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How To Waterproof Concrete Roof

How Can I Waterproof A Concrete Slab Roof Terrace So That It Will Never Leak


For years, cement roofs have been a staple of modern construction. Although they are most commonly associated with commercial buildings, the change in designs and construction for residential buildings has led to the use of this roofing technology in residential constructions, with concrete shingles becoming increasingly prevalent. However, concrete has indeed been chosen as a better material for both homes and offices, it is nevertheless vulnerable to weather deterioration.

Nothing is more annoying than a leaking roof while youre sipping a hot cup of tea or having a sound sleep at night. It robs us of our serenity and comfort. According to a study, cracks are to blame for dribbling the patio in the majority of cases. Now, how can you keep your patio from cracking? What can you do differently to keep cracks away from your terrace? Rooftop waterproofing is a critical region since it is continually exposed to extreme weather, climatic fluctuations, and rain. It collects rainwater, which leaks into the slab at the appropriate time. The rusting of the surface will worsen over time, causing greater harm.

Slab Leak Detection and waterproofing in Riverside is one strategy to help prevent damage from occurring sooner than expected, and it will certainly extend the life of your concrete roof. Applying roof waterproofing is a wonderful strategy to safeguard your property and is well worth the money.

Design And Construction Issues With Flat Concrete Roofs

Problems With Construction

How Do You Find The Source Of A Flat Roof Leak

If you have to put a bucket in exactly the same spot each time it rains, youll want to find out exactly where your leak is coming from. The source of flat roof leaks can be hard to locate when youre actually up there, so a good tip is to do your detective work inside the house. With a tape measure, measure the distance from the drip in the ceiling to the nearest wall. Then, when youre on the roof, measure the same distance. That should lead you straight to the root of the problem.

Benefits Of Concrete Slab Roof Waterproofing

Adding waterproofing to concrete roofing comes with numerous benefits. Here are some reasons you should always waterproof concrete roof structures.

  • Strengthens the Roofing Structure
  • Adding the right waterproofing to the concrete roof slabs will make the roof more robust, prolonging its lifespan. Due to the added protection, any moisture or water will not get through. As a result, the structure wont rot, rust, or deteriorate.

  • Prevents Mold Growth on the Roof
  • Waterproofing concrete roof slabs goes beyond ensuring the roof structures integrity. It also prevents mold growth that could cause serious health problems. Some of the health issues that mold growth can cause include asthma, fever, skin allergies, and coughs.

  • Reduces Roof Maintenance Costs
  • Water damages can interfere with electrical work, woodwork, or property items in your property. However, when your concrete roofing is free from water damages, it will save you from expensive repairs due to the few maintenance requirements.

  • Raises a Propertys Value
  • No one would want to invest in a property with roof leak problems. So, waterproofing a concrete roof will increase your propertys value and make it sell faster. In addition, the waterproof material will protect the roof from structural damages caused by water.

  • Creates a Healthy Living Environment
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    The Problem: You Need To Repair A Small Patch Of Damage And Have No Diy Skills

    The solution:Flat roof repair kits

    If youre not particularly handy, youll need something really easy to use. Luckily, Roofing Superstore has not one but two products available. First, there are Patch-N-Go repair kits from market leaders Karnak. These are very effective and dont require any DIY knowledge whatsoever. Or, for a paint-on solution, try Koverteks acrylic that can be brushed on to the damaged area, either as a temporary solution for a large crack or as a long-term solution for small ones.

    How do flat roof repair kits work?

    The easiest flat roof repair that money can buy, the stick-on patches work very much like a plaster you just peel away the backing and apply the patch to the damaged area of your roof. The Kovertek acrylic paint just needs to be brushed on in one coat.

    Flat roof repair kits are suitable for:

    There are two different stick-on patches available, one for EPDM and rubber roofs, and one for felt. The Kovertek acrylic can be applied to all types of flat roof.

    How to apply flat roof repair kits:

    Make sure the surface is clean and dry, and that youve removed any oil and grease. If using the patches, take it out of the pack and peel off the film backing. Then press down onto the roof, applying extra pressure with a roller to help it stick. If using the acrylic paint, just brush it on. It dries in two to three hours but will be waterproof immediately.

    How Do You Seal A Concrete Slab Roof

    Roof Waterproofing

    The problem is that concrete is not waterproof, so a waterproof membrane is fitter over the concrete surface to seal it. The best way to seal it is a torch-on system and then an aluminium coating to protect it from the sun.

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    Dont Delay Waterproofing Concrete House Roofs

    Did you know most people delay waterproofing until they bear irreparable consequences? We urge you to go for a waterproofing solution at the right time as you will end up spending more money than you saved by ignoring a problem. Secondly, waterproofing doesnt cost much if you find the right company or a service provider.

    So what are you waiting for? Call the waterproofing company near you and get the earliest appointment.

    Roof Waterproofing Solutions: How To Waterproof Your Roofs

    External areas subjected to severe environmental conditions will cause leakages and affect internal dry areas. Waterproofing the concrete structure is essential to avoid problems such as oxidation of steel and damages related to water infiltration. Weber-E.MIX proposes several roof waterproofing solutions for exposed, concealed, and planter roofs.

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    How Do You Waterproof A Roof Top

    Steps to waterproof a roof The first step in waterproofing a roof is cleaning of the substrate. Following cleaning, priming of the surface is designed to improve the adhesion of the membrane. The third step is the treatment of details. Next step is the application of the liquid membrane onto the roof .

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    Th Step: Knowing The Basics

    How To Waterproof a Tile Roof – Concrete Tile Roof Waterproofing System

    In most cases, waterproofing consists of two parts. The first is to seal or repair the broken or damaged parts of the roof. It can be done with a sealing solution. The sealing solutions are temporary or permanent. Your waterproofing expert will pick the right sealing solution depending upon the circumstances. At times, just this step is enough to waterproof the roof.

    However, the application of sealing solution is followed by spreading a waterproof member on the entire concrete roof. The waterproof membrane comes in two different kinds i.e., a liquid solution or pre-formed sheets. Again, the decision is taken by the waterproofing agent depending upon the need and budget of the concrete roof.

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    How To Waterproof A Concrete House

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    If you’re building a concrete foundation, or larger parts of your home involve concrete, you may want to consider waterproofing the concrete itself so that your rooms remain nice and cozy. That being said, a true concrete house is probably more waterproof than any other common type of structure to begin with, and only cracks, joints, or window and door openings should require attention. This article provides more information on how to get started with waterproofing, and which waterproofing techniques you might consider.

    What Is The Purpose Of A Roof Sealant Treatment

    What is the Purpose of a Roof Sealant Treatment? Roof sealants provide an extra layer of protection from the elements. Sealants are important for flat roofs, which tend to collect water, but theyre optional for sloped roofs. In most cases, a sealant is applied to a sloped roof as it ages in order to extend the life and prevent leaks.

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    How To Seal A Leaking Roof

    Find the Leak. The first step to sealing an asphalt shingle leak is to find it. Sealing an Asphalt Roof. Slight buckling or cracking over the entire asphalt roof surface can be sealed effectively with an acrylic formula. Sealant Spray. Use a sealant spray for areas where the shingles leak around flashing, gutters or vents. Roofing Tar. Spreading roofing tar works best where the shingles are leaking around flashing. Silicone Roof Sealant. Silicone roof sealant comes in a tube and is used with a caulk gun.

    The Problem: You Need To Fix A Roof Leak Quickly But Its Wet Outside

    Is Reinforced Concrete Roofs Waterproof?

    The solution:Acrypol Plus

    For this kind of emergency, you need a quick, easy-to-apply waterproofing solution you can even use in wet conditions. Step forward Acrypol Plus. Whereas many waterproofing solutions need the flat roof to be totally dry to be effective, Acrypol Plus can even be used in damp weather and can fix cracks of up to 10mm wide. Although the product is available in larger amounts you wont need nearly as much for just a small repair. Thats why wed recommend Acrypol Plus in the smaller 2.5kg can. Even better, it comes in a medium grey shade. This is specifically designed so that the colour will blend in seamlessly to your existing roof.

    How does Acrypol Plus work?

    Acrypol Plus is an acrylic resin thats dispersed in a solvent so it looks like a semi-liquid paste. When dry it turns into a tough elastic overlay that stops any moisture moving through it. Its chemical structure is designed so that even trapped moisture can evaporate safely away, so youll avoid any blistering. This particular product also has added fibres that interlace together, helping it to fill and bridge gaps, while still remaining flexible.

    Acrypol Plus is suitable for:

    Acrypol Plus can be applied onto almost any kind of flat roof surface from asphalt and bitumen to felt. Its a handy product to have around the house as you can also use it to fix gutters, metals, concrete and masonry.

    How to apply Acrypol Plus:

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    Tip #1 Find The Leakage Source

    The first step on how to stop water leakage from concrete roof is to find the source. Check the entire roof surface, look out for ponding water, and inspect the plumbing lines. You may also visit the sides of your building, drainage pipes, etc. These are the most common sources of leakage.

    Important safety reminder: Roof inspection is a process performed by professional roofing contractors. Personally accessing your commercial roof is a risky task. If you want to perform an inspection, you can start with a visual inspection first. However, if there is a need to reach for high areas, do not immediately climb up the roof. To avoid possible accidents and more damage to property, always consult concrete roofing experts. They have the right training and appropriate tools to discover and solve problems.

    Waterproofing A Concrete Roof For Safety And Longevity

    Whether its a concrete rooftop that youre concerned about, or perhaps there are other construction materials you want to ensure are stable and waterproof for years to come, theres no doubt that investing in superior waterproofing systems is the best way to protect your assets. Not only can you protect your roof from the extreme climates Australia endures, you can also have the peace of mind that you are doing the best that you can to protect your building and constructions from unnecessary damage.

    And remember, if youre having any other water problems in the home its best to consult with a plumber before taking action.

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    What Types Of Concrete Roofs Do We Waterproof

    We offer concrete roof waterproofing across a range of industries and sectors:

    • Commercial concrete roof waterproofing by Multi-Dex is par for the course. Our extensive guarantee options offer businesses peace of mind, and the 3-year maintenance option takes the headache out of upkeep.
    • Retail concrete roof waterproofing is essential. Multi-Dex has completed projects for some of the largest complexes in South Africa. To ensure a seamless process, our installers are extensively trained and owner-supervised.
    • Industrial concrete roof waterproofing with Multi-Dex is the key to reducing your buildings carbon footprint and minimising structure depreciation. Experience spanning close on four decades means the Multi-Dex team can offer you a seamless process with a 10-year guarantee and a 3-year maintenance option.
    • Houses with concrete roofs

    The Aquron Waterproofing System

    How to Repair Leaking Concrete Roof Slab – Liquid Waterproofing Membranes – Melbourne WATERPROOFING

    The holistic Markham approach to waterproofing can completely remove the need for waterproofing membranes in many structures.

    • Intelligent slab pour and expansion joint design, to avoid movement cracking.
    • Aquron hydrogel treatment as an admixture and spray-applied to the exposed face.
    • Superswell waterstops, and strip drains if required, for water control at the joints and penetrations.

    Its crucial that this approach is implemented from early design stages.

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    Commercial Concrete Roofing Composition

    Before we get down to the bottom of the problem, there is a need to understand what concrete roofs are made of. Being aware of their composition gives you a better perspective in dealing with it.

    A concrete mixture is made from sand, cement, and water.

    Concrete roofs are composed of sand, cement, and water. These materials are combined together to form a compound. It can be used to build not only roofs but also floors, ceilings, decks, and many more. It is also important to note that concrete is a heavy material. Hence, it requires the right amount of structural support.

    Simple Actions To Elongate The Life Of Your Waterproofed Concrete Roof

    After the waterproofing company finishes their work, it is time to resume control and take care of your roof better to enjoy a longer period of the sustainable concrete roof. Some easy-to-do measures can extend the life of your waterproofing system

    • Clean your roof regularly as the dust and dirt cause more absorption of water and other elements.
    • Make sure the gutter of your concrete roof is clean so the water can be drained effortlessly.
    • Manually drain your roof after every spell of heavy rainfall as any stagnant water is injurious for the concrete roof.

    It is important to properly maintain a concrete roof because water penetration and absorption not only cause structural harm but can damage the electrical wires going through the concrete, which is much more dangerous for any house.

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    Armorpoxy Balcony/deck Coating System

    Armorpoxy Balcony Deck Membrane Coating is a unique, thick and flexible system designed to coat balconies, roof decks, pool and patio decks, walkways, sidewalk vaults, parking areas with conditioned spaces underneath them, areas that have movement due to temperature or vibration issues, and similar applications. BDMC can also be designed for heavy-duty parking lot and parking deck use.

    BDMC is a multi-layer FLEXIBLE, thick, system designed to go over existing balconies, patios, and roof decks that have aged or are leaking. System design utilizes aggregate or decorative flecks for a naturally nonskid surface when wet. Designed for the harshest environments including commercial applications. Can be applied to wood, fiberglass, coated surfaces, concrete and similar substrates. The thick system hides surface imperfections and minor cracks . Fully UV tolerant and designed for outdoor use. Low VOC for safe application in any application.

    Balcony/Deck Coating System

    How To Seal A Concrete Tile Roof

    Synthetic Nano

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    One prevalent misconception, frequently employed by salespeople, is that old concrete tiles will lose their porous nature and allow water to seep through and into the home. This does not happen in the least. Tile floors are a popular way to make your house feel more modern and elegant. Rainwater will be kept out of the home if they have a waterproof seal on the surface or worn tiles that have decades of weathering. Water trickles down the tile and onto the tile below it when installed on a pitched roof . The water flows along this route until it reaches the gutter. Even a porous substance like concrete will not leak if tiles are laid properly. Gravity draws the water downward rather than into the roof don’t forget that all tiles are overlapped. Clay or concrete may be used on roofs in this manner. Most US roofs are constructed of materials that might be considered porous. They typically only leak if the roof pitch is too shallow or a tile breaks. We will go through this article on how to seal a concrete tile roof?

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    Water How To Waterproof A Concrete Roof


    We have a 28y/o Medical Clinic in a remote area of Haiti. The roof is concrete and has one coat of DryLoc on it which is lifting off in many areas. The roof is 136′ X 35′ with a very slight pitch to each side. We plan to mount PV Panels on it after resealing. How should I waterproof this roof? The leaks are very minor.

    Best Answer

    You’re probably looking for an elastomeric roof coating.

    Primarily, you’ll need to clean the roof, repair and fill any cracks/gaps/etc and remove any of the peeling drylok, apply an appropriate primer meeting the manufacturer’s suggestions, then apply at least two coats of the roof coating. It would also be recommended that any sloping/drainage issues be addressed as well in order to avoid heavy pooling, where possible.

    As usual, cheaper is rarely better when it comes to roof coatings. A white coating tends to last longer and reduce roof temperatures .

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