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How Old Should A Roof Be When Buying A House

Roofing Problems You May Encounter

How to Install Roof Shingles | Ask This Old House

It can be difficult to determine the extent of a roof problem by visuals alone. Before buying a house, it is critical that you have experienced roofing contractors thoroughly inspect the roof and attic for signs of damage. In some instances, the problem may be connected to a simple leak. Perhaps a shingle came loose or some roofing cement is missing. If the damage is caused by a simple leak or similar issue, the roof can likely be repaired without the need for replacement.

However, if the damage is found to be more extensive, a full roof replacement may be necessary. Complicated roof leaks occur when water comes through the roof in one area and exits through the ceiling in a different area. The greater the distance between the entrance and exit spots, the more complicated the repair is to make. Certain types of roofing materials are more prone to these complicated leaks, including tile roofs and roofs with ridge vents. If you are aware that your roof has a leak, have roof repair contractors find the entry and exit points of the leak to determine if a repair or full replacement is the better option.

Shingles That Compliment House Trim

From keeping your house weather tight to capping its curb appeal, theres a lot riding on your roof. It has to withstand decades of blazing sun, pounding rains, gusting winds, and in many cases, snow and ice, as it protects you from the elementsall while looking good from the street.

When it comes to maintaining your home, a new roof is one of the biggest-ticket purchases you have to make. While that can be intimidating, experts agree that getting the job done right boils down to a two-part process. First, explore colors and styles by driving around your neighborhood to see how homes similar to yours look with different shingle colors and shapes. Most manufacturers have options in all the basic color families: browns and reds, blues and greens, grays and blacks, and golds and beiges. Then, as with any remodeling job, work with a top-notch contractor. The major shingle manufacturers websites list approved installers by ZIP code, often highlighting those whove passed best-practice training. The quality of the work is key. Asphalt shingles are pretty bulletproof these days, so failures can usually be traced back to poor installation.

Up ahead: what you need to know about choosing and installing an asphalt roof that will protect and enhance your home for years to come.

For a foolproof color scheme, pick a roof that incorporates a shade on the house, like the darker charcoal tones in the architectural shingles here, which tie into the houses trim.

Should You Buy A Home With An Old Roof

Roof problems dont always have to mean giving up on your dream home. Sometimes you can get away with repairs, while at other times you may inherit an issue that causes more trouble than its worth.

Before you purchase your home, ask the owners when they last replaced the roof. If the house has an old roof or the owner has never replaced it, that responsibility will fall on you.

You should know the longevity of the type of roof the home has since that will affect whether youll need to replace it within the next yearor the next ten years. Consider the climate in the area, because weather conditions like high winds, heavy snowfall and hail will shorten your roofs lifespan. Some roofing materials can withstand cold climates, while others break down overtime. This holds true in hot climates as well. Be sure to ask your home inspector or a roofing specialist to come and take a look at it to let you know its condition.

If you love the home, and the roof needs ,or will soon need, work, think about your budget and try negotiating with the sellers. They may repair or replace the roof before you purchase the home or agree to a lower price to incorporate this cost into the purchase price.

As you decide whether or not to buy the home, remember that the average roof replacement costs about $8,000. Here are 8 important things to consider before replacing your roof.

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Get Clear On The Condition Of The Roof And Whats Needed

First, understand that the home you decide to purchase wont have a brand-new roof . Every roof has some degree of wear and tear. And it will need repair sooner or later.

The question is how old. Are you buying a house with a 15-year-old roof? 20-year-old roof? The higher that number climbs, the sooner you, as the new owner, will need to invest in its repairs and fixes.

Depending on the materials, a roof could last longer than the average . Asphalt shingles, composite shingles, metal roofs and other materials all have different life spans. And weatherization plays a large part in determining how often roofs need to be replaced.

So, how do you gather all of the facts and make an informed decision?

  • Hire a home inspector to investigate the roofs condition
  • Ask the homeowner for documentation on the last time the roof was repaired
  • Get a second opinion from a professional roofing company
  • Inspect the roof and attic space yourself
  • Get an estimate on how much the repairs would cost and when theyll be needed

Should I Get A Roof Inspection Before Buying My House

Standing seam metal roof

Big League Roofers News, Roof Inspections

Buying a home is a major financial investment for most people. In an active real estate market, homebuyers may be tempted to remove conditions from their offer to purchase, such as omitting a roof inspection, to help their bid win the house.

Hiring a roofing professional to inspect your roof, however, can offer important information regarding the value of the property, such as whether the homes roof requires replacement or repairs.

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How Does The Attic Look

While we dont suggest dancing across the rooftops yourself, you can and should check out the attic. Thats the first place youll see signs of leaking, mold or mildew, or any other way the roof isnt adequately protecting the home. Youll want to look out for:

  • Stains on the underside of roofing, and especially on vertical wooden supports, indicate water damage.
  • Lack of insulation, meaning that theres not an effective moisture barrier between the living areas of the home and the attic.
  • Inadequate ventilation: air should have a clear path into and out of the attic, and all vents should be in good working order.
  • Check on a sunny day for any small pinholes of light that indicate a hole in the roofing or a weakness at the seams.

If your new dream house will need significant roof repairs or replacement in the near future, that doesnt mean you cant buy the house!

Depending on the circumstances, you could request that the owners have the roof replaced before the sale, or ask to knock $10,000 to offset the cost of upcoming roof repairs. The important thing is that you pay a fair price for the house you want, and that you arent surprised by any upcoming roof repairs.

Request An Inspection From A Roofer Before Buying A House With An Old Roof

Once the seller informs the prospective buyer about the existence and condition of the old roof, or it is discovered after a home inspection, it is recommended that you arrange with a roofing company or a roofer professional a thorough inspection on the roof and also, request an estimation.

This will allow you to negotiate the price with the seller if this is necessary.

The average roof can last thirty years or more with proper maintenance. But a poorly installed roof, shingles, or tiles of poor quality can cause the roof to need to be replaced a lot sooner than it should.

The seller should be able to provide you with information regarding how old the roof is, and check the gutters to ensure that the drainage systems are in good working order. Furthermore, you should watch out for dry rot conditions, which is often a sign of inadequate ventilation, and cause them to sag and crumble.

If you are standing on the ground, you can see if there are any cracks in the shingles, or if they are missing altogether. However, if you are going to offer the property, or if you are going to start the negotiations, it is worthwhile to get a roofer to do an inspection.

Ask to see the results of the home inspection if the seller proceeded with the sale before the home inspection was done. In some states, disclosure forms are also required, which gives sellers a formal opportunity to disclose any possible problems with their homes.

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Architectural Shingles Roof Cost

In general, the costs of architectural shingles range from six to eight dollars per square foot. New types of asphalt shingles have been introduced to the market recently, including architectural shingles.

The terms âlaminated shinglesâ and âsynthetic shinglesâ are sometimes used interchangeably. As a result of the fact that they are thicker, these shingles offer much more long-term durability than asphalt, with a much greater life expectancy.

It is because of their resistance to things like hail damage and their lightweight that they do not require any additional reinforcement on the roof.

Having a selection of different colors to choose from, they are easy to install. In recent years, architects have made houses more interesting, through the use of architectural shingles as roofing materials.

Why Should You Negotiate For A Roof Replacement

Testing Drip Edge Installations on Roofing | Ask This Old House

A roof replacement is something that every house needs once the existing room has surpassed its life expectancy. As a new owner, the burden of paying for the roof replacement on the house you just bought doesnt have to fall solely on you. The previous owners, who were the ones enjoying and maintaining the roof before you, can take on some or all of those costs.

Your two major options when negotiating a new roof on a home youre buying are to secure a discount on the house or to have the sellers pay for the roof replacement.

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How Much Does Roof Repair Cost

The average roof repair cost varies widely from $10,000 to $20,000. The main factor impacting cost is the size of the roof.

ð¸ Average Cost



Weather conditions are also a big factor, as youâre paying per hour for labor. Extreme heat or cold, not to mention snow and rain, make roofing slower and more treacherousâ and more expensive.

A standard roof replacement using shingles is the cheapest option, although more expensive options like slate, steel, or copper, or options using additional material under the shingles like plywood, struts, or roof sheathing, may be smart choices forthe conditions where you live.

We recommend consulting an experienced local contractor to get an estimate and discuss the best options for your home. Luckily, you can avoid calling around to every contractor in your area and compare your options easily by entering your project information and location on HomeAdvisor.

Roof Slope And Surface Level

This may seem pretty obvious, but the square footage of your roof impacts the cost of your new roof. Square footage affects the amount of materials used, labor, and time needed to complete the job.

The size of your roof impacting the price is pretty obvious, but most people donât consider their roofâs complexity when getting an estimate for their roof replacement. Roof complexity is how many facets, hips, valleys, and the pitch your roof has.

A roof that is cut up with a high number of facets at multiple angles, hips, valleys, and a steep pitch is more difficult and takes a lot longer to roof than a simple ranch style roof with only two or four roof facets.

You also need to consider how tall your roof is. The higher the roof, the more precautions the installers have to take. For their own safety, they have to move slower and more carefully.

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Buying A House With An Old Roof

Even if the homeowner does not perform a disclosure of the last reparation of the roofing before a verbal offer is released with contractual value , the current condition of the roof will be discovered through the exercise of the home inspection , which is a legal right of the prospective buyer . An exhaustive scrutiny of the roofing, tiles, and shingles is a standard article on the checking protocols of all the reputable home inspectors because buying a house with an old roof or hidden defects might have a huge impact on the negotiation of the price & contextData=& firstPage=true” rel=”nofollow”> 7). When they communicate the buyer with the result of their inspection, along with the condition of the roof, the prospective buyer will either accept the deal or do a price negotiation in which conditions they would be buying a house with an old roof .

How to retrieve all the details and perform an informed decision about buying a house with an old roof?

  • Request the seller written documents regarding the previous reparations performed on the roof.
  • Bring a home inspector to examine the condition of the roof before buying a house with an old roof.
  • Request an inspection and an estimation from a professional roofing specialist.
  • Perform a scrutiny on the old roof visually yourself.
  • What Happens If You Have A Leaky Roof

    Saving a 1906 Gambrel House

    If the roof is already leaking, itâs causing damage âdownstream,â and this damage may not be visible to you or the home inspector.

    Damage from leaks will start in the attic and ceilings. Sheetrock will become stained and eroded, insulation will become wet and may rot, electrical wires could be exposed to water, and the contents of the attic will be ruined.

    If the leakage continues, water will penetrate down through the house, draining through walls and light fixtures, ruining what it touches along the way, and contributing to mold and rot.

    Thatâs why itâs imperative that you stop roof leakage as soon as you find it!

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    Should You Buy That House With An Old Roof

    Well-maintained roofs can last 30 years or morebut a shoddy installation or poor-quality shingles and tiles can mean needing to replace a roof much sooner.

    So ask the seller how old the roof is, and inspect the gutters to make sure the drainage systems are in good working order. You also want to be on the lookout for dry rotoften caused by poor ventilationwhich can cause sagging and crumbling.

    Have The Sellers Pay For The Roof Replacement

    The option that most buyers prefer is for the seller to just handle the roof replacement before closing. This would be the most convenient option for buyers because then the seller has to deal with the contractors. However, it may be more difficult to get the seller to agree to pay for the roof replacement instead of discounting the house.

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    I Bought A House With An Old Roof What Now

    Once youve made the leap to buy a home that is in need of a new roof, its time to call Cenvar for a FREE estimate. Whether this is your first time purchasing a new roof or youre an old pro, youre still likely to have some questions. Weve compiled a list of common FAQs when it comes to roofing repairs and replacements that are an excellent resource for information. Does the roof youve recently inherited need an access door replacement? Check out these Gypsum General access doors.

    Buying a house that needs a new roof can be intimidating, but with Cenvar, the process doesnt have to be complicated. As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, we are in the top tier of a premium network of roofing contractors who are dedicated to service, reliability, and quality workmanship. We meet Owens Cornings highest standard of excellence and are proud to offer unique warranty options because of this status. From the initial estimate given to you by our highly qualified sales professionals to the final clean-up by the crew, Cenvar roofers are ethical, expert, and engaged, making your choice to go with the number one roofer in Central Virginia the right one!

    Should I Buy A House With An Old Roof

    Buying a House with an Old Roof – What to look for

    So many factors go into finding the perfect Florida home. Fewthings leave buyers more frustrated than finding the perfect house, in theperfect location, only to discover an issue with the roof. Theres a reason forthe adage we have a roof over our heads. A roofing issue during the buyingprocess is a big deal. Should you repair, replace, or walk away? Should youhave the owner complete repairs before close, or should you do the work aftertaking possession? How much of the cost should the owner incur? What if thereare other offers on the home? This blog will discuss these questions, make sureyoure prepared as you enter they buying process, and most importantly makesure you get a fair deal on your new home.


    Step 1: Get a second opinion from a Florida RoofingContractor

    Scheduling an additional inspection with a trusted Florida roofingcontractor will get to the bottom of whats really wrong with the roof. A roofingprofessional goes over the roofing system thru the eyes of a contractor-looking for leaks, wear and tear, debris damage, organic growth, foundationissues, or even problems that may have resulted from prior repairs.

    Step 2: Access the situation

    Step 3: Beware of Seller Replacement

    Step 4: Negotiation

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