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How Much Should It Cost To Replace My Roof

Roof Tile Replacement Cost

When Should I Replace My Roof? (From a Roofing Contractor)

Roof tile replacement costs between $1,400 and $1,600 per square on average for concrete tile, Spanish tile, and clay tile. Tile roofing tends to weight a lot and will cost $1,000 more if your entire roof framing needs an upgrade to support the extra weight.

Clay Tile Roof Cost

Clay roof tiles are right up there with entry-level copper in regards to price, which averages around $1,500 per square. The average cost to install a new clay tile roof costs between $15,000 and $45,000 depending on your roof size.

Concrete Roof Tile Prices

Like clay tiles, concrete tiles also carry a $1,500 per square price, with the average installation costing $22,500 to $30,000. Depending on the current structural integrity of the roof framing, it is possible some repair or strengthening work will need to be done on the rafters to support the extra weight of these heavier products.

Spanish Tile Roof Cost

Spanish roof tiles generally have a little more design to them than entry-level clay or concrete, and you can expect to pay in the region of $1,500 to $1,600 per square for the install, and around $1,000 first if your entire roof framing needs work to support the added weight.

Bay Window Roof Replacement Cost

To replace a bay window roof with architectural asphalt, you can expect to spend $398 for a 12 square foot perch.A typical bay window is 7 feet wide, and your bay window roof will extend 24 from your wall. Add another 6 inches for the roof to extend over the front of the window. The chart below shows the price for architectural asphalt shingles, clay tile, and copper roofing.

Bay Window Roof Replacement Cost

  • Pay for permits

How Much Will It Cost To Reroof A House

Again, there’s quite a wide price variation dictated by several different factors. Geoffrey Lawrence of GJL Roofing & Building Maintenance , Manchester, says that ‘a new roof for a standard 3-bedroom house will usually cost anywhere between £8,000 and £18,000, depending on the roof media.’ These prices ‘generally include a full roof covering from scratch and the approximate cost of old roof removal and replacement.’

If you want to drill a little deeper into roof replacement costs for a more precise estimate, Grossi advises factoring in the following:

  • The cost of the materials the cheapest material if you have a pitched roof is bitumen sheets , while roofing felt is the cheapest option for flat roofs . The most expensive material is slate, which will set you back nearly £4,000 per 100 sqm.
  • The type of roof: a pitched roof is always more expensive to replace than a flat roof
  • Cost of skip hire around £200
  • Cost of scaffolding around £900
  • Labour costs will vary by area
  • Extra work, e.g. guttering and/or insulation

Overall, you should be looking at anywhere from £3000 and up to £18,000. If you want a detailed breakdown of the cost of all the different roofing materials available, there is a very handy cost table at Roofing Megastore.

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Tearing Off Your Roof

With this option, you would be getting rid of the old roof entirely. Tearing off your roof is the more extensive process it takes time to remove the old roof which means that it is the more costly option out of the two. The majority of roofing experts would say that this is the better option because tearing off your whole roof allows your roofers to see any issues that lie hidden under the old roof. After the old or damaged roofing material has been removed, your roofing company will identify any other issues with your roof and get them fixed before the new roof is installed.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Cost

How Much Does A New Roof Cost?  Roof Wise

An asphalt shingle roof is the most common type of roof you see on homes today. Its a roof system made primarily out of asphalt shingles and other asphalt roofing components. Its also the most affordable type of roof on the market.

For a one-story house with a basic up and over roof with no penetrations and no valleys, you can expect to pay around $4.00 per square foot. This includes architectural shingles, underlayment, and other roof components.

For a two-story house with a little complexity and good accessibility, you can expect to pay around $5.86 per square foot. This includes a good quality architectural shingle, upgrading your underlayment, and using all of the manufacturers roofing components.

For a two-story house with a cut-up, complex roof, a steep pitch, and not easily accessible, you can expect to pay around $8.50 per square foot. This includes luxury shingles, using all of the manufacturers roofing components, and upgrading to copper for the flashing and in the valleys.

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How To Get Quotes From Roof Replacement Contractors

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Labor Cost To Reroof A House

The roof material and shape are only two parts of the equation when it comes to replacing it. Labor also plays a large role in your total costs.

The costs of your labor vary depending on the material. Tile, slate, and wood shakes are more difficult to install than asphalt shingles. Your labor costs are also impacted by the pitch and shape. Roofs with very steep pitches, curves, or changes in angle are more complex and often require more material and time.

Most professionals charge roughly $75 an hour plus the material costs. A full replacement includes a tear-off. With asphalt shingles, you can do a roof-over, meaning installing one course of shingles over an existing set to save money. The table below includes a very rough cost breakdown for a full 2,000 sq.ft. replacement using architectural shingles on a gable roof.

Project Area
$3 – $4 $6,000 – $8,000

These costs do not include new decking and assume a gable roof with a 4/12 to 8/12 rise. A roof that needs repairs to the decking or has a higher rise costs more.

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Number Of Stories And Roof Accessibility

Generally, you’ll be paying less if your house is more unrestricted and has an uncomplicated design. Since one-story homes are easily accessible, they’ll cost less than two-story homes. They’re also typically less complex because they’ll have fewer valleys.

To give you an example of cost differences, itll cost an average of $4 per square foot for a one-story house if you’re using asphalt shingles, but itll cost $5 to $7.50 per square foot for a two-story house.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Replace A Roof

How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

Going for the cheapest roofing system and the cheapest roofing contractor isn’t something wed recommend. Poor-quality materials and inexperienced contractors can reduce your roof’s lifespan, result in constant roofing problems, and call for a full replacement sooner than expected.

The benefits of investing in highly qualified roofing contractors will go a long way. When you choose RoofClaim, you can be confident that were using the proper equipment, materials, and tools to maximize your roof’s life expectancy and durability. Were also fully licensed and insured so theres never any unexpected financial risk to you.

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What Other Factors Affect Roof Replacement Cost

Once you know that your entire roof needs to be torn off and replaced, you can account for the other factors that affect the re-roofing cost. These factors include the size of your roof, the material youll be using, and the slope of your roof . There may be other factors that affect your specific roof replacement cost, but these will each give you a general idea of what to expect.

What Is The Cost Of A New Roof And Gutters

The total cost to get your roof and gutters replaced is $9,540 on a 1,500 square foot home. The average cost of new gutters is going to be close to $1,060 for 160 feet of gutters, or $3.60 to $28 per foot. Installing an asphalt roof on the same 1,500 square foot house with an average pitch of 6/12 will average $8,480, including the cost to remove the old roof.

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Cost To Replace Roofing Vs Repair

Perhaps the damage to your roof isnt extensive. Should you repair it instead of replacing it? Before you conduct any sort of repair or replacement, especially on your roof, its always a good idea to get the opinion of a trusted roofing contractor. As long as the damage isnt extensive or you want to change the material of your roof, its possible that a repair may get the job done. If thats the case, youre in luck. Roof repairs are certainly less expensive than a replacement.

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For a minor roof repair, you can expect to pay an average of $325 to $1,377 if you have an asphalt roof. Premium materials will cost more, and the hourly rate for labor will likely be around $45 to $65. Below, weve listed some of the most common reasons for a roof repair.

  • Damage to the flashing. The thin metal strips that lie along the joints in your roof are called flashing. These can become damaged or worn over time, which can lead to leaks in your roof.
  • Worn or curling shingles. Asphalt shingles have a long lifetime but when they get old, they can curl up, allowing water to seep into the space underneath. Replacing a section of curling shingles often requires the purchase of a single bundle of shingles, which typically costs about $30 to $50.
  • Pooling water. Water that pools on your roof can cause damage to your home in as little as 48 hours. Thats why its important to keep up with any roof repairs that need to be done.

Average Roofing Labour Cost Per Square Foot

Do I Need to Replace My Roof Before I Install Solar Panels?  Aurora Energy

Once youve calculated your roofing material cost per square foot, youre still going to need a professional to go up there and get the job done. Labour makes up about 60 per cent of overall roofing costs, so hiring the right contractor and adding labour cost per square to your estimate is essential.

Most contractors charge installation prices that range from $2,000-$11,000, depending on the job. Each type of roofing material has a set of labour costs that vary along with it. For example, foam roofing costs go up if chimneys or skylights need to be sprayed, but the cost of repairs is low because its easy to spray over the problem area at a low cost.

Materials like rubber, asphalt, and foam have lower average labour costs than materials like wooden shake, concrete, and solar roofing. If youre installing a solar roofing system, explore Canadian tax incentives that are geared to help afford the cost of solar installation.

The labour cost of roofing per square is added to costs like disposing of the old roof tiles, removal of the current full or partial roof, and installing the new roofing materials. And while the labour cost per square foot is generally lower for a larger surface area, expect to pay more for shorter timeframes and challenging accessibility, such as tall or super slanted roof planes.

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Go With The Better Shingle:

The roof on your home protects everything and everyone underneath it its not the place to just squeak by on the lowest bid, says Feller. If youre installing an asphalt shingle roof, the experts agree that architectural is the way to go. They will generally last much longer than the old 3-tabs, and are well worth the extra investment.

Cost Of A Roof Reshingle

HomeGuide sets the national average cost of reshingle a roof at $7,000. But it can vary depending on certain factors such as roof size, materials, and even the city where the house is. If you are dealing with minor damage, you may want to decide against having the whole roof reshingled and save time and money in the process. The cost of repairing or replacing the damaged shingles will depend on how many will need to be changed and the materials. Website Roofing Calculator sets the national shingle repair average cost between $600 and $700.

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Whats Included In Roof Replacement

If you are planning to replace the roof on your townhouse, then expect to spend between $2,000 and $5,000 on this project.

Although that may seem like a lot of cash, it isnt that much when you consider how much work your roofing contractor will be putting in. To begin, your roof replacement process should include everything from:

  • Removing shingles
  • Applying newer flashing
  • Installing the metal drip edging

FYIif your shingles are worn, cracked, or curled, this is a major sign that you need to replace your roof. If thats the case, then your contractor might have to remove your old layered shingles. Otherwise, they may be able to put another layer of new layer shingles over the older layer.

Once you find the quality contractor that you are looking for, they will look at your roofs decking to see if it needs to be fixed. In case you didnt know, the decking is the foundation for your roof, making sure that your shingle stays in place at all times.

And then, theres underlayment. This will also need to be replaced. For the uninitiated, the underlayment makes sure that your roof is much more waterproof or water-resistant.

Now, its time for your roofer to apply newer flashing to your roof. This is typically done as a result of water damage on your:

  • Roof valleys
  • Chimney
  • Skylight perimeters

Pricing For A New Roof

How much does a roof cost to replace part 2

The costs for having a new roof installed can vary greatly depending on the size and style of your home and the types of materials you’re considering. Asphalt shingles are usually the most economical choice and can start around $160 a square for material and installation costs for an average home. Slate is at the other end of the price spectrum, and choosing it could result in costs of over $800 a square for a new roof to be installed.

The good news is that you may be able to recover some of your costs for a new roof–Remodeling Magazine’s “Cost vs. Value Survey” for 2010 shows that on average homeowners might be able to recoup about 60 percent of their costs for a new roof when they sell their home. That percentage may fluctuate depending on where your home is located.

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Is It A Good Investment

Despite the high cost of having your roof replaced, it is actually a good investment. A brand new roof, built with high-quality materials and following all building codes, can last up to 20 years and increase your home’s market value between $10.000 and $20.000.

It’s no secret that this can not only have a profound impact on the value of your home, but it can also protect your home from future damage!

How Much Does Flashing Replacement Cost

Roof flashing is a crucial material every roof needs because it directs moisture away. Flashing replacement costs $200 to $500 per project area. Project areas are like valleys in the structure and features like chimneys and skylights. When you replace your roofing, you’ll want to replace the valley flashing and any cracked or rusted materials. If youre unsure about replacing your flashing, hiring a local roof inspector is around $125 to $325 for roof inspection costs.

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Roof Replacement Cost Calculator

A home roof replacement costs between $4,500 to $16,500 on average as of 2022. However, roof replacement costs can vary depending on the roofing material installed, home size, slope of roof, local labor prices, and other factors discussed below.

Asphalt shingles, the most common type of roofing in the U.S., would cost between $5,550 to $9,650, or $1.75 to $3.20 per square foot on average, to install on a standard 3,000 square foot roof.

Roof Replacement Cost By Pitch

When should I replace my roof? Read the warning signs here at ...

Your roofs pitch also impacts the replacement cost. Pitch refers to how fast the surface rises from the edge to the top. This measures height gains for every 12 inches. Most people have a conventional pitch, which includes styles like gable, cross gable, hip, Dutch, dormer, shed, butterfly, and M. It also includes the top portions of gambrels and mansards. A pitch falling between 4/12 and 6/12 is considered conventional. Pitches falling between 0/12 and 2/12 are considered flat, while 2/12 to 4/12 is considered low. Most low-slope roofs are treated like flats in material and cost. High or are 7/12 and greater. These are seen on A-frame homes and the sides of a mansard and gambrel.

Below are the average cost ranges for the most common materials used on these roofs. Only conventional and steep roofs can use the most common materials, while flat and low-pitch areas need different materials. It is also important to remember there are other less-common materials available with higher costs.

$5 – $12

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