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How To Maintain A Flat Roof

Winterize Your Flat Roof

DIY Flat Roof Repair – Easy Paint on Fix

When ice dams form on a roofs steepest edge, they can cause moisture to enter your house through the attic, resulting in rotted wood and dry rot. To prevent this from happening, shovel snow from the edges of your flat roof down to the eaves. You should also keep water from pooling on it by diverting downspouts away when possible or running a 2 rigid drain pipe along its center ridge.

Flat Roof Maintenance Costs

It costs nothing to carry out regular maintenance, such as cleaning and removing debris from gutters. The price of sealant starts at £5 for a small tin if you want to do the work yourself.

For those who need a new flat roof and use the current structure, then the cost will range from £800 £1,200, this is for the price of a typical single garage size using modern products including rubber EPBM.

Dont Hesitate To Call In A Professional

Your roof is a major investment. You want the quality of your roof to last as long as possible. It is important to commit to regular maintenance of your roof at least a few times a year. Simple steps like removing debris, cleaning gutters, and looking for any damage can help prevent a small concern from turning into a major issue.

If you notice any issues or are not sure what to look for, trusting a roofing professional can make a huge difference to the overall longevity of your flat roof. Professionals such as those at Able Roof can help inspect, repair, or replace any elements of your roof. Dont hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you have about your flat roof. We can help with any aspect concerning your flat roof.

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Commercial Flat Roof Ventilation Tips

Commercial flat roofs need ventilation to prevent condensation. Even a thin layer of condensation can create significant problems for your building. It may rot your decking and materials and drip down to lower levels. Proper vent installation ensures roofs remain at the same temperature as the outside air.

Below are some FAQs regarding commercial flat roof ventilation:

What Type Of Roof Ventilation Does A Flat Roof Have

Roof Maintenance 101: Keeping Your Flat Roof Safe

A flat roof can have the following types of roof vents:

  • Aura Vent: A long-lasting natural vent with zero moving parts is known for dynamically removing heat and moisture.
  • Boot Vent: A primary vent consisting of piping throughout the roof and quite popular because of its simplicity.
  • Box Vent: The aptly named box vent resembles its namesake and fits well with flat roofs because of the lack of pitch.
  • Pop Vent: A mechanical vent using an electric fan produces airflow with fresh external air.

Other kinds of vents used on flat roofs include breather vents, mushroom vents, and soffit vents.

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Drainage Systems Are Very Important

Because of their shape, flat roofs tend to accumulate water more, especially if the drainage systems arent in a good shape. So, basically, drainage systems are the key. If you happen to notice any pooling water on your roof, your drainage system may be insufficient, so it either needs to be altered or cleared of blockage. Since these processes are more complicated, if you arent comfortable doing them yourself, you can always ask a flat roofing contractor for professional help. Remember, insufficient drainage systems can lead to leaks, and thats a way more serious problem.

Common Flat Roof Problems

A flat roof is not actually a level surface. In fact, it is slightly sloped to prevent clogging by water. Still, it is prone to severe damage over time if not well maintained. Here are a few problems common to flat roofs.

1. Standing Water

Pooling of water usually happens when the slope of the roof is not steep enough. It can also occur if the roof has begun to sag or if there is a blockage in the drainage system. You should fix this problem at the earliest instance to prevent the water eventually damaging the roofs protective membrane. This can lead to water leaking into the rooms located immediately below the roof or into the attic. The solution to these issues is to reconstruct the slope or to clear debris from drains to ensure proper water drainage.

2. Shrinkage

EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene monomer, is a durable synthetic rubber usually used as a protective membrane coating for roofs. Though known for its toughness, EPDM can shrink around the edges. This affects its waterproofing capacity, leading to moisture sometimes getting into the layers underneath. Small shrinkages can be fixed with a simple repair, but major shrinkage may necessitate the costly replacement of the entire protective membrane.

3. Blistering

4. HVAC Damage

Many homeowners and commercial builders put air conditioning units on their roofs, but their installation and the attendant vibration can lead to wear and tear that eventually causes leaks. Regular professional roof inspection is advised.

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Carefully Remove Moss And Lichen

Moss and lichen hold moisture against the roofs surface, which again adds excess weight and moisture to the roof. Roofs coated with shingle or gravel often grow moss more easily because these coatings provide ample shade and moisture for moss to thrive. This can quickly lead to splitting or blistering, and bigger problems such as sagging joists and leaks.

To remove moss and lichen, firstly use a small brush to clear the area of any shingle, gravel or debris. Then brush the affected area itself, which will hopefully remove much of the moss or lichen. Let the area dry either under the sun or over a day or two in dry weather conditions. Apply a moss killer, there are many different makes including Baticlean, Batiface, Moss Clean Xtreme and Moss Clear these start at around £9, but if your roof is prone to moss or you have a large flat roof to treat then it may be worth buying a larger volume for upwards of £40 for future use. You will need to wear goggles, a mask and gloves when applying moss killer, and a standard safety kit can set you back around £12. This chemical treatment will kill moss and lichen growth that is too small to brush away, as well as the spores. Finally, replace any displaced shingle or gravel to ensure the roof is weatherproof.

Consider Your Weight Limit

Save any Flat Roof by doing this

A flat roof is designed to withstand a good amount of weight before its integrity is at risk. A roof can collapse if put under too much strain. The ability of your roof to withstand the stress of additional weight relies on the assumption that your roof was properly installed. Youll want to consider any equipment you have on your roof. In most instances, this includes your HVAC system. Youll want to know how much weight that is already putting on your roof, as well as make sure that it is properly secured to prevent damage.

If youre experiencing a significant amount of snowfall or other natural elements, you may want to consider how much weight your roof can truly hold. In general, this is rarely a significant risk but still an important consideration to have, depending on your location and the age of your flat roof. Most flat roofs have a 1020-year lifespan. If your roof is nearing the end of its efficiency, or youve had extreme weather conditions, a professional can help you determine if your roof support is adequate.

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Keep An Eye On Your Ceiling

As well as checking your flat roof for any noticeable damage, it is also important that you keep an eye on the ceiling of the interior room underneath the roof. Stains from water damage is a good visual indicator of unseen damage, trapped moisture or damp which need to be dealt with sooner rather than later to limit the amount of damage caused to your home.

A Complete Guide To Flat Roof Maintenance

The roof is obviously the most exposed part of any building, whether it be commercial, industrial or residential. It is susceptible to damage from all types of weather, including wind, rain, snow and sun. Keeping it in good shape is important as it protects the building and makes the structure aesthetically pleasing. There are many types of roofs, chief among them flat and sloped. Each is prone to its own kind of damage and requires unique treatments to prevent same. In this blog post, we will focus on flat roof maintenance. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

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The Key To Successful Flat Roof Maintenance

Flat roof maintenance can be summed up in three steps regular inspections, consistent cleaning, and removal of hazards.

But if your roof is hard to access or needs a repair, leave it to the professionals at HP Roofing Pro. Were proud to provide high-quality flat roof installations and repairs to businesses in Riverside, CA.

Install A Flat Roof Deck


Now that you have made sure that your roof is clean, your drains are not clogged, and there are no punctures or tears on your flat roof, you can start turning it into a summer oasis. But before you haul up the patio chairs and the flower boxes, remember that protecting your flat roof from damage from foot traffic is essential if you want to keep it in good working condition for years to come.

One of the best ways to protect your flat roof while still being able to enjoy it is by installing a floating roof deck during the summer months. A floating roof deck is one that is not actually attached to the structure of your house, but merely rests on it. This guarantees that you can access your roof if you need to make repairs, and it protects the surface of the roof from damage.

There are plenty of design options when it comes to floating roof decks, but the best ones combine quick and easy installation with durable, waterproof materials.

Across Toronto, flat roofs have become the style of choice among homeowners who want to give their houses a modern edge while also improving energy efficiency and expanding their living space. But taking care of your flat roof requires work, and especially in the spring.

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Inspect Parapet Wall Seams

One of the distinctive elements of Torontos older flat roofs is the parapet wall running along the edges of the roof overlooking the streets and alleys. These parapet walls are designed for safety and serve a variety of other architectural purposes as well .

But parapets can pose particular challenges when it comes to flat roof maintenance in the spring, and if your house has parapet walls, it is important to make sure they dont compromise the integrity of your flat roof.

Because separate swaths of roofing membrane are generally used to roof the parapet wall and the roof deck, a seam usually runs along the base of the parapet wall connecting the roofing membrane of the roof deck to the membrane running up the sides of the parapet.

For obvious reasons, these seams tend to be a weak point and are particularly prone to tears and rips. And because these seams run along the edge of the wall, leaks at these joints often cause more damage to the house itself. Before you get your roof ready for summer fun, you should make sure there are no gaps or tears in these seams .

Common Issues With Flat Roofs

Properly maintaining a flat roof is essential to prevent damage to your home and keep those living under the roof safe. Its extremely important to make sure that the roof system functions properly. As a result, flat roofs often require more roof repairs and roof replacements than other options.

The most common concerns for flat roofs are leaks, water collection and debris buildup. There is also a concern for wear and tear of the roof membrane material that could potentially buckle and blister for homes with flat roofing.

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Have It Checked Periodically

Many home and business owners neglect to inspect their roofs as often as they should. You should inspect your flat roof at least three times every year. If you have trees nearby, check it even more often. Inspect your roof after a heavy snowfall in the winter and rainfall during the summer. Keep an eye out for pooling water, blisters, holes, soft areas , and cracks. If you notice any of these issues, contact a professional roofing contractor. Your roof may be able to be repaired, or it may be time to replace it. Note: If you can’t inspect your roof safely on your own, call a roofing contractor to do it for you.

Check And Clean Drainage

Anyone can Repair a Metal Roof Seam leak in 3 minutes DIY Turbo Poly Seal

Gabledresidential roofs have built-in drainage, as the steep peaks allow water to runoff the roof without accumulating. However, a flat roof doesn’t possess thatinherent quality, so a drainage system is necessary to remove water from theroof surface and prevent puddling. Puddling or pooling of water on a flat roofwill inevitably lead to leakage, so it’s important that your drainage allowsfor water to run off the roof and dissipate quickly. When you check your rooffor proper drainage, try to diagnose what could be causing pooling. If it’s aclogged drain, then clean it out and make sure water runs off easily. If thedrain isn’t the culprit, it could be an unlevel roof surface that doesn’tdirect water towards the drains.

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Important Ways To Maximize The Lifespan Of A Flat Roof

An average flat roof can last for decades if maintained properly. Here are a few handy tips:

  • Get a professional to inspect it twice a year. This way you can keep track of and fix damages before they escalate into something bigger and costlier.
  • Get rid of gutter debris regularly to prevent drain blockage and allow water to flow freely after heavy downpours.
  • Trim the branches and twigs of trees surrounding your house or building to prevent them from clogging your roof drains.
  • Check the ceilings of rooms located immediately below your roof. If you notice dampness, call a professional immediately.

Thats everything you should know about flat roof maintenance. Though it requires relatively little maintenance, that does not mean you can skimp on inspections. Either check your roof yourself or hire a professional roofer. Then choose the option that suits your building best and do what is necessary. If your roof is damaged, it makes sense to fix it as soon as possible to prevent spending more money in the future.

How To Maintain A Flat Roof

Maintaining a flat roof is relatively simple. The best method for flat roof maintenance is consistency. Constantly inspecting the roof is an essential part of your maintenance plan. Regular roof inspections empower you to nip any potential issues in the bud that would otherwise become a costly and possibly dangerous issue over time.

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Deal With The Leaks As Soon As Possible

Now, we have mentioned leaks in the previous section, so lets talk about that in more detail. If your flat roof happens to have a crack and there is a problem with its drainage system, it will lead to leaks. These leaks might not be as obvious as you would imagine sometimes, you will first notice that the corners between the ceiling and walls are getting kind of patchy, maybe bulky, and in the worst-case moldy.

Mold is not only aesthetically unpleasant, but it can be dangerous for your health as well. If the leak is more serious, well, you will end up with water in your house. So, basically, any leaks should be taken care of immediately in order to prevent further damage.

Inspect & Maintain Drainage System

How to Fix a Leaking Roof by Yourself?

Flat roofing systems rely on an accurately-designed drainage system to prevent an unwanted accumulation of water. Ponding on a low slope roof can be a headache to any property manager, which causes the roofing material to break down and eventually leak, particularly along the seams.

In order to guard against this and prolong the life of your flat roof, make sure that all drainage outlets are functioning properly. Even if one of the outlets gets blocked, there should still be others through which the water will drain.

Note: A flat roof provides a highly conducive space for leaves and other debris to fall on and remain, if left unchecked, blocking drains. Try to clear the roof of such debris on a fairly regular basis.

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Flat Roof Maintenance Is Easy But Crucial

There are many things you can do to maintain a flat roof and to keep it in excellent shape. As you can see, ongoing, regular flat roof maintenance is crucial to ensure the longevity of your roof. All of the above roof maintenance tips are simple so you have no excuses. Take care of your flat roof, and it will take care of you, too.

If you need help with roof repairs or if youd like to make an appointment to have a professional inspect your roof, give us a call today. We are the best roofing contractors in the Effingham, Illinois area and we cant wait to meet you.


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