard Protector
  • The premium warranty comes with a minimum of 40 years of non-prorated coverage.
  • This iis the highest minimum of any warranty of any roofing shingle manufacturer.
  • Limits to the material costs
  • Malarkey specifies limits to the material costs it is willing to pay for each shingle.
  • This limit varies from $60 to $200 per square.
  • 15 year coverage for workmanship defects
  • Malarkeys top warranty covers workmanship defects for 15 years
  • This is significantly less than the comparable top warranties of other manufacturers.
  • Your Choice program
  • Malarkey offers a your choice program which means that if you prefer the terms of another manufacturers basic warranty to those of Malarkeys basic warranty, Malarkey will honor those terms for like products.
  • This is a very unique and uncommon program.
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    Are There Exceptions To My Roofing Warranty

    Maybe. There can be exceptions to your warranty based on where you live, or who installed your roof. If you live in tornado country, for example, a manufacturer might only warranty a certain type of shingle and a specific installation style. Your roofing contractor will be able to discuss these details with you. So ask!

    Warranties are only valuable when you follow all of the rules. Read the fine print, pepper your contractor with questions and do your homework before you sign up for roof replacement. Make sure youre protected today and into the future.

    What Happens If I Need A Repair But I Do Not Want To Work With The Original Commercial Roof Installer

    010 warranty letter of viro thatch

    After the initial two-year contractor workmanship warranty, you are free to use another roofing contractor. However, you must be certain that the new contractor you choose is certified by the manufacturer who is providing the warranty. When you contact the manufacturer to report a roof issue, you can request another contractor be sent out. Many roofing materials manufacturers can supply a list of certified or approved contractors. These contractors have been trained by the manufacturer in proper installation techniques and procedures for their products. Many commercial roofing installers like Schena Roofing have multiple certifications and are certified with most roofing manufacturers.

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    Roofclaimcom Can Help You Find Out If Your Roof Warranty Is Transferable To A New Owner

    When you get a roof replacement done through RoofClaim.com, you get access to our nationwide network of expert contractors, our Million Dollar Guarantee, and a labor warranty packet with all the information about your warranty as well as useful links to the appropriate websites for general questions and information. We’ve got a great relationship with our network, and we understand their practices so we can always help walk you through questions about their work such as, “are roof warranties transferable?”

    Unauthorized Alterations Or Repairs

    Should you be planning to install a new rooftop unit, addition or alteration to a warranted roof system make sure you talk with the manufacturer before proceeding. For example if you have an HVAC company install a new unit on your warranted roof but neglect to have a manufacturer authorized roofer flash the unit in you may chance voiding your warranty.

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    During A Sale Of A Home You May Be Wondering If The Roof Warranty Transfers To The New Owner

    During a sale of a home, you may be wondering if the roof warranty transfers to the new owner.

    If youre buying or selling a home in Massachusetts, the transferability of an existing warranty can be a positive selling point. The roof is a critical component of protecting one of your biggest assets and a warranty can save thousands of dollars in repair costs in certain cases. If a seller has an existing warranty, will it transfer to the new homeowner after the sale?

    In general, roofing warranties do transfer to the next owner but if youre the prospective buyer, theres a lot more that you need to know.


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