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How To Install Tiki Thatch Roof

How To Install Your Synthetic Palm Thatch Roofing

How to Install a Thatched Grass Roof on a Tiki Bar

Artificial or synthetic palm thatch comes in rolls. Each palm thatch roll or bundle is 25 to 26 feet in length.

Step One: Start at the Bottom

Attach one synthetic palm thatch panel to the bottom side of the eave. This should be placed about one to two inches from the bottom of the eave. Continue to repeat this step above the eave row of thatch to create a nice, chunky eave.

Step Two: Install the Rest

Stair-step diagonally across the roof using the recommended offset pattern. Maintain a uniform exposure of seven and a half inches.

Fasten panels with roofing nails or staples according to the manufacturers instructions.

Step Three: Cover the Hip

Bend each synthetic palm thatch panel to the size of your hip. Space them evenly to fit two hip courses per each field course.

Step Four: Does Your Roof Have A Valley?

Just install each synthetic thatch roofing panel three inches from the center of the valley. This technique will allow the thatch to lay naturally.

Using Palm Thatch To Cover Your Outdoor Tiki Hut

When youre dreaming of a cozy area to relax, chill, and have fun, a tropical vibe creates the perfect mood. So what material instantly sets the stage for a tropical island getaway? Thatch is the superior choice. Stunning, sustainable, and easy to install, fiji palm thatch rolls and synthetic thatch roofing materials from ONETHATCH are the perfect topper for your backyard tiki hut.

Why Do People Choose Mexican Raincape Palm Thatch?

Beautiful shaggy Mexican palm thatch adds natural rugged color and texture to your area. Unique and attractive, it infuses the warmth of the fiji island tropics into any space. Its also affordable and sustainable.

Mexican Rain Capes From ONETHATCH.

At ONETHATCH, we delight in innovating top-quality green building materials that enable our clients to transform their backyard quickly. So when youre exploring for tiki thatch roofing, look no farther than our Mexican rain cape. Also called Mexican thatch roll, duck blind grass, false thatch or thatch grass, its an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor commercial and residential projects that need a tropical touch.

Are you interested in building an awning, patio roofing, tiki hut, gazebo, or outdoor tiki bar?

Youll need to choose a tiki thatch roll in the size that fits your project. Synthetic palm thatch shingle will do the trick in minutes if you have umbrellas by the pool or outdoor barbeque area.

Dont Forget To Install Smoke Alarms

No matter what your roof material, you should always be ready to prevent it from catching fire.

It would be best to have a smoke alarm system in your tiki huts, tiki umbrellas, chickee huts, etc.

So, we advise you to hire a trusted electrician to install adequate smoke alarms to increase your thatch fire safety.

Remember that any thatched building without smoke alarms is a danger to your vacation locale.

We want to reduce the risk of a fire starting in the first place. But just for the worst-case scenario, make sure to keep a suitable fire extinguisher to suppress fire when it has begun.

We recommend buying one fire extinguisher per thatched property. In that way, you avoid any fire from taking hold and the spread of flame through the roof space.

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How To Install Thatch Roofing Using Artificial Thatch

by Endureed | Dec 9, 2017 | Blog

Do you want to know how to install thatch roofing using artificial thatch products? If you have done a cost analysis on natural verses artificial thatch, you realize that synthetic thatch is the way to go. If you run a successful business, you already know to look at initial, short-term and long term cost analyses. You probably realize that Endureed synthetic thatch is usually less costly than natural thatch in less than five years. You are savvy enough to consider maintenance costs as part of the deal. So, you know that Endureed is exceptionally cost effective.

But do you know how to install thatch roofing using our products?

Entertainment At It’s Best

Tiki Hut Roof Without Palm

You do not have to spend a fortune to entertain. A little creativity goes a long way when you use tiki thatch as part of your outdoor decor.

Rolls come in different sizes which makes covering your tiki bar’s roof easy.

Tiki masks can be hung up around the bar to give it even more flair.

Grab a friend or two and enjoy a cold drink after installing the tiki thatch. A colorful paper umbrella and slice of pineapple will help you to get into a tropical mood.

A lot of fun can be had once you have taken the time to prepare your backyard for your next get-together or celebration. You don’t even need an excuse to invite people over to see your DIY thatch roof tiki hut.

All you have to do is take a few pictures and post them online. Your friends and neighbors will be beating down your door in hopes of getting a closer look of your newly added tiki thatch!

Encourage your guests to soak up some rays and then cool themselves under your newly built DIY thatch roof. A long day of sun and fun does wonders to help relax a person. Your comrades will be thanking you for the passport-free piece of paradise that you have just offered them!

See what we mean? The Entertainment options and possibilities with tiki thatch are truly endless!

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What Is Tiki Thatch

Tiki Thatch consists of dried palm leaves and is usually used on walls or on the roof of tiki huts.

It gives a very authentic tropical feel to the huts regardless of how they are used.

Their use is not only limited to aesthetic purposes, but they can also prove to be highly water resistant if they are fabricated and arranged properly.

The craft of tiki thatch is a result of several thousand years of development which has led to its extremely high durability and versatility. Learn more about how to build a tiki hut with palm leaves online right here.

How Tiki Thatch Is Crafted

Several types of palm leaves are used for the purpose of crafting tiki thatch. Care must be taken while choosing the palm fronds.

The thorny ones must be avoided as they are very difficult to work with. The most widely used types of palm trees are king,queen and kentia palm.

Their fronds have long, finger-like, single leaves which branch of the main stalk.

Some extremely famous kinds of palm used are palapas from Mexico, thatch panels from Fiji and cape reed from Africa.

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Constructing Tiki Thatch Roofs

The construction of DIY thatch roof is fairly simple.

First you will need to chop off a set of fresh palm fronds from the tree and allow them to dry. Alternatively, you can make use of already dried fronds.

The leaves are then removed from only side of the stalk while the other side remains as is.

Then the fronds are placed above each other with the leaves facing the same direction.

A significant number of leaves are put together and tied tightly using bailing wire.

Depending on the width of the DIY thatch roof requirements, the number of fronds to be used will vary. For example, if a width of a few inches is required two fronds will be sufficient, while at least 10 fronds will be needed to create a width of a foot.

Why Install A Thatched Roof

Round tiki hut thatch installation guide.

Thatch is a beautiful material that invokes the ambiance of island life. However, its benefits as a building material extend beyond its appearance high-quality palm thatch is also eco-friendly.

Here are three reasons to choose thatch when designing a tropical building or theme.

  • Aesthetic: While the benefits of thatch go beyond its look, its appearance is the primary reason it is such a popular product. Thatch creates a beautiful, attractive aesthetic simultaneously rustic and manicured, thatch makes your structures look both laid-back and stylish. As an entirely organic option, natural thatch at times exhibits some variation in color and size, even after the precise inspection we go through to ensure a high level of quality in our products. Perhaps because of this wholly unique look, a natural thatch roof brings a lot of added character to a living or outdoor space. Its as though onlookers are momentarily transported to a warm, tropical hideaway without the added travel costs!

Regardless of what benefit draws you to this versatile product, you can be sure your thatched roof will be beautiful, durable and eco-friendly.

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Do Tiki Huts Attract Bugs

Unfortunately, Tiki Huts are highly appealing to various pests which either feed on the wooden structure like the termites or worms or simply make them their home. In addition to being unsightly, pest infestation also poses a risk of a very serious damage to your Tiki Hut and can significantly reduce its durability.

Fire Retardants Prevent Mold And Make Thatch Last Longer

Besides increasing thatch fire safety, fire retardants provide long-term protection against mold.

If you live in Floridas humid climate but still want to have a nice-looking tiki hut, we recommend buying a fire-rated thatch sealant to prevent mold. Remember that its better to avoid fungal growth than to deal with it.

This varnish coating helps to keep the appearance of thatch materials. Since the coat is transparent, a fire retardant preserves the natural, earthy look of the thatch. So, by spraying or applying the fire sealer on both sides of the thatch, it gives you the best of both worlds. Your tiki hut will look great, and it will last longer.

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Apply Magma Tas Firestop Sprays

Applying a thatch fire retardant spray on your tiki is one of the common ways to improve fire protection in your resort.

You must treat your wood frame with fire retardant products. Also, if the roof material is natural, its imperative to make it fire-resistant. As an expert tiki hut builder, we recommend using the Magma TAS Firestop sprays.

Magma Firestop®is a proven and effective flame retardant for thatch, wood, and other organic materials. There are two types of sprays, indoor and outdoor use.

Use the indoor spray on the internal surface of the thatch and the supporting cypress log frame, and use the outdoor spray over the exposed roof surface.

To protect your thatched building from catching fire fast, using thatch fire retardant sprays is your best solution. Also, many international institutions have tested it. So, Magma Firestop® retardant for thatch has the best rating to stop the spread of flame on the thatched roof space.

As a trusted tiki hut builder, we recommended this spray for your tiki hut. Besides doing a great job as a fire retardant, it also works well as a water repellent.

This fire retardant spray is non-toxic, biodegradable, odorless, and doesnt affect other materials in any way.

While the fire protection may last for up to ten years, we recommend testing the roof every five years. Its only in this fashion that you can assess the degree of fire protection, and you must respray when necessary.

Use Flame Safe Thatch Safe Fire Retardant

Pin on tiki

It is one of the most popular fire retardant coatings for thatching.

It comes in big economic presentations of 1 gallon and 5 gallons. Thatch Safe Fire Retardant is a water-based product that doesnt contain asbestos, color dyes, or toxic chemicals.

This fire thatch sealant is colorless, but it indeed has a pungent odor. The great thing about applying transparent fire retardant coatings is that you wont have to worry about your tiki hut roof losing its natural color. We recommend applying three coats to make your thatch fire safe.

Before application, materials and surfaces should be cleaned and dried to ensure maximum coverage and effectiveness.

You can cover a roof area from 150 sq. ft to 200 sq. ft per gallon. So, make sure to buy the right amount of sealant to fireproof your roof. You can apply this fire retardant with a paintbrush, roller, or sprayer.

Since tiki huts are combustible, all tiki hut builders must include thatch fire safety in their building process. Otherwise, theyll put peoples lives at risk and break the local building codes.

Dipping Palm Fronds in Thatch Safe Fire Retardant

Another great way to fireproof a tiki hut is by dipping the individual palm fronds, thatching, bamboo, cypress logs, and other wooden/organic material in the retardant liquid.

Following these recommendations, youll guarantee the fire protection of your tiki before beginning its construction.

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Can A Thatched Roof Attract Pests

Unfortunately, yes. Pests love thatched roofs because they are warm and dry and sometimes even provide food.

Pests are more prevalent in unoccupied houses that remain empty for long periods of time. Pests prefer this type of habitat because they are not disturbed by the occupants.

Common pests are:

Large pests need dealing with and you should contact your nearest pest control department. They should also be able to advise you how the pests got into the roof. That way you can take appropriate action to block their entrance. A bee specialist can rehome bees and a pest controller can smoke out wasps.

You can also buy false birds of prey to put on the roof to discourage other birds. You must move them into a different position once in a while or the birds will become used to them.

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Traditional Open Roof Construction

This type of thatching involves having the reeds applied from bottom to top by using various specialised tools, and it is characterised by the open space it has between the substructure and the reeds. This allows a sufficient amount of air to circulate through the thatch because the inside isnt separated completely from the outside.


  • Its the more traditional thatching option
  • It promotes good ventilation that allows moisture to drain away quickly and easily
  • Reeds are visible inside the property, which adds to its aesthetic appeal


  • It can make a building draughty or cause energy loss especially if its directly above a heated room
  • Its highly flammable, meaning that insurance companies will often charge far higher premiums in cases where thatch roofing is present
  • It can allow a lot of dust to enter a room especially if no vapour barrier has been installed
  • Insulation can be installed in it, but this will often be a tricky and expensive process

by Endureed | Dec 9, 2017 | Blog

But how will you actually install thatch roofing using our products?

How Thick Should A Thatched Roof Be

How To Install Tiki Thatch Rolls – Palm Thatch Installation – PalapaUmbrellaThatch.com

An optimum thickness for maximum longevity would be between 228mm and 381mm for water reed and 228mm and 300mm for combed wheat reed and long straw. Therefore, the point to remember is that there are an almost infinite number of specifications depending on pitch of roof and length of the thatching material.

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How To Easily Install Thatch Roofing Material Using Endureed Products

If thats your last lingering question, you are in luck! Our products are incredibly easy to install. Generally, any trained roofer can install our products. In fact, some Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts have installed our products successfully. Seriously, most general contractors hire regular roofers to install thatch roofing products we manufacture. Endureed installations arent difficult.

Its easier to install our thatch than it is to shingle a roof in many roofers opinions. Plus, installation is very straightforward. So, just check out our YouTube channel and see multiple videos demonstrating how to install thatch roofing materials by Endureed. Heres one example video, but there are others:

How To Install Tahitian Thatch

Tahitian palm thatch, also called Fiji, Fijian or Brazilian thatch, replicates the lush beauty of the South Pacific and Tahitian islands. The palm leaves we use in our range of Tahitian palm thatch products have been specially dried in the sun, ensuring consistency in shape, quality and size. These leaves then get expertly woven into panels with commercial-grade nylon string for lasting durability and to help secure the leaves.

Fiji thatch is an economical roofing material that comes in pre-cut panels three feet long and two feet wide, ready for immediate installation. This thatch is gorgeous on umbrellas, huts, covered decks and pavilions.

After collecting your tools, you are ready to begin installing your new Tahitian palm thatch. Follow the steps listed below for the smoothest results.

  • Measure: Using a permanent marker and a reliable measuring tape, measure and mark the areas where you will apply your thatch.
  • Start at the lowest edge: Begin installation at the bottom edge of your roofing structure and apply the thatch in a horizontal line, securing the panels with a staple gun or hammer and nails.
  • Overlap: To achieve a full, complete look, you must overlap the panels at least 20 inches on center.
  • Final adjustments: Use a sharp pair of scissors to trim any stray pieces of thatch.
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