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How Much To Add A Front Porch With Roof

How Much For A Porch Roof

How to Build a Front Porch Roof

Weed and moss removal

Brick porches are susceptible to mildew and moss growth, which can look unsightly and may also cause damp. To remove it, you should mix a cup of bleach with a gallon of water and apply it to the area with a scrub brush.

Structural damage

If you notice your bricks are cracking or crumbling, then you can either hire a professional for £ or do it yourself. To repair your brick porch, you will need to first remove any loose brick with a pry bar . You can then install a new brick using a pre-made mortar mix .

What Are Your Options For Building A Porch

While most porches are fairly basic, those with the budget for it can build beautiful, elaborate pieces like this one.

Weve explored the basic material options and their costs, but thats only half the battle when it comes to deciding exactly how your new porch is going to look and what features it will include.

The truth is, theres a wide variety of styles and designs to suit just about just about every home.

Below, well look at some of the most popular porch options, with prices based on a typical 2,000 square foot American home.

Adding A Front Porch: Choose Timbertech For Your Build

With the basics down for adding a front porch to your home, youre ready to start turning ideas into action. To begin your porch journey, order samples of TimberTech Porch boards to get a sense of which color works best for your vision. Place the samples outside to see how the colors look in the changing light and see how they perform in the elements.

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Build A Porch Cost Breakdown

  • Building a porch is a time-consuming task. With the right help, however, a new porch can add considerable value to your property not to mention security.
  • The average cost to build a porch is £7,500, but factors such as materials used, size and type of porch as well as how elaborate the design is can all drive up the price.
  • As well as the cost of labour, you should also factor in the cost for other elements such as windows, composite doors, lighting and the cost of an electrician.
  • The removal of an old porch costs £500 on average, and you may feel it more economic to have it repaired.

Find porch builders your neighbours recommend

Where Can You Save Money

This cottage style home has ultimate curb appeal! The roof peeks, front ...

Because porches are so practical and are located at the front of the property, we dont recommend scrimping and saving by using poor quality materials or installation techniques.

That said, there are some things to consider:

  • a felted flat roof is cheaper than a tiled roof but doesnt look nearly as appealing
  • a one-sided tiled roof is cheaper than a multi-faceted roof
  • double glazing windows and composite doors can be expensive but there are many different products on the market, so its worth looking around

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Whats A Farmers Porch

A farmers porch is an enclosed porch located at the front of a house. Farmers porches were originally designed to provide shelter for farmers and their families when they returned home from work in the fields.

Today, farmers porches are still used for their original purpose, but they are also popular as a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Front Porch Steps Price By Material

Like your porch can be built of many materials, so can the steps leading to it. Since the steps are a prominent and visible area of the porch, you may want to use a more eye-catching material or pattern to improve curb appeal.

You can create steps in many ways. You can match your decking material with wood or composites. You can also match other features nearby, such as bluestone or paver walkways or patios. This style can help create the most cohesive look, tying the areas together.

However, you can also make your steps stand out by using something completely different – a different type of wood or color or a material like tile or concrete that can become a focal point. Concrete can also be colored, stained, or stamped for the appearance of other materials, including wood and stone. So, concrete can be a good alternative if you want a look that is not readily available.

Below are the average costs per square foot to build your steps using the most popular materials.

$15 – $60

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How To Choose The Best Soffit Material

From wood to vinyl to aluminum to fiber cement, you have many choices for soffit material. With that said, fiber cement is, arguably, the superior of the bunch as it is the only material that resists cracking, fading, moisture, chipping, and insects. This makes it an overall better product for your homes exterior, whether it be for soffit or even for your siding.

Of course, the choice is ultimately up to you. But, you can trust that youre getting the best soffit material possible when you opt for fiber cement.

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General Construction Material Costs

How to build a small porch/stoop roof
New porch under construction – The Porch Company

Foundation Work

Concrete:Beams, Joists, Decking:






Electrical Fixtures

Other Costs to Consider

Take time to consider the costs before you get started

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How Do I Put A Porch Roof On My Roof

As the best way to put a porch roof on a roof will vary depending on the type and style of roof you have. However, some tips on how to put a porch roof on a roof include making sure the roof is strong enough to support the weight of the porch roof, using additional supports if necessary, and using a sealant around the perimeter of the roof to help prevent leaks.

Cost To Install A Porch Railing

Average labor costs to install a porch railing are between $300 and $500. Railing installations can become labor-intensive. The more your railing has, the higher the costs. This is also true of the railing length. Custom-made railings or railings built to order on-site cost more than ready-made railings, which are simply attached. Some materials may also cost more in labor to install than others.

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Things To Consider Before Building A Porch

When you are ready to build your new porch, you need to choose a good tradesperson or company to carry out the job. A good trade company will discuss design, implement your ideas, listen to your desires and work out a design that you will love for a reasonable price.

In addition to choosing the right company, you need to think about the materials, design, and overall finish of your porch. This helps to ensure you can afford your perfect porch and will also help you to determine how long the job is going to take.

If you wish to build a porch with a custom paint job, and a unique design then you need to make sure you budget accordingly. Most contractors will charge additional fees for custom designs, and unique work so keep this in mind when deciding on the ornate detail work you would like to see on the new porch.

Lastly, make sure you have a full written quote and guarantees. This is not just so you know exactly what you are paying for the design and finish, but also so that you know how long the porch will take to complete, and all of the guarantees that the company offers to you.

How Much Do You Think A Small Porch Will Cost You

Great Front Porch Addition Ranch Remodeling Ideas (18)

We first published this porch price guide back in 2017 and have updated it frequently since then.

We originally included a poll where we asked our visitors how much they thought a new porch would cost.

Tens of thousands of our sites visitors have taken part but the results are now out of date since the cost of living crisis and inflation kicked in.

You can take part in the poll if you wish:

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Benefits Of Adding A Front Porch

Improve your homes resale value by adding detailed architectural elements to your home while increasing your outdoor living space. More space and more beauty equal higher resale value.

Ups your homes curb appeal. Your front door is often considered the focal point of your home. When adding a front porch, you embellish that focal point with an attractive, inviting architectural element.

Gives you another place to showcase your unique style. Make your front porch your own by customizing just about every detail, from the shape of your porch down to the porch boards, décor elements, and so much more.

All this to say: if you do it right, adding a front porch is definitely worth it. So, where to begin? Get guidance on planning your porch build so you can do it like a pro.

NEED THE FULL PICTURE FIRST?Get a birds-eye view of your porch project with our Front Porch Ideas Series. READ THE SERIES

Remodeling A Front Porch: 6 Types To Choose From

Any front porch must address your needs. In addition, the front porch should be a seamless addition to the house. Keep your front porch stylistically in line with the rest of the home. This assists with permit applications. Also, it helps the front porch blend in better with the home.

Covered open front porch

A covered open front porch is the most popular, classic type of porch. Many homeowners first think about open porches when they imagine a porch design. This porch has a roof or overhang that is attached to the house. Though this porch has no walls, it often has a railing that helps to define the space and to keep users safe.


  • Some rain may still enter the porch

Enclosed front porch

With an enclosed front porch, the walls are semi-solid, much like a sunroom. Often, the lower part of the sunroom walls is solid. The porchs upper section is devoted to window glass or to insect screens.


  • Extends usage through the seasons
  • Electrical wiring is possible for outlets


  • Less of an open, airy feeling
  • Can be difficult to keep cool

Full wrap-around front porch

A full wrap-around front porch is any porch that partially wraps across the side of the house. This porch may wrap around two sides to form an L-shape. Or the porch may wrap across three sides to form a U-shape.


  • Greater weathering due to lack of cover

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Best Way To Break It Down

The best way to figure out a budget for your porch is to break down the project into sections, as we’ve listed. You can figure out the cost of individual sections and their cost per square foot easier than doing it all at once and get a much clearer idea for your budget. It also allows you to plan better and include the design elements you want the most. Once you have each section figured out, you can add them together for the project’s total cost.

Cost To Install A Skirt

REVIT – Front Porch Roof – Posts and Beam

The average cost to install porch skirting ranges from $70 to $500. Costs depend on the type and amount. Lattice is quick and easy to install. Brick and faux stone can take longer, particularly if they need backing. Victorian skirting can be painstaking to install. Each piece must line up perfectly with the next so that the pattern continues uninterrupted. These, combined with the amount of skirting, dictate the final cost.

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The Eaves And The Overhang

The eaves are an extension of the roof that reaches further than the edge of the porch to throw rainwater away from the building. The primary purpose of the eaves is to protect the walls of the building from the rain and shield it from the sun.

Eaves also elevate the look and status of the building, as most roofing eaves are extremely stylish and add an extra flair to the architecture.

How Far Can A Roof Overhang Without Support

Two feet is the general maximum length for a typical roof overhang. This will protect a roof from most types of damage. Roof overhangs can extend farther than 2 feet, but beyond this length, they begin to lose structural integrity and require external support.

What is the small roof over a door called?

Based on the information provided by Conservation Wiki, a portico is a type of porch or roof that features rows of regularly spaced tall columns that are used to support the structure. Most people describe a portico as an awning or overhang that features tall columns.

What is the purpose of a portico?

Portico, colonnaded porch or entrance to a structure, or a covered walkway supported by regularly spaced columns. Porticoes formed the entrances to ancient Greek temples.

How much does it cost to build a portico?

New installation can range from $2,500 to $4,00 or more. Expect to add 25 to 30 percent more for composite materials. An average project may take anywhere from one day to one week depending on the size.

Can a portico be added to a colonial house?

Many colonial houses benefit by adding an arched portico. Gabled styles blend well with a gabled roof ranch home. Be sure to match the columns to the period and architectural style of the house, and use the same materials for the roof of the portico as the roof of the house.

How much does an ornamental porch column cost?

How much does it cost to install a concrete patio?

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Labor Costs To Build A Porch

The average labor costs to build a porch range from $60 to $70 a square foot, or between $20 and $40 an hour, depending on how your contractor charges. These prices do not include the material costs but cover all the labor, from the foundation pouring to the finishing.

Because porches can be complex projects, it is very common for a team to consist of many specialists. These include framers, roofers, carpenters, and general contractors. Depending on the type, you may also need a mason or someone specializing in glass, concrete, or stone.

While you are likely quoted an hourly rate for labor that averages out all the parts, you can break down the various sections by what you pay in labor. Below are the average labor costs for installing a 16 x 20-foot standard front porch.

Part of the Project
$400 – $2,400

// Fill In Open Spaces

30+ Cozy Small Porch Design Ideas To Try Right Now #porchescozyhome ...

This home offers so much room to work with. Our designers brought the open area to life with a front porch addition. We added a whole new outdoor living space complete with an overhang, steps up to a new raised stone porch floor, railings, and columns to draw in some more dimension. The seating, lighting, and plants all create a cozy ambiance that makes this a great porch for relaxing.

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Does Adding A Front Porch Add Value To Your Home

A front porch definitely adds value to your home. Not only does it increase the curb appeal of your house, but it also improves the look of the exterior of your home. The added value it can bring to your home in a good market can pay for itself if you decide to sell. You can advertise a good porch as an outdoor living space and can make your home sell quicker as well.

Is Porch A Good Investment

Including the location of the property, the current state of the housing market, and the amount of money you are willing to invest. However, as a general rule, investing in a porch can be a good way to add value to your home.

Porches can provide extra living space and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as entertaining guests or simply relaxing outdoors. Additionally, since porches are typically located on the front of a house, they can also improve curb appeal, which can be helpful if you are trying to sell your home in the future.

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How To Build A Porch

Many porch specialists work in teams of two to four people, depending on the projects size. Similarly, the builds duration also depends on its size. Typically, a 3m2 porch takes one week to build, while larger structures take two weeks. Furthermore, aluminium and uPVC porches take less time because they arrive as factory-made panels, which fit together.

The following steps explain whats involved. However, unless you know what to do, use a professional:

Plastering Sills And Skirting Boards

Adding Porch Roof onto Ranch House

Plastering is essential in achieving a uniform and durable surface. You can expect costs for plastering alone to start at around £20 – £25 per square metre depending on your location.

With the cost of window sills and skirting boards factored into a 3m2 porch, this part of the porch building process will cost an average of £400.

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Attaching The Porch Roof To The House

One of the most critical components of the porch roof is its ledger board. The ledger board takes advantage of the house’s strength to support the highest edge of the porch roof. The ledger board supports half of the porch roof’s weight. Metal drip flashing installed between the porch roof and the house siding prevents water leakage.


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