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What Kind Of Metal Roofs Are There

Styles Of Metal Roofing

7 Common Problems of a Metal Roof

Choosing the material of your metal roof is important, but youll also need to consider what shape and design your roof should have. Flat panels are typical, but for homeowners who dislike the look of flat panels, metal shingles are an option.

Here is a list of different styles of roofing you can choose from to customize your roof. These styles can come in aluminum, copper, steel, and zinc materials.

Pros Of Aluminum Roofing

Suitable for use in coastal environments One of the most significant benefits of aluminum is that it can be installed in coastal environments. Aluminum has much better corrosion resistance than steel products, especially in harsh coastal environments where saltwater can wreak havoc on a metal roofing system. Because aluminum oxidizes as it starts to corrode, it actually makes it stronger and prolongs the life of the system on the coast. Best of all, aluminum roofing systems still carry a PVDF paint warranty when installed in coastal areas.

Warrantied product Aluminum metal roofs come with a variety of warranty options, including paint, substrate, and weathertight warranties, which help to protect your investment and provide peace of mind that the roof or wall system will last. There are even paint warranties on aluminum sheets/coils used in coastal applications. For example, Sheffield Metals offers a 25-year PVDF paint warranty for coastal properties and a 20-year PVDF paint warranty for Caribbean properties. Plus, commercial property owners can buy a weathertight warranty for their aluminum roofing structure. Learn more about Sheffield Metals weathertight warranties in this comprehensive article.

When Was Tin Roofing Invented

Metal began being used for roofing in the 1700s, although tin roofs were not really used in the United States until the late 1800s. Tin became a very popular roofing material because its a lightweight material, which made it easy to maneuver and install. However, its popularity in roofing began to rapidly decline over a century ago. Aluminum began being used instead of tin which has ultimately led to tin becoming obsolete. Its rare to find a tin roof today.

If youre looking to install tin for roofing, then its nearly certain youre referring to metal roofing or aluminum roofing in today’s terminology.

  • Easy To Install


Tin is often compared to aluminum because they share similar qualities like being a lightweight material.

Easy To Install

When tin roofing was used, it was popular for its ease of installation.

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Some Actual Disadvantages To Metal Roofs

Fear of lightning strikes may be an imaginary problem, but there are a few genuine disadvantages to metal roofs.

The one disadvantage that poses an actual safety risk is the fact that metal roofs are indeed slippery when wet or when covered with snow. It is never a good idea to climb on a metal roof when it is moist or covered with snow. They are so slippery that snow “avalanching” off the roof is a definite hazard in areas that experience heavy snowfalls in winter.

There are some advantages to this, since snow that slips off the roof can’t build up on top of it. People owning asphalt-shingled homes in heavy snow areas may need to rake snow off their roofs in winter, but this is never an issue on a home with metal roofs. But it is also possible for snow to avalanche off a metal roof in such quantities that it can damage decks, shrubs, cars, or even people.

In ski areas notorious for heavy snowfalls, metal roofs are often equipped with snow guardsmetal or plastic clips or even horizontal bars mounted to sturdy brackets. Homeowners can employ the same technology to prevent avalanches from the roofs of their homes.

How To Choose A Metal Roof

Metal Roofing Styles and Colors

With so many types of metal roofing, it can be challenging to choose. To help narrow down which material is best for you, you should consider your roofing budget, the style of your home, the length of time you anticipate needing the roof, who is installing the roof, and where the house is located.

Metal roofs come in a wide price range, but the benefits of long-lasting durability and high-quality craft are worth it over time. Metal roofing offers many different options, whether you want something traditional or something more modern. You can even choose from a range of colors.

Roof replacement is a necessity for most homeowners at some point. And the lifespan of your roof depends on the type of roof you have, the climate you live in, and the maintenance it has received.

In Michigan, it is vital to understand the distinctive weather patterns of the area and keep it in mind as a factor when deciding on the type of roofing materials to use. You can ask your roofing professional about the best roof quality for a long-lasting and affordable roof replacement.

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How Much Does Metal Tile Roofing Cost

Metal tile roofing costs $4.00-$6.00 per square foot for material. The installed price of a metal tile roof is slightly higher than the other metal roofing options listed in this article.

By comparison, a clay tile roof costs anywhere from $10.50-$18.50 installed, but without factoring in the potential cost of reinforcing your home if needed.

Steel And Aluminum Strengths

If you are a designer or builder considering a standing seam metal roof system you may be asking the question what is the difference between aluminum and steel as a choice for the metal roof.

Commercial and residential metal roofing is primarily made of steel or aluminum. Both products are initially produced in giant rolls at a mill. All steel roofing has a protective barrier on both sides of the sheet called a metallic coating which protects against rusting. This is underneath and separate from any paint which imparts color to the product. There are two types of metallic coatings used: galvanized, which uses 100% Zinc in various thicknesses depending upon the product usage, and Galvalume, a mixture of aluminum and zinc. These metallic coatings sacrifice themselves to protect the iron in steel from oxidation when exposed to air and moisture. Zinc is a more active metal than iron so it oxidizes first and forms a protective barrier zinc oxide, before the iron in the steel can become Ferric Oxide . When zinc is combined with aluminum to form Galvalume there is even more protection in most circumstances.

Steel residential roofing is made in thicknesses designated by gauge and is generally 24 to 26 gauge, with the higher gauge being thinner than the lower. These gauges are appropriate since most residential metal roofing applications are over a solid substrate. Aluminum residential metal roofing is designated by decimal thickness and ranges from .023 to .040 thickness.

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What Metal Is Best For You

Now you know the different types and styles of metal roofing available on the market. What metal roofing material will work best for you depends on you and your home.If youve decided to get a metal roof, then no matter the type of roofing, you can find the right roofing contractor for the job today.

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Greater Longevity And Durability

Metal Roofs – 2 Ways to INSULATE UNDERNEATH!

Perhaps the number one reason homeowners look into metal roofing materials is for their longevity. Any homeowner who has had to replace shingle after asphalt shingle knows that traditional roofs have a lifespan of between 15 and 30 years. Metal roofs, on the other hand, tend to last between 30 and 50 years.

Additionally, while metal roofs can become dented, it typically takes quite a bit of pressure to do this. By contrast, it takes much less force to tear or damage asphalt shingles.

Get Estimates from Roofing Experts in Your State

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What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof

A standing seam metal roof is composed of multiple, vertical metal panels that are locked at the seams, with the fasteners hidden underneath the metal. These roofs typically use a high-quality steel substrate, which is a raw steel panel coated with another metal, usually zinc, or in the case of Galvalume®, a zinc and aluminum alloy.

Generally, standing seams are considered the higher end metal roof, and are used in both residential and commercial settings. Standing seam metal roofs are highly weather resistant, making them an especially popular option for homes in coastal and rural markets, while their cleaner, more modern look is increasing its foothold in suburban areas.

Different Types Of Metal Roofs


R-Panel metal roofs are the low-maintenance metal roofing option. Their easy installation cuts own on labor, time, and disposal costs, so costs for the entire project are kept low. These roofs are also available in many different colors that look very nice on a roof. These roofing systems are very popular for both residential and commercial roofing systems. Their ease of installation has helped to make them a very popular flat metal roofing option. As with all metal roofing systems, these systems are prone to rusting and should be frequently painted or coated to combat this problem.


This is the classic metal roof, common on many older barns and shacks the original metal roof. Corrugated metal panels are now often galvanized and used on restaurants and retail establishments to create a classic feel. Corrugated metal roofs integrate well with fiberglass skylight panels because they typically have similar patterns and structural designs. Corrugated metal roofs have been around for a long time and they have stood the test of time.

Architectural Standing Seam

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Advantages Of Metal Roofing Panels

  • Low Maintenance

Metal Roofing Is Low Maintenance

Once installed, the maintenance on a metal roof is minimal, especially when compared to other types of roofing. Metal roofing performs best when you remove any leaves, branches, and debris off the roof. You should also keep debris from accumulating in gutters and on the roof itself, as that can lead to corrosion problems in the future.

Washing the roof annually and inspecting the roof yearly or after major weather events is all that you need to do. Compared to other types of roofing, this is minimal maintenance.

If you would like to learn more about maintaining a metal roof we suggest:

Metal Roofing Is Resistant To Fires And Rot

Metal roofing will not rot or have problems with mildew. It also isnt susceptible to termite or rodent infestation.

One of the biggest advantages of metal roofing is that its one of the few fire-resistant roofing materials. When installed correctly, it has the best fire rating available, Class A, making it ideal for areas that are prone to wildfires.

Cost Effectiveness And Longevity

Metal roofing is the least expensive of the five types of roofing materials. It will cost 35% less than aluminum and the price of copper or zinc.

A metal roof can last 40-60 years or more when installed correctly. Not only is it the most affordable roofing material discussed in this article, but it also brings long-term value when you compare it to other roofing materials that arent metal.


Styles Of Metal Roofs

Colourbond Roofing Sheet Profile  EVERGOLD METAL ROOFING

Jackson Contracting specializes in our custom made, on the job-site, standing seam metal roofing. We have the ability to custom make three different profiles of these panels, each with different looks and benefits. The panels can be made in 30+ different colors, with striations or without, and come with a 40 year manufacturers warranty, as well as impressive UL ratings, which, oftentimes, save the customer money on their homeowners insurance. In addition to the traditional standing seam look Jackson Contracting specializes in our custom made, on the job-site, standing seam metal roofing. Metal roofs can be made to look like any material including tiles, shingles, wood, etc. The design and style of a metal roof is incredibly malleable.

When choosing what style works best for your home, you will want to work with an experienced metal roofing contractor. This is due to the importance of proper installation of your roof by a knowledgeable and expert contractor. Correct installation can add years to the life of your roof. Improper installation will lead to leaks, corrosion, and many other unfavorable outcomes.

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Cons Of Galvalume Roofing

Oil canning Oil canning is an inherent characteristic of light-gauge, cold-formed metal products, especially products with broad flat areas. It is a visual phenomenon seen as waviness or distortion in the flat surfaces of metal wall and roofing products. Oil canning is subjective and normally only an aesthetic concern that does not affect a products strength or performance. This occurrence is possible for any kind of metal roofing or walls, including Galvalume. But there are methods to minimize the appearance of oil canning, including:

  • Hiring an experienced contractor who knows the best methods to reduce oil canning, including:
  • Panel thickness
  • Buying trustworthy brands of coil
  • Using striations or bead stiffeners in the flat area of the panel to minimize the appearance of oil canning
  • Not suitable for animal enclosures or buildings Galvalume is not suitable for use on buildings where animals are housed or held. Manure from the animals breaks down into ammonia gas over time and then reacts with the Galvalume coating. This process breaks down the Galvalume coating and leads to the degradation of the metal. However, Galvalume is sometimes used on modern chicken houses built with a vapor barrier between the chicken area and the roof for appropriate ventilation. Its best to check with the manufacturer before putting Galvalume on an animal confinement building, as its often dependent on the specific design and use.

    Why Should You Consider A Metal Roof

    Metal roofs are long-lasting and durable. They can last for upwards of 50 years, and many homeowners report that their metal roofs are still in excellent condition decades after installation. Another big benefit of metal roofs is that they are energy efficient. This is especially true for standing seam roofs, although all metal roofs tend to be more energy efficient than most other roofing materials. Finally, metal roofs come in a range of colors, styles and finishes that can suit almost any home or architectural style. If youre still not sure if a metal roof is right for your home, consider the following: Metal roofs are more affordable than they have ever been. They are also easy to install and dont require added maintenance like other roofing materials. Plus, metal roofing is environmentally friendly. Its made from recycled materials and doesnt off-gas harmful chemicals.

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    Most Popular Types Of Metal Roofing Compared

    Metal roofing offers an affordable way to have a forever roof. Thats right, you dont need to modify your home, and in most cases, you wont even need to modify the existing roof trusses. Many homeowners have decided to switch to metal roofing because of the beautiful and unique options that are available, separating their homes from the asphalt roofs that all of their neighbors have.

    Beautiful, long-lasting, and a good return on investment? Lets break it all down along with the best types of metal roofs so that you can decide if metal roofing is right for you!

    Soldered Flat Shingle And Flat Copper Metal Roofs

    Busting common MYTHS about Metal Roofing!

    Flat metal shingles with interlocking edges were produced in both steel and copper, then soldered when in place.

    Usually we find these installed on flat or low-slope roofs such as at dormer insets on homes constructed in the U.S. before 1900, often in the mid to later 1800s, but on occasion even on new or newly restored homes as well.

    Carson Dunlop Associates‘s standing seam metal roof sketch includes a sketch of soldering used to connect flat metal roofing panels.

    Watch out: large expanses of metal roofing with soldered connections may flex and break open the soldered joints due to thermal movement.

    Details about soldered copper roofs and some suggested inspection points are at COPPER SHINGLE METAL ROOFING – soldered metal or copper shingle roofing on flat or low-slope roofs.

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    Metal Roofs Are Not Just A Novelty

    Once, metal roofing was found only on high-end, architect-designed homes. That’s no longer true. Metal roofing is found in conventional houses, thanks to increasing availability and improved manufacturing processes. According to industry statistics published in 2017, market share for metal roofing increased at a rate of roughly three percent each year for a few years and about 15 percent of all roofing installations used metal roofing materials. At the same time, the market share for asphalt shingle roofing fell, and accounted for about 59 percent of the total roofing installed.

    Metal Roofing Buying Guide

    Thats why you should at least consider metal roofing over more conventional materials.

    Unbiased, expert advice on how to buy metal roofing, types of metal roofing including standing-seam metal roofing and metal shingles. Includes advice about brands, colors, metal roofing from Lowes and Home Depot, hiring a metal roof contractor, and more.For your homes roof, you want the most durable, weathertight, fire-resistant, great looking roof you can buy, right?

    In this article, well take a close look at metal roofing and help you decide whether or not it is right for your home. If it is, well walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know when choosing the right metal roofing for your needs. Then well advise you on how to get the job done.

    Metal roofs are favored for their fire-resistant qualities, longevity, and speed of installation (in most cases, they are installed by qualified metal roofing contractors. The material is also surprisingly lightweight and great at reflecting heat from the sun, a characteristic that helps homeowners save energy and may even qualify for tax credits.

    Of course, metal roofing has a few drawbacks, too. Before deciding to install a metal roof, be sure to see Pros & Cons of Metal Roofing.

    The trick is finding the right product for the job.

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