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Do It Yourself Steel Roof

Remove Existing Roofing And Make Necessary Repairs

How To Install DIY Metal Roofing (House or Barn)

Tearing off the old roof is relatively easy, but you must be careful to do it without damaging any of the roofs structure underneath. You will also want to make sure you watch out for any holes, water damage, or sagging that needs to be repaired and reinforced before placing the new roof. If you need help determining whether or not you should repair or replace your roof click here.

Risk Of Losing Your Roof Warranty

Roofing manufacturers do not guarantee expert roofers have not installed materials. This is because a botched installation may misuse the roofing materials and ultimately result in costly damage. Further, doing your roofing is a gamble and will not guarantee your peace of mind due to the lack of warranty in case of any eventuality. Moreover, it will cost you more by paying for future repairs and maintenance costs of your roof as the roofing manufacturers warranty does not cover such costs.

Contractor Grade Diy Roof Leak Repair Kit

Roof leaks happen to all of us, whether they come from storm damage, an aging roof, or any other common problems.When you start to see the water leaks coming through from your roof damage, its enough to make any homeowner shudder at the thought of potentially paying thousands for a roof repair or roof replacement contractor.

You can leave those days behind with the Seal All Roof Kit. Our knowledgeable team developed this roof leak repair kit with you in mind: the do it yourself homeowner, maintenance manager, or property manager who wants to resolve their minor roof cracks and leaks on their own.

Seal Alls three-step roof repair system is easy for anyone to handle on their own, protecting you from roof leaks while also keeping your roof cool, keeping your energy usage low, and saving you from costly contractor fees. It can take the place of minor roof repairs in addition to extending the life of your roof.

  • Easy 3-Step DIY All Inclusive Application
  • Coats & Seals Any Roof System
  • Energy Star Rated / Keeps Roof Cool
  • Primerless Technology
  • Renewable Roof System / Recoat Over & Over
  • Made In The USA

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Five Apply The Finishing Touches

This is it for your DIY metal roof. Attach the metal cap with the foam insulation strips very securely and screw them in place. Cover the exposed ends with your gable trip.

It is possible to install a DIY metal roof over an existing roof, but the process will be slightly different than starting from scratch.

Install The Gutters And Ridge Caps

Can You Paint A Metal House Roof

When you get the panels in place and secured, its time to cap the ridge. To do this, youll install an outside closure strip. Its very similar to the inside closure strip you installed at the start of your DIY metal roof project. The outside closure strip runs over the top of your metal panels in a shape that matches the flat parts and ridges. You can get vented or solid closure strips. If your roof is designed to have venting at the ridge level, youll need to get the vented type. The vented closure strip works like a ridge vent. If your roof doesnt have a ridge vent design, youll need the solid closure strip.

Youve done it. Youve successfully completed a DIY metal roof project, and were hoping it went seamlessly.

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Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof Worth The Cost

A standing seam metal roof is better than an ordinary and simple roof made up of asphalt shingles. The cost of a standing seam may be double that of a simple metal roof. The features provided by this type of roof are more valuable and can be beneficial for the long term. Its cost is reliable according to its features.

Metal Shingle Roof Cost

Metal roofs cost about $250 per square . If you do it yourself, the average roof would cost about $4,000, significantly less than hiring a contractor to install three-tab shingles. And while the price of materials is six times as much as low-end three-tab asphalt shingles , metal roofs last 50 years or more, so you wont have to worry about reroofing. Metal roofs can be special ordered in a variety of colors at lumberyards and roof supply companies.

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Energy Efficiency And Eco

As homeowners become more aware of the wider environmental effects of heating and cooling their homes, many begin to prioritize efficiency as both a means of saving money and protecting the environment. Metal is a highly reusable material, with many metal roofs being made of about 30%60% recycled metal. Their high durability also means they dont need to be replaced as often, whereas torn and damaged asphalt shingles end up in the landfill.

Additionally, since most metal roofs are reflective, they direct the heat of the sun away from the building they cover, blocking heat and lowering cooling costs. Even non-reflective metal can be treated with special paint that blocks UV rays. Experts typically estimate that youll save about 20%30% off the cost of cooling your home in the summer with a metal roof.

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Place The Ridge Caps And Gutters

DIY Metal Roofing Installation, Basic How-To Video

Your ridge caps and gutters will be the finishing touch. First, lay your ridge cap so it evenly laps each side of the roof and mark on either side where it will sit. A chalk line connecting the marks will ensure you put it in the right place before securing it.

Then, run sealant tape the entire length of the ridge, up from the line you laid. Repeat on the other side of the roof. Youll then run more sealant tape along the top and both sides of the roof on the closure strip.

Youll continue installing the ridge caps by overlapping each by about 6 inches and adhering with your roofing nails or screws according to the manufacturers direction.

And there you have it! Youve installed your metal roofand hopefully, it went as seamlessly as youd hoped.

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Measurement Of The Roof Area

It is important to measure the entire roof size of your home in square feet to ensure that enough materials are ordered. Though the roof size can be measured from the ground, it gives a more precise measurement if it is done from the roof-top itself. Once the total roof size in the footage has been done, the next thing is adding an extra 10% to take care of any potential waste or human error.

We Create A Kit For You

Every roof is different in size and design. Thats why we customize your DIY metal roofing kit for you. Receive all the materials you need to properly install your roof including everything from roof panels to the screws you need. Also, we can even adjust the size of metal roofing panels to personalize it to your buildings installation needs. If you have any questions on how to install, you can give us a call. Please note, with regards to panels, our standard DIY roofing kit comes with 250 panels which will cover approximately 3,000 square feet. Depending on if you need more or less, adjustments can be made.

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Great Snow And Ice Shed Capabilities

Metal roofing is much more efficient when it comes to shedding ice and snow compared to asphalt. This is partly due to the nail-free design that you get with DIY metal roofs as it doesnt allow for debris to get stuck and clog the gutters while allowing water to roll off at the same time. Also, metal will absorb the suns warmth, and this melts ice and snow much quicker and cleaner than other roofing materials.

Metal Roof Diy: Is This Adventure For You

How to Install a Steel Metal Roof on a House DIY Project
  • If youre after big savings, our do-it-yourself option can save you up to 50%.
  • If youre after the experience, we can help you get professional results using our do-it-yourself option.

If you answered yes to the above questions, then do-it-yourself metal roofing is for you!

What if you didnt inherit the handyman gene? What if youre not confident about installing a metal roof?

Even though DIY roofing is an independent project, we will still be with you every step of the way.

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Two Start With Your Gutters

You can start your new DIY metal roof by following the manufacturers instructions. If you want to layer the shingles, youll want to get self-tapping sheet metal screws that are a little longer than the 1 screws used on new metal roof installation projects. The zip screws you use on the overlapping seams are still okay.

Set your gutters and valleys in place with the roofing material that you got in your package. Make sure you dont nail or screw anything into your new valley pan. If water runs down this area and hits a screw, the water will slowly start to leak inside if you have one bad fastener in the assembly.

Metal Roofing Cost Guide

Compare Quotes from This Old House Approved Solar Installers

Jump To: Benefits of Metal Roofing | Metal Roofing Costs | Is a Metal Roof Worth It? | FAQs

The choice to put a metal roof on your house is a significant financial investment, particularly in comparison to materials like asphalt composite shingles. However, there are a number of valid reasons for making this switch, including the increased durability and value of metal roofing. Youll need to budget carefully, but many homeowners find that metal roofing provides a great return on investment and lasts two to three times longer than a traditional roof.

In this guide, well break down the benefits of a metal roof and the costs of different types of metal roofing materials to help you decide whether a metal roof is right for your house.

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Metal Roofing For Diy & Contractors: Direct From The Factory

If you are searching for a great do-it-yourself or contractor roofing product, it is easy to fall prey to suppliers who will not be able to answer all of your questions, wont ensure that you have what you need for your roofing project, and wont be there with guidance and support throughout the installation process.

Since 1980, Isaiah Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of metal roofing. While our products are most commonly used on single-family homes, we have experience with churches, commercial buildings, and multi-family properties. We have done our homework and attained great industry knowledge that you can rely on. Our Customer Support team is here to help you every step of the way, ensuring a successful project.

If youre looking for a standing seam supplier, and you want the best product available that will provide years of worry-free beauty and service, were here and ready to work for you. We strive to build strong relationships with all of our customers, and we are committed to creating a great roofing experience.

Isaiah Industries, Inc.8510 Industry Park Dr.Piqua, Ohio, 45356 773-9840

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How Much Does Metal Roofing Cost

How to Install a DIY Metal Roof

In general, the upfront cost of a metal roof is much higher than the cost of a roof containing asphalt shingles. However, given a metal roofs durability, the overall cost of installing and maintaining it is much lower than needing a total roof replacement every 15 to 20 years.

Here are some of the most common metal roofing materials and how much they cost to purchase and install. The overall prices are calculated for the average American roof size of 1,700 square feet.

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Four Lay Down Your Roof Using Complete Sheets

Once you get the gutters and valleys in place, you can attach your metal roof edge on all of the exterior sides and pull the jacks. You can then lay down the new roof in complete sheets, and theyre usually 36-inches wide while offering a two-inch overlap.

When you hit a jack, you want to cut a hole in the metal directly above the vent or pipe. Attach the roof jacks following the instructions. The top has to slide under the DIY metal roof and the bottom over it. Water will flow down your roofs slope, and itll run off the roof onto the jack, but it cant go inside since it runs over the bottom and back onto your metal roof. Squeeze out a thicker bead of blackjack caulk under each connection between the metal roof and jack. Screw them securely in place and itll last for 50+ years.

On chimneys, metal flashing always has a stair-step design, and the top is underneath with the bottom over the top. Dont hold back with the caulk to help avoid water trips called crickets from appearing around your chimney. This is a spot where there is no slope to it and it allows for ice and water buildup, which can cause problems.

Should I Buy Metal Roofing For My Structure

For Do-It-Yourself folks, metal roof panels are easy to work with and straightforward to install. Small structures can evidently benefit in a big way from metal roofing and so long as you have the right material from London Eco Metal any handyman or handywoman can do the job themselves and save a bit of their cash that would otherwise go towards a professional installer.

For your shed, garage, workshop, cabana, or other residential or commercial small structure, reach out to London Eco Metal today for a free quote. No obligation. Buy a metal roof to last a lifetime. Fill out the form below for more information and well get back to you as soon as we can.

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Reverse Seam Deck Solutions

If you have reverse seam decks on your roof, a little extra care is required for mounting.

Typically, on reverse seam deck systems, the valleys tend to be too narrow for standard mounts. Also, standard mounts can interfere with water flow off of the roof.

To install your system properly, you will need a special type of mount with spacers at the higher end of the roof. This will prevent any crushing of the deck as you tighten them down, and ensure that water can run off properly.

Youve Got Other Things To Do

How to Fix a Leaking Roof by Yourself?

We are all experts in our own fields, with deep knowledge of the work we do. DIY projects are fulfilling exactly because they are different, unique in our lives, and because of that, interesting. Its not the same old humdrum.

DIY projects are by their nature, a little slow, maybe a wee bit awkward at their very best. Its the nature of the beast. When youre doing a new thing youre learning and making mistakes. Installing a metal roof is a dangerous beast to tame. If you get distracted by more important projects in the middle of the installation, you may mess up 50 years of roofing.

Thirty years from now, you probably dont want to be regretting that chimney flashing debacle. Dont settle for okay-looking and mostly installed correctly. Sometimes, its worth calling the professionals.

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The Cost Of Metal Roof Replacement Has Many Layers

When deciding on metal as your roofing material, think about whether youll use it long enough to reap the benefits of its longevity. Its steadfastness is one of the characteristics that set it apart from the crowd.

Best Roofing Estimate will be your go-to metal roof replacement cost estimator. We pride ourselves on accuracy, taking into account the average costs within your area. We offer you a quote no matter where you are in the United States!

Contact us today for a free quote. Well answer any roof replacement or repair questions you may have.

Limited Seating Is Available To Check Availability And Reserve A Seat Please Call 844

By completing the form on this page or by calling the special Do It Yourself Metal Roofing Program phone number , you are requesting a seat at the seminar you select. Your place at the seminar is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of American Metal Roofs. We have limited space available and we may not be able to accommodate all that wish to attend.

Upon receiving your request for a seat at one of our DIY metal roof seminars in Michigan, our next step will be to help you complete the DIY Seminar registration process. Our goal is for your DIY project to go as smoothly as possible, so we will want to make sure your upcoming project is a good fit for our program. Well have some questions for you and have you send us completed drawings of your project. Once you have completed the registration process and we have approved your seat request, we will issue your tickets for the seminar of your choice.

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Metal Roofing Vs Asphalt Shingles

Debating between metal roofing and asphalt shingles? The biggest advantage of asphalt shingles is the low cost of installation. Asphalt shingles average just $60 to $90 per square however, asphalt shingles arent a good long-term solution. You may pay to have your home reroofed multiple times over 40 to 50 years if you go with asphalt shingles.

Get Services From The Best In Cape Cod

NEW Metal Roof in ONE Day! | Fabral DIY Metal Roof Installation | 2020/23

While this article will give you a clear understanding of what is normally important for a metal roof to be built, the procedure can be very complicated and risky. It is also a good call to delegate a metal roofing installation projects to a competent installer like Corey & Corey in Cape Cod. Call us at and get a free quote.

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