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How Much Does A Slate Roof Cost To Replace

Synthetic Slate Roof Cost

How much does it cost to replace your roof

Synthetic slate roofs cost $5 to $10 per square foot, depending on your material choice. They generally cost about half as much as natural slate. You can choose a synthetic slate look from a variety of sources, including:

  • Metal Shingles Cost: $7$14 per square foot

  • Composite or Recycled Shingles: $3$16 per square foot

Slate Roofs Have A Long Lifespan

A slate tile can last for many decades, and slate roofs are some of the longest-lasting in the business. While you can expect an ordinary asphalt tile roof to last for 30 years, slate can last for up to 100 years if properly installed and maintained.

Due to its long lifespan, most slate roofs also have very long-lived warranties. Most manufacturers know exactly how resilient slate is and dont expect people to have any issues with longevity or durability for several decades.

Other Factors Impacting The Cost Of Roof Replacement

Other factors can influence the replacement cost of a slate roof. The roofing professional will assess them to provide you with an exact slate roof cost in Melbourne for the new roof. The size of your home, roof materials installed, old roofing removal, local labour charges, permits, and fees are the diverse factors that should be considered.

Hire the best Slate Roofing Company near you

Finding a reliable slate roofing company can be a hassle as several contractors are out there, making it harder for homeowners. However, you can trust our expert roofers. Weve been providing reliable services assuring high-quality and efficient slate roof replacement in the region for several years.

Every individual deserves a perfect roof that protects them for several years. We ensure that our roof replacement services satisfy the homeowners requirements. From the beginning to the end of the roof replacement project, our team carefully advances to the subsequent stages.

Need slate roof replacement from a company you can trust? Get in touch with our team and know how our slate roofing services can make a difference.

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The Real Cost Of Installing A Slate Roof

The answer is youll have to do a little math for yourself to figure it out. But here are a few samples to give you an idea to work with.

Lets keep working with the two roofers earning $31 per hour. We determined that the labor cost of installing a 1,200 square foot roof would be $7,440.

Slate roofs can cost as much as $60-$80 per square foot. $80 x 1,200 square feet = $96,000. With the labor costs, thats going to surge up over $100,000!

Again not nearly as cheap as some alternative roofing choices, but if you want the best you can get, then youre going to shell out a little more to cover your slate roof cost. Dont worry, you can count on your neighborhood roofing experts at Authentic Restoration to give you a fair estimate on your new synthetic roof.

How To Replace A Broken Slate Tile

Roof Replacement Costs: Cost of a New Roof
  • Total Time: 1 hr
  • Skill Level: Advanced

Very few types of roofing materials can match the natural beauty and longevity of a natural slate roof. A natural slate roof can last more than a century, making it one of the most durable types of roof systems you can purchase and install on your home. In order to get the maximum life out of your slate roof, it must be regularly maintained and any issues must be quickly repaired. You will get the most service life out of your roof system if you inspect and repair it on a regular basis.

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How Much Does An Asphalt Roof Replacement Cost

The price range above includes dimensional asphalt shingles, which is the most common type of roof on homes today. However, there are 3 different types of asphalt shingles that all have different looks, lifespans, and, most importantly, prices.

For a one-story house with a basic up and over roof with no penetrations and no valleys, you can expect your new roof to cost around $4.00 per square foot. This includes basic builders-grade architectural shingles, underlayment, and other roof components.

For a two-story house with a little complexity and good accessibility, you can expect your new roof to cost around $5.86 per square foot. This includes a good quality architectural shingle, upgrading your underlayment, and using all of the manufacturers roofing components.

For a two-story house with a cut-up, complex roof, a steep pitch, and not easily accessible, you can expect your new roof to cost around $8.50 per square foot. This includes luxury shingles, using all of the manufacturers roofing components, and upgrading to copper for the flashing and in the valleys.

Check out How Much Does a New Asphalt Roof Cost: Pricing, Factors & Considerations for a deeper dive into the cost of a new asphalt roof.

The Replacement Of Deteriorated Roofs Return To Top

Historic slate roofs should be repaired rather than replaced whenever possible. Before replacing a slate roof, check for isolated damage, corroded and worn flashings, leaky gutters, poor ventilation in the attic, and other possible sources of moisture. All too often slate roofs are mistakenly replaced when, in fact, they could have been effectively repaired. Deciding whether an historic slate roof should be repaired or replaced can be difficult and each roof must be judged separately.

If repair is not possible and a new slate roof must be installed, it is important to remember that more than just the replacement of the slate is involved. The old slate should be removed to prevent overloading of the roof timbers. Stripping should be done in sections, with felt installed, to avoid exposing the entire subroof to the weather. ln the process, rotted wood sheathing should be replaced and the roof timbers checked for signs of stress including deflection, cracking, and twisting. If such conditions are found, a structural engineer experienced in working with older buildings should be consulted. Other repairs, such as chimney repointing, which may require access to the roof should be completed before the new roof is put on.

Prior to a replacing a roof, historical documentation is gathered to determine the roof configuration. Photo: NPS files.

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How To Calculate For Roofing Materials Cost

When youre getting a roofing job done, the first step is to calculate how much material costs are going to be so you can get an idea on what your total project cost will be.

To do this, take the length of your house and multiply it by its width for example, if your house has 100 feet in one direction and 50 in the other, that would be 500 square feet.

Multiply that by how much it costs per square foot of material and then add labor fees on top of it for example, if your roof needs to be covered with asphalt shingles and they cost $15 a square foot, you would multiply 500 sq ft x 15 dollars which equals $7500.

If the roof needs to be done with metal shingles, multiply 500 sq ft x $20 and you would get $10000 adding labor fees on top of it.

Hopefully, this gives an idea about how much a 1500 sq ft roof replacement is going to cost in your region.

The material costs will depend on what type of roofing material your home needs, while labor fees are going to be determined by the steepness of your roof.

Replace Flashings And Fastening

Roof Replacement Costs | How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof?

The cost of replacing flashings ranges from $600 to $20,000, depending on the size of the roof repairs and the materials comprising the flashing. Replacing flashings is a common repair, although its more expensive than replacing slates. Natural slate roofs almost always use copper flashing, since it will last as long as the slate will.

Flashings are generally composed of some type of malleable metal such as the following:

Flashing materials also include combinations of these materials, including lead-coated copper or an alloy of tin and lead.


The purpose of flashing is to prevent water from leaking through gaps in the primary roofing material, especially chimneys and vents. Flashing protects your home from the weather, working with the shingles wherever there is an angle that a shingle cannot fit. These areas include:

Flashing for natural slate is almost always copper, so itll last the lifetime of the roof. Synthetic materials might use standard flashing techniques used on asphalt roofs, but often use copper as well, for the authentic look.


Fastenings attach slate tiles to the roof. Fastenings are usually made of copper, steel, or galvanized steel. A slate roof doesnt generally require replacement of the fasteners, provided its receiving regular, professional maintenance. However, excessive moisture can cause them to deteriorate.

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Stone Slate Roof Cost

One option for your roof is using stone slate which, provided its well looked after, can last more than a hundred years. The average stone slate roof cost is around £40 to £60 per m2.

The cost of your stone slate roof will depend on where the slate is from, whether its new or reclaimed, and where you live.

Slate Roof Replacement Cost: How Much And Is It Worth It

Slate roofs have been coined the forever roof because they can last for over 100 years with little to no maintenance. Slate is a hardy, natural stone material that will last as long as it does in nature while keeping your roof and home safe from the elements and giving your home a unique look you wont find on many homes.

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How Much Does A Cedar Shake Roof Replacement Cost

A cedar shake roof is a premium roof system made of natural wood materials. Its honestly one of the best-looking roofs on the market. But because its a premium roof, youre going to pay a premium price.

A new cedar shake roof costs around $25.00 per square foot for a one-story house with a mildly complex roof. For a more complex roof, the cost of your new cedar shake roof will be around $30.00 per square foot.

Be aware, the cost of a new cedar shake roof will be affected by the grade of cedar shake shingle you choose for your roof replacement. To learn the differences between the grades, check out The Grades of Cedar Shake Shingles.

Where Does Slate Come From Return To Top

Roof Replacement Costs: Cost of a New Roof

Slate is a fine grained, crystalline rock derived from sediments of clay and fine silt which were deposited on ancient sea bottoms. Superimposed materials gradually consolidated the sedimentary particles into bedded deposits of shale. Mountain building forces subsequently folded, crumpled, and compressed the shale. At the same time, intense heat and pressure changed the original clays into new minerals such as mica, chlorite, and quartz. By such mechanical and chemical processes bedded clays were transformed, or metamorphosed, into slate, whole geologic ages being consumed in the process. Slates vary in composition, structure, and durability because the degree to which their determinant minerals have been altered is neither uniform nor consistent.

These traditional slaters tools are used to cut and trim, hammer, measure, and rip out nails. Photo: Jeffrey S. Levine.

The adaptation of slate for roofing purposes is inextricably linked to its genesis. The manufacturing processes of nature have endowed slate with certain commercially amenable properties which have had a profound influence on the methods by which slate is quarried and fabricated, as well as its suitability for use as a roofing tile.

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San Marcos Slate Roof Cost By Size Of Home

One of the biggest factors in determining the cost of a slate roof in Southern California is the size of the home.

  • 1000 square foot home: $10,000 $24,500
  • 1500 square foot home: $15,000 $36,750
  • 2000 square foot home: $20,000 $49,000
  • 2500 square foot home: $25,000 $61,250
  • 3000 square foot home: $30,000 $73,500

Slate Roof Pros And Cons

The installation of a slate roof can be a big investment. You need to know all the pros and cons before deciding if it is the right choice for you. A slate roof has many advantages, including easy maintenance, long lifespan, energy-efficiency, easily recyclable, aesthetic appeal, variety of colors, and return on investment. Like any other roofing type, slate has its share of disadvantages. These include complex installation, high-cost, replacement issues, fragility, and the heaviness of the tiles.

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Cost To Reroof A House

The total cost to reroof a house with new shingles is between $4,707 to $15,690 which includes old roof removal, new roofing materials, and professional installation. The cost of materials alone range from $3,240 to $10,800 depending on the size of your roof.

To remove the old shingles, expect to spend between $1,467 and $4,890 or from $125 and $500 per roofing square. Costs are adjusted based on the difficulty of removing and disposing of the existing type of roofing material. If your roofing professional discovers structural issues in the rafters after removing your old roof, you could have to pay an additional $1,000 to $10,000.

Flash And Slate Repair

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Roof?

This is by far the most popular type of slate repair and occurs when your slate roof starts leaking around the roof penetration areas – that is, where the flashing occurs. In most cases, to address the flashing problem, you will need to remove the damaged slates and replace them with new ones. The cost will vary with the level of difficulty of the repair job.

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How Often Should Slate Roofs Be Replaced

Unlike composite shingle roofs, which generally have a 20- to 30-year lifecycle, slate roofs last as long as the supporting materials last. The slate itself will not wear down under normal conditions. A slate roof will last 60 to 200 years, depending on the roof style, type of slate and where the home is located.

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Average Slate Roof Repair Costs

Slate roofs are popular largely because of their longevity and classic look. They can last up to 200 years, depending on a few factors, like hardness and composition. Other common roofing materials like clay and concrete last up to 50 years, while wood shingles can last 25 to 80 years, depending on the variety. However, even slate tiles require periodic maintenance and occasional repairs.

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Alternative Synthetic Slate Shingles: Good Or Bad

If you dont want to spend the dough on an authentic slate roof, synthetic is the next best thing. It may not have the exact look like the natural stuff, but it looks close and costs far less. Plus, there isnt much compromise in this alternatives lifespan: synthetic slate shingles still last 100 years or more. The reason for this is they are much lighter weight and thus much easier to install. So they can be installed in less time, with less effort, but with the same effect of the natural stone.

Shingle Roof Replacement Cost

Ask Vern: Slate Roof Look Without The Cost? â Martin Carpentry Inc

If you need to get a 1500 sq ft shingle roof replaced, it can cost anywhere from $11-$18 per square foot.

A steep-pitched roof will cost more because there is a lot of labor needed for the project and it might take longer than installing a flat or low-pitched roof.

If you need to get a 1500 sq ft metal shingle roof replaced, it can cost anywhere from $17-$23 per square foot.

The steep pitch of the roof is not an issue in this case because there are no shingles involved. However, the installation might take longer than when using asphalt or wood.

If you need to get a 1500 sq ft slate shingle roof replaced, it can cost anywhere from $20-$31 per square foot.

This type of material is very durable and there are no nails or fasteners involved like with other types of roofs.

An experienced team will be needed for the installation process through which increases labor costs.

If you want to make sure you get the highest quality materials and workmanship, expect your roof replacement cost to be in this range.

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Cost To Install A Slate Roof

These estimates are for BASIC work performed in serviceable conditions by qualified trade professionals using MID GRADE materials. Work not mentioned on this page and/or work using master craftsman, premium materials and project supervision will result in HIGHER COSTS! Explore the full range of slate roofing tile new installation labor options and material prices here.

These estimates are NOT substitutes for written quotes from trade professionals. Homewyse strongly recommends that you contact reputable professionals for accurate assessments of work required and costs for your project – before making any decisions or commitments.

The cost estimate includes:

  • Costs for local material / equipment delivery to and service provider transportation to and from the job site.
  • Costs to prepare the worksite for Slate Roofing Installation, including costs to protect existing structure, finishes, materials and components.
  • Labor setup time, mobilization time and minimum hourly charges that are commonly included for small Slate Roofing Installation jobs.

The cost estimate does NOT include:


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