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How To Clean Car Interior Roof

How To Remove Water Stains From A Car Interior Roof

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Of all the parts of a car, we think that the interior roof or the headliner is the last place we look. Believe it or not, water stains are a common sight in these areas and can become an eyesore if ignored for too long. Also, these stains make the car look much older than it is, reducing its resale value.

To keep your car shiny new, thus, we recommend that you take a look at these areas as well.

How To Deep Clean Your Cars Headliner

Now that you know how to remove water stains from a car headliner, you might be wondering what you should do in order to deal with more difficult and stubborn dirty traces.

Well, what can we say? Deep cleaning is an important part of your car maintenance. Moreover, it is recommended to deep clean your cars interior now and then just to keep it up in a proper state.

But of course, it will be best of all if deep cleaning will be the last resort when it comes to cleaning the interior roof of your car. This process usually makes use of the combination of heat and moisture as a stain remover as a stain removing remedy.

But at the same time, it can also loosen the adhesive from the headliner, so make sure that you are especially careful and cautious when cleaning with the help of it!

To deep clean you cars headliner, you will need the following:

  • upholstery stain remover solution

For this process, you will have to use a steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment. To find the proper ratio of hot water and stain remover solution, we recommend follow the instructions that you can find in your cleaning machines instruction manual.

The process itself is very simple in fact. Use the upholstery attachment to begin cleaning at the corner of the headliner. Press the spray trigger as you move along the liner, making sure that you do not remain in one area for too long to prevent excessive saturation.

Afterward, use the same pace and technique across the entire liner.

Fabric Marks And Stains

For more prominent stains in the hoodlining that the normal cleaning doesn’t totally remove, you will need to do “spot cleaning”. Spray Fabra Cadabra again into the applicator, then apply to the stain, but use a dabbing or blotting motion, working from the outside, pulling the applicator to the middle and then off the stain. Check the applicator to see if there is any of the stain on it, if there is, use a new, clean section of cloth, so you don’t rub it back into the material you’re trying to clean. The way the Fabra Cadabra is designed to work, is to release the stain from the fibres of the material, so during this process you have to be careful not to push the stain deeper into the fabric, making it even harder to remove. You just have to be patient with this method and slowly you will be able to remove most stains. After you’re happy, wipe it with a clean and dry microfibre buffing cloth.

Grease marks on the side pillars were an easy clean.

You may notice if you have a darker fabric hoodlining, the bits of lint and fabric that get intertwined in the material. We find the best way to quickly clean this is to use a fabric lint remover, we like to use the roller ones, that you can get from any department stores.

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Upholstery Cleaning Tips & Tricks:

  • You’ll want to start cleaning your car’s interior with a good vacuuming. A dry soft brush before vacuuming will go a long way toward loosening stuck-on and ground-in debris. Use the attachments that came with your car vacuum cleaner to get deep in the creases and crevices of the seats.
  • Expose as much of your seats as possible by folding them forward, laying them ball the way back, and slide them back and forward as far as they will go. Front and back. You never know what might shake loose and besides, why do a half-assed job? Do it right the first time.
  • Treat stains with a special cleaner before cleaning your upholstery, taking care to test any cleaner in an inconspicuous spot first, for colorfastness.
  • If cleaning cloth seats, use any liquids sparingly. You don’t want to soak the foam padding underneath, which could lead to mold and mildew.
  • While some of the products on this list claim to clean leather as well as fabric and vinyl, we recommend using a specialized leather cleaner and conditioner in your car.

Clean Small Stains Using Homemade Cleaner

How to Clean the Interior Roof of a Car

Minor stains can be water stains that your headliner gets after rain or dust storms. There can also be food and drink stains on the ceiling. Follow these steps to clean the cars interior roof.

Step: 1

Spray an upholstery cleaner onto a soft-bristled brush. Use homemade car upholstery cleaner that is suitable for the car roof material.

Mix 60 ml of white vinegar, ½ tbsp of dishwashing liquid, and 1 cup of warm water in a spray bottle. Shake the ingredients and apply. It is one of the most effective car cleaning tricks.

  • Apply it to the bristles of a small brush for more control over the application.
  • Open the car doors to better ventilate the interior while you apply the product.
  • Wear latex or nitrile gloves to avoid skin contact as you apply the cleanser to clean car interior roof.

Step: 2

Rub the cleaner until it lathers into the stain. Move the brush in small circles until bubbles form. Just apply enough force for the product to penetrate the stain and remove all impurities.

  • Be careful not to use too much force on the brush, or you could damage the adhesive under the ceiling fabric.
  • Use this method to remove normal and wear-and-tear stains from the material.

Step: 3

  • Wipe the stain with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Hold the cloth against the stain to soak up the rest of the product.
  • Rub it in small circles and see if this cleans the stains from the cars interior roof.
  • If necessary, repeat the process to clean a dusty car roof.

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Removing Bad Odors From A Car Headliner

While giving your vehicle a good car cleaning, you may have discovered the overhead liner has some bad odors. Remove these bad smells from your cars headliner in a few simple steps using a homemade fabric deodorizer.

  • Microfiber cloth

For removing cigarette smell from car headliner or other areas of the interior, mix the water, household vinegar, and baking soda in a spray bottle and shake well. Spray the solution onto a soft cloth and gently dab the solution onto the liner, making sure not to saturate the headliner. Never spray the headliner directly as it will get too wet and could lead to mildew later.

Make your way over the entire headliner by working one section at a time. Once dry, use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to vacuum the whole surface of the liner to remove any remnants of baking soda and bad odors.

If youre not a fan of the smell of vinegar, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to this solution and put it in a spray bottle. Now you have an essential oil car air freshener spray you can keep in the console to deodorize the car whenever it starts to smell funky.

Its not often that you look up to the interior roof of a car while driving. Little did you know that having a clean car meant more than just vacuuming out debris from the seats and carpeting. Completing regular headliner cleaning while you perform other car care needs keeps your vehicle looking and smelling fresh.

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Performing A Deep Clean On Your Whole Ceiling

  • 1Spray upholstery cleaner on a stiff-bristled brush. Either an upholstery cleaner or all-purpose cleaner will work on your headliner. Work in a well-ventilated area while cleaning your vehicle. Wet the bristles of a large detailing brush with your cleaning solution.XResearch source
  • Avoid spraying the cleaner directly on the ceiling of your vehicle since it could cause the adhesive underneath the fabric to loosen up.
  • Wear a thin pair of latex gloves if your skin is easily irritated by chemical cleaners.
  • 2Rub the ceiling with your brush to lather the cleaner. Work in long back and forth strokes so the cleaner starts to bubble. Apply gentle pressure to the brush while you scrub your vehicles ceiling. As youre working, spray more cleaner onto your brush if you notice that it isnt producing a lather anymore.XResearch source
  • For noticeable spots or stains, work extra cleaner into the area making small circles with your brush.
  • 3Use a wet vacuum or spot cleaner to remove the cleaning solution. Put a brush attachment on the nozzle of your machine. Hold the nozzle against your vehicles ceiling and turn it on. Start in the front of your vehicle and work towards the back. Work in 24 in strokes across your ceiling to suck up your cleaning solution.XResearch source
  • This process works best to remove nicotine and smoke residue from your vehicle interior.
  • Leave your windows open if your vehicle is in a safe, temperature-controlled space to let your vehicle air out.
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    Tips For Cleaning A Cars Interior Roof

    Assuming you would like tips on how to clean the ceiling/roof of a cars interior:

    1. First, remove any loose dirt or debris with a vacuum attachment or gently brush it away.

    2. Next, use a microfiber cloth dampened with water or an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down the surface. Be sure to avoid scrubbing too hard, as this could damage the material.

    3. If there are any tough stains, you can try using a mild abrasive like baking soda or white vinegar. Apply it directly to the stain and let it sit for several minutes before wiping it away. 4. Once youve removed all the dirt and grime, finish up by vacuuming again or giving the area a final wipe-down with a dry microfiber cloth.

    Cleaning A Small Area

    How to clean your car roof and interior – Cars with Turab

    However careful you are, you’re going to accidentally touch your headliner with unclean fingers or some other item at some point in time. Your headliner will get smudged from time to time.

    To make matters even better, it’s not difficult to correct these little imperfections.

    Using a clean Torque Detail Microfiber Towel, gently wipe away any large dirt particles. Keeping the particles from grinding further into the fabric is crucial here! There is only one thing you want to do: knock out the huge pieces.

    To remove the remaining dirt, spray a very small amount of fabric cleaner on the place or on a clean corner of your microfiber cloth. Next dab and gently wipe the filth away.

    A fabric cleanser should permeate the cloth but not so far as to soak up all of the foam. Then, using a clean section of the towel, remove the suds.

    Make sure you use a foaming cleaner. As it penetrates deep into the headliner cloth, it removes the stubborn stains with ease. As for upholstery cleaner, make sure the product is unbeatable, but it’ll also clean plastic and vinyl. An aerosol upholstery cleaner is a good option because it has a foaming action that helps dissolve trapped dirt particles.

    A cheap method is to place a can in your trunk to keep your interior clean.

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    How To Clean Car Carpet Other Fabric Linings

    Start by applying a decent amount of upholstery cleaning liquid or carpet shampoo on one area of your cars carpet. Then use a spray bottle and wet the area around the spot you just applied shampoo on with tap water. After that, use a hand brush to scrub the solution through the carpet and spray more water as you deem necessary. After you feel youve agitated the dirty carpet enough, grab a dry clean towel and start to push and drag it across the soapy carpet. Dry as much of the soap as possible this way. Lastly, use a good vacuum cleaner to dry the carpet even further. Make sure that your vacuum head is clean so that it doesnt add to the mess.


    With both roof and carpet cleaning, you want to ensure that your car is left well aired with its windows open after youve completed the cleaning process. It is essential that you make any trips with the car well before the cleaning process especially if youre not cleaning the roof alone. Furthermore, you want to ensure that the area that your car is left to dry in is a clean environment where dust and other environmental hazards such as pets cant get into the car while it dries. Check your cleaned area for moisture every few hours and leave the car well ventilated a few hours after you feel that the wet areas have completely dried.

    And that sums it up for our how to clean carpet and how to clean car interior roof guide. If youre engaging in a full car clean up, have a look at our other car cleaning blogs:

    How We Chose The Upholstery Cleaners In This Guide

    To aid in the task of interior decontamination, we have assembled a guide to 10 of the best car upholstery cleaners. We tested them on stained upholstery and found that each offers the everyday car owner the ability to clean with the speed and efficiency of a professional detail shop. To be clear, the products on this list are intended to clean cloth and vinyl upholstery a few here will also clean leather.

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    How To Clean Car Ceiling

    You try to keep the car clean. Wash the outside, throw out the trash, vacuum the carpet and the seats. Maybe you consistently wipe down the steering wheel and console with sanitizing wipes. But how often do you clean the ceiling of your car?

    It may be overlooked since we dont look at it regularly. But the ceiling, or headliner, needs proper cleaning and attention, just like the rest of the cars interior.

    The car ceiling is a different kind of upholstery than the seats and carpet, so you need to be more gentle with it. Regular dirt can be gently brushed off with a soft bristle brush or vacuumed with the upholstery attachment.

    Spot clean minor stains with white vinegar, a soft brush, and a microfiber cloth without completely soaking the area. Apply a foaming upholstery cleaner to widespread stains, give it time to work, then brush and vacuum any residue.

    With proper care and maintenance, your cars headliner will last a long time and contribute to the general sense of cleanliness in your vehicle. Continue reading to understand how a headliner is constructed, step-by-step instructions for cleaning various kinds of stains, and a last-ditch effort for cleaning stubborn stains.

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    How To Clean Your Cars Harder Interior Surfaces

    Plush Car Detailing

    As hard as it is to get the fabric clean inside your car, detailing the touch points can prove to be a greater challenge. When it comes to detailing surfaces like the dash, door panels, steering wheel, and center console, the good news is that there are all shapes and sizes of detailing brushes to help make the job easier. For extremely heavy dirt and grime, sometimes a steam cleaner works best to get into every nook and cranny, but most cleaning can be done with mild soap or an all-purpose cleaner.

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    Perform A Surface Cleaning

    Materials Needed

    When a spot cleaning isnt enough to remove a small dirt spot, it will be necessary to clean the whole headliner in a more in-depth way.

    Step 1: Spray your headliner. Spray the whole headliner evenly with upholstery cleaner.

    • Pay special attention to the edges and in crevices around lights.

    • Tip: An aerosol upholstery cleaner has a foaming action that helps break up trapped dirt just below the surface. While a pump-style liquid upholstery cleaner may work, the foaming cleaners work best.

    Step 2: Let it sit. Let the cleaner sit on the upholstery for the set amount of time specified on the container.

    Step 3: Agitate the headliner with brush. Once the sit time has finished, use a small, soft-bristled brush to lightly agitate the surface of the headliner.

    • Reach every part of the headliners surface with the bristled brush to ensure an even clean is performed. If you dont brush a section of the headliner, it may be evident after the cleaner has dried.

    Step 4: Let dry. Let the cleaner dry completely. Depending on how heavily you applied the cleaner, it could take an hour or two for it to dry.

    • For tough stains, a second treatment may be required. Repeat steps 1 through 4. If the stain still persists, try the next method.

    How To Clean Stains & Spots On Car Interior Roof

    Check your car headliner regularly for stains and spots. If you need to remove stains from the mold and mildew on the car headliner, mix 1 teaspoon of bleach for every 1 liter/quart of water in a bucket. Soak an absorbent cleaning cloth and then apply it to all stains on your vehicles ceiling. Do not use bleach if your car ceiling is not made of fabric, in order to avoid damaging the cars roof.

    In order to remove stains from your cars felt ceiling, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. If you use an integrated vacuum cleaner on your cars ceiling, follow instructions that came with its instruction manual. Clean stains with a dry cloth or chamois leather and then vacuum dry.

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