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Which Is Cheaper Metal Or Shingle Roof

Do You Need Underlayment For Metal Roofing Over Shingles

Metal Roofing Vs. Shingle Roofing

Underlayment is not required when installing metal roofing over shingles but is a definite plus. This extra layer ensures the previous shingles are not under continued stress which could lead to an increased risk of roof damage. While a metal roof is extremely durable compared to shingles, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Cost To Install Metal Roofing

The type of metal roofing will ultimately affect the price of installation. The price for basic roofing types such as corrugated, 5 V Crimp, or R Panel roofing will range from $3 to 5 per square foot for labor. If youre trying to install metal shingles, it will range from $5 to $7 per square foot.

Standing Seam metal roofing requires a specialized skill set and equipment to install, and thus commands a higher price. These cost on average about $8 to $12 per square foot installed.

The architectural design of your roof can also add to the price of installation. Various angles, more complex designs, and the presence of skylights all take more time and skill to flash correctly, driving the prices up.

Another factor that really impacts roofing labor prices is your geographic location. If you live in expensive areas with high real estate prices, local contractors including roofers will be charging premiums for their work.

In high income areas you can expect to spend up to 30% more on professional labor compared to the national average prices you see often quoted online. Conversely, in low income areas, labor rates can be at least 15-20% lower than the national average.

Pro Tip Not all roofing companies are created equal. Remember to shop around for a few quotes to find better prices. Also, more expensive prices dont always equal better services. Check for reviews, if available to see if a roofing company will perform a good job

Are Metal Roofs More Eco

As an environmentally focused site, we put a lot of weight on how eco-friendly roofing materials are, and metal roofs are your best option if youre concerned about your impact on the environment.

The metal used for roofing is 100% recyclable and is sometimes made of recycled material. Asphalt roofs are petroleum-based and can only be recycled into specific products, like asphalt pavement.1,2

Additionally, if you plan to install solar panels in the future, a metal roof is a better option. Roofing sometimes needs to be replaced prior to solar panel installation to minimize future roof replacement costs, and a metal roof is less likely to require replacement down the road when youre ready to install solar panels.

Finally, metal roofs tend to be better insulators than asphalt roofs, primarily because they reflect rather than absorb a lot of the sunlight that hits them. They can also insulate well in the winter, so theyre all around a better option for energy efficiency and energy savings.

In fact, many homeowners find that their energy bills go down after installing a metal roof and that their living spaces are more comfortable overall.

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Metal Roof Vs Shingle Roofing: Which Is Better For Your Portland Home

First, both materials are available in different finishes to complement any home type. Shingles present a classic, traditional appearance, and some are now made to mimic the look of slate, wood shakes, or tile. They do not last as long as metal roofs as the material is prone to algae and fungus and damage brought by cracking and fluctuations in the temperature.

On the other hand, metal roofs are seen as bleak corrugated tin panels but that is a thing of the past. Today, metal roofs are available in different colors and finish to suit any home. Metal roofs have generous lifespans of about 40 to 70 years, but they can be damaged or dented by extreme hail and other factors.

Your Last Roofing Inspection Was When

Roofers in London in 2020

If you’re like many homeowners you have never been on your roof and don’t know much about what’s up there. You figure that if there’s no rain or snow in your home, everything must be okay. The problem with this reasoning is that by the time you realize your roof could be failing, you might have already incurred expensive water intrusion damage.

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Cheap Metal Roof Vs Expensive Asphalt Shingles

Even the cheapest metal roofs will most probably match or even exceed the price of installing expensive asphalt shingles. Although asphalt shingles will be cheaper initially, sooner or later the cost effectiveness of metal roofing will ultimately pay off. Roof shingles at the most will last 20 years before needing replacement, while metal roofs can last at least twice as long without maintenance.

Metal roofs are also more eco-friendly than asphalt shingles, are more energy efficient, and entirely recyclable. By contrast, roof shingles is by far one of the least environmentally friendly roofs out there, and old shingles fill our overflowing landfills.

In terms of installation, both materials can be installed DIY, but you will need a bit more technical knowledge and skill to install metal roofing panels.

When it comes to durability, metal is a hands down winner, even when you are installing the cheaper panels. Compared to even the most durable shingles such as Certainteed or GAF, a metal roof shows superior protection against snow, rain, hail, excessive sun, temperature fluctuations, winds, etc. Asphalt shingles do best and last the longest in mild climates, without too much rain, sun or moisture.

Lastly, in terms of aesthetics, metal panels certainly have a very particular, modern farm-house look that may not be an ideal fit for some homes. In this case, you are better off going with asphalt shingles that would boost the curb appeal of your house.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost

Standing seam metal roofs cost $4 to $4.50 per square foot for the materials with the average homeowner paying about $10 per square foot for both materials and labor installation. One of the most popular metal roof installation methods, standing seam roofing has raised seams where each metal roof panel connects to the next and creates the weathertight seal.

Generally, each standing seam is formed at the manufacturing plant, and a seam-locking tool is used onsite to join the panels together as they are being installed. The primary benefit from this style of metal roof installation is the fact that there are no holes in the exterior surface since all the fasteners are on the underside of the roofing material. When comparing to metal shingles, both are effective in withstanding heavy rain and high wind speeds.

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Planning Your Metal Roofing Project

As you begin planning your roofing project, consider the following three tips to help make it a successful project:

  • Determine what is going to be done with your old roofin some cases, you will not have to pay for the removal of the old roof, since it may be possible to install the metal roof on top of what is there.
  • Check with your municipality/HOA before you buyas with any modification to the exterior of your home, you might violate local HOA statutes by installing a metal roof.
  • Ask the roofing companies you have requested bids from how long their proposal is good for. Any number of factors in the metals market could cause the price to go up if you sit on the bid too long before giving the go-ahead.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Costs

Shingle Roof VS Metal Roof – What Roof is Better???

Standing seam metal roofs have far superior longevity and last two or three times longer than non-metal roofs. They are the most common metal roof design due to its availability all over the U.S. to roofing installers and easy access to metal materials. The design features vertical panels that are joined by interlocking seams as seen below.

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Is It Possible To Install Metal Roofing Over A Shingle Roof

Yes, you can install a metal roof over existing asphalt shingles. As long as you meet all the requirements of your local building department, the shingles do not necessarily have to be removed before installing metal roofing.

Thatâs the short answer to the question: can you install metal roofing over a shingle roof? However, just because you can doesnât mean that you should. Before deciding to go this route, there are several important factors to consider. You probably have questions about the installation process, as well as the pros and cons of not removing your existing shingle roof. All of that and more will be answered in this article. Lets begin.

Is It Better To Have A Metal Roof Or Shingles

Ultimately, the answer to this question is up to you. Both options are suitable for just about any area and climate, but there are some key differences to be aware of before you choose.

Asphalt roofs are far cheaper to install, averaging around $6,000 for a 1,000-square-foot home, which includes materials and labor. A metal roof can range quite a bit based on the metal used and the design, but the typical price for a 1,000-sq-ft home is around $11,375. However, asphalt roofing needs to be replaced every 12 to 20 years, while a metal roof can last from 40 to 70 years. A metal roof might be more expensive up front, but it will almost always save you money in the long run.

Metal roofs also stand up to extreme weather better and are more resistant to leaks and severe damage. However, they can get dented by hail or flying debris, which isnt an issue for shingle roofs. Additionally, metal roofs create more noise during rain and hail, which is a deterrent for some homeowners.

The bottom line is that both roof options have their pros and cons, so youll need to weigh these against each other and decide which is best for your budget, your climate, and your personal preference.

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The Bottom Line About Metal Roof Vs Shingles

With the significant improvements that come with the installation of metal roofing, it is far worth the increase in cost over its efficient alternative. Metal roofing is an investment in your home that can repay itself both in the protection that it provides and the value that it brings to your home.

Metal Roofing Resale Value: An Analysis Of The Study

Why a Metal Roof is Better

The study appeared to be reasonable and was not funded by a metal roofing trade group. From our experience, the first two scenarios are the more likely outcomes.

The biggest problem with this study is that it strictly covers the resale value of the home. It only studied the upfront cost, but not the long term cost savings that will be realized with a metal roof.

If you plan on selling your house within a few years then thats all that matters. However, many of us will live in our houses for 15 years or longer. When that happens there is a night and day difference between the return on investment between an asphalt shingle roof and a metal roof. I have listed some of them below and will only touch upon them. For an in depth explanation and supporting evidence of the numbers please read:

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Are Metal Shingles Worth It

Only you can determine the best roofing material for your home and if metal shingles are worth their added cost. To help you decide on the right option, talk to a roofing contractor near you and note some added considerations as well:

  • How long are you planning on owning your home? If youre new to homeownership or want to stay in your house indefinitely, a metal roof might be the last roof youll ever need to purchase.
  • Consider your own age. If youre 50 or 60 or older, a metal roof could quite possibly outlast you! That added cost for a metal roof probably isnt worth it if you might move to a retirement or assisted living facility in the next decade or two.
  • Since metal roofs typically need fewer repairs than shingles, investing in metal now can mean not facing unexpected, expensive roof repairs in a few years time. While its good to budget for some minor repairs to metal roofs, your repair costs are usually far lower with metal than with shingles.
  • If youre environmentally conscious, consider that metal is more eco-friendly than shingles. You might even find a metal roof manufacturer that uses a large percentage of recycled or reclaimed metal for their roofing materials more easily than a shingle manufacturer.
  • Dont underestimate the importance of a homes curb appeal when choosing a roofing material. Metal might seem a bit rustic and out of place on some homes, while shingles might detract from modern designs or give your house a dull, cookie-cutter look.

Metal Roofs Raise The Resale Value Of The Home

A common reason that homeowners dont choose metal roofs is because theyre planning to move at some later date, so the upfront cost of a metal roof looks like a waste of money. At first glance, this is a reasonable assumption to make. However, when the move finally comes, costs to installing an asphalt roof can often be higher than anticipated.

Not only is resale value of a home with a metal roof boosted by up to 6% , but due to how quickly asphalt composition shingle roofs deteriorate, many homeowners need to replace their asphalt roof in order to sell their house. When doing so, an average 62.9% of the roof installation cost is recovered. This means that when a homeowner chooses to install an asphalt shingle roof instead of a metal roof due to expecting to sell the house at a later date, the homeowner can expect to buy a new roof prior to a sale and lose 37% of their money put into the roof. Homeowners with metal roofs instead experience a gain in value of the home that can extend many decades after installation, all the while avoiding the cost of replacement that may come with and deteriorated asphalt roof.

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Metal Roof Prices By Type

On average, metal roofing prices range from $3 to $8 per square foot with the average homeowner spending about $5 per square foot. Apart from zinc and copper roofing, your metal roof cost can end up comparable to the cost of asphalt roofing if you spread the cost out over the lifecycle of the roof. The types of metal roofing systems vary greatly. Here are the average prices by type:

Metal Roof Prices By Type

Roofing Material
$15 $30

Advantage Of Installing Metal Roofing

Architectural shingles vs Metal roofing: Which Roof is Best?
  • You can reduce labor and other costs.

  • It provides more structure to the roof.

  • Provide extra protection.

  • Increase the lifespan of the roof.

  • Keep in mind that if the existing shingles are too damaged, then installing underlayment cannot fix the problem permanently. In this case, you should not install metal roofing over the shingles, otherwise, it may create problems in near future.

    Installing underlayment is not highly required while installing metal roofing over the shingles. But if you want to install underlayment, it protects the shingles and prevents further roof damage.

    Remember, installing a metal roof, underlayment or any type of roofing work is not easy work to do. If you want to do this work on your own, then you may damage the roof due to your lack of experience and may put yourself at risk. Therefore, you have to contact any roofing companyto get the job done. You can consult with the specialists of Elliott Roofing as they provide various services including commercial, residential and thermal drone inspections in Tulsa,OK.

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    Metal Roof Panel Prices At Home Depot And Lowes

    Do note that both Home Depot and Lowes sell these metal roofing panels only at select locations, usually in the Midwest, the South and Northern States. Check your local branch if youre not sure if theyre available in your area.

    Standing seam roofing is sold by specialized dealers, and isnt usually available at either Home Depot or Lowes.

    Note, that Lowes sells metal panels manufactured by Fabral, which is a well known brand, while Home Depot sells panels by a no name brand called MSMC. This is the reason why Home Depot is able to offer much cheaper pricing for the majority of their corrugated metal panels, compared to the prices at Lowes

    Cheap Metal Roofing Sheets

    One of the top reasons that many hesitate to invest in metal roofing is the associated cost. However, this doesnt mean that there arent relatively cheap metal roof options available for those on a tight budget. In this article, well show you the lowest cost, most economical metal roof types and the advantages of using them.

    You will find that among metal roofs, metal sheets and panels, such as corrugated steel panels are the cheapest. You can install them yourself for around $2 per square foot. These metal sheets are readily available at a local Home Depot or Lowes.

    Hiring a roofer to install these metal sheets will bring up your total cost to around $5.5-7 per square foot, depending on your location.

    If you are ready to replace your old shingles roof with a metal one, contact your local metal roofing pros for free estimates.

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    Cost Of Metal Roof Vs Shingles: What’s Cheaper

    If youre looking to replace your existing roof, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of options you have for the material alone: metal, asphalt shingles, slate, wood, clay, and more. Even narrowing down your choice to the two most popular roof materials metal and asphalt shingles probably leaves you with lots of questions about which one is more affordable and how they compare in terms of durability, the installation process, and more.

    In this guide, well explain the key differences between metal and shingle roofs so that you can decide which material is right for your home. Well also include information about how to choose between the two based on your budget, climate, preference, and more.

    • Free estimates based on your roof, no phone call required
    • Typically costs between $1$25 per square foot
    • Get your quote in 30 seconds


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