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What Is A 50 Year Roof

Manufacturers Of Roof Shingles

The 50-Year Golden Pledge Roof System by GAF

Here is a list of the manufacturers.

There are quite a few manufacturers but not all are the same when it comes to quality. At first glance, the roof shingles might look the same but there is a lot of difference in how well they perform.

Some roof shingles are better for colder weather conditions while others are better for warmer claimants and some are made specifically with hail in mind.

For example, roofers will say that the Tamko brand is good for colder weather because the asphalt is softer and therefore easier to install in the cold.

In warmer climates like what we have here in Florida, we have found Owens Corning to be the better shingle for multiple reasons, one being that when we install them in this Florida heat, they maintain their quality throughout the installation.

A 30 Year Roof Will Last 30 Years Right

Wrong! 30 year shingles also known as laminated, dimensional or architectural shingles typically do not last 30 years. 20, 40, or 50 year shingle will not last their designated years either. It is a common misconception and a point of confusion for many homeowners. Thus, trying to make a responsible decision in a roofing system can become difficult. Lets look at a few areas to inform you and answer your question how long does a roof last?

There Is An Initial Fee For Warranties

Warranties are fantastic because they mean youll either pay very little or nothing at all with any repairs or replacements.

However, warranties come at a cost. When you install a new roof and are offered a warranty, you could be paying an additional $500-$1,000 up-front depending on the one you choose.

But considering the cost of repairing a roof- or replacing it- can run thousands of dollars, it is a small price to pay to ensure the longevity of your roof.

Even if you dont foresee the roof having issues in the future, it might be an ideal price for peace of mind that your roof is covered no matter what.

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Dont Get Scammed By Contractors Or Insurance Companies Ever Again

This book teaches you everything you need to know when you have a storm damage insurance claim on your property. Learn the whole process from before you make the call to file the claim to when your repairs have been completed. If you have hail damage, tornado damage, hurricane damage, or flood damage, you need this eBook.

What Is A 30 Year Shingle

Hydroshield 50 Year Synthetic Underlayment from

Up until the 1980s the most prevalent asphalt shingle used was the strip shingle otherwise called the 3-tab or the 20 year shingle. These are the flat shingles with, of course, 3 tabs that most people remember being the standard shingle for decades and continue to be common for an economical choice. However, shingle manufactures wanted to bring more style and function to the table.

The 30-year shingle was introduced. It has more 3-D texture and color contrast than the old basic 3-tab could offer. In addition, it is also a thicker shingle than the 20 year 3 tabs of the past, therefore, providing more protection than a 20-year shingle.

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Wood Shingles Can Last Up To 30 Years But Require Annual Upkeep

Cedar is the preferred material for shake and wood shingles. Thats due to its resistance to rot and insects. Wood shingles age to a mellow silvery gray. And look great on almost any structure. But they look exceptionally well on cottage-style and Tudor homes with steep-pitched roofs.

A wood shingle roof ranges from $249 to $599 per square foot. A wood shingle roof should be inspected regularly. That ensures your roofs health is good.

If theyre any split or missing shingles, replace them. A well-maintained wood shingle roof should last between 15 and 30 years. But, the lifespan depends on the quality of the shingles or shakes.

How Long Does A Shingle Last

Multiple dynamics affect how long a shingle will last. When the manufacturer says its a 50-year shingle, if you dont have the proper ventilation in your attic for the roof shingles, they will expire sooner than they are supposed to because of the excessive heat.

Aside from the ventilation, if your roof has less exposure to the sun because of trees protecting it, it could last longer. But we have seen 25-year shingles only last 18 to 20-years, which is more common. Or 50-year shingles last only 30-years.

Unfortunately, the elements or poor installation can tax a roof sooner than desired. With proper maintenance, you can help your roof last longer.

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Owens Corning 50 Years Shingles Warranty

Roofing contractor for Owens Corning Duration Tru Definition Asphalt shingles American Roofing and Remodeling is a preferred contractor certified with Owens corning who offers a 50 Year shingles warranty. This covers both labor and material if a full roof replacement would need to be done. This means that for example the shingles started to fall apart or delaminate Owens corning would completely cover your roof no questions asked because you chose American Roofing and Remodeling as your contractor. American Roofing and Remodeling will also give you a 10 Year Workmanship warranty also backed by Owens Corning. This means that if your roof had a leak because we didnt properly install a pipe collar, you would be covered to have the problem fixed in the first 10 years. Dont be fooled by other contractors, our warranty really does protect your most prized possession, your home. See below for different colors,styles, and basic warranty information.

What About Limited Lifetime Warranties

How to install a 50-Year Roof – Part 3 Component Review

Any brand of shingle you compare, be it Owens Corning, GAF, CertainTeed, IKO, Tamko, or something else, has a warranty as well as a 30, 40, or 50 year rating. Generally, most brands offer a limited lifetime warranty which covers the shingles for the span of their life. During this time, you are protected against any damages caused by manufacturing defects or poor installation. Other features, such as wind resistance protection, algae resistance protection, and so on may be added to the limited lifetime warranty.

However, the features that are added, as well as the length of some additional warranties, will change depending on how long your roof is rated to last. For example, a 30-year dimensional shingle might have a limited warranty with a 10-year algae guarantee, whereas a 50-year luxury shingle might have a 15- or 20-year algae guarantee. Others might require you to make additional accessory shingle purchases or use a certified contractor to get the full benefits of the warranty.

That is why, ultimately, the lifespan of your roof and how well your investment is protected comes down to the coverage of the warranty and your insurance policy.

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Year Or 30 Year Shingles Whats The Difference

Are you in the market for a new roof? Do you need to figure out what roof is going to work the best for your home? Trying to decide which roof is the best can be confusing for some, but it doesnt have to be as difficult as one might think. Once you have an understanding of the differences between the shingles, you can make an informed decision on which way to proceed.

Most of the 25-year shingles are a 3-tab shingle that has been out for quite some time now. You might want to think twice about using these particular shingles on your home. To help you understand why, consider this. Most of the architectural shingles arent going to cost you that much more to install. Plus, the 3-tab shingles are also more susceptible to wind damage and being ripped from your roof.

You will find that the majority of different architectural shingle brands come in three different grades. They offer the shingles in either 30-year, 40-year or 50-year grades. On average, you can expect a 30-year shingle to last around 25 years. On the other hand, the 40 and 50-year shingles are going to last you around 30 years on average. You have to consider how much wear and tear your shingles are taking from the elements. Most of the time, manufacturers assume you are going to move out of the home before your 30 years hit.

How Do I Get 50

So, there may not be an asphalt roof just yet that will go 50 years without needing replacement, but you can still get a 50-year lifetime shingle roof. Just not from everybody! As mentioned, Proven Contracting is able to offer System Plus, Silver, and Gold Pledge warranties because were GAF Master Elite® certified. Getting the certification requires a lot of hard work.

You need the right insurance and licenses.

  • $1M+ Liability Insurance
  • State licensing where required and applicable

You need a good reputation and to be trustworthy.

  • Good standing with the Better Business Bureau
  • Good credit rating per Experian
  • Yearly certification renewal

You must be highly skilled.

  • GAF trained and certified
  • High property owner job satisfaction ratings
  • Able to offer the strongest GAF warranties
  • A minimum of 7 years experience

If you dont opt for the System Plus, Silver, and Gold Pledge warranties, GAF still offers a 10-year warranty on shingles if you meet certain requirements. If you want the 50-year warranty but need additional funding to get it, well work with you to make sure you can afford the roof you want!

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Leaks Caused By Material Defect

Usually a 50-year shingle warranty covers leaks caused by material defect. This means the manufacturer will only cover costs of repair/replacement if your roof develops a leak and that leak is determined to be due to a defective shingle material.

This isnt coverage for incorrect application a common source of leaks within the first 10 years of a new roof.

Its not for wear and tear. If your 20-year old roof has lost enough granules that the shingles are no longer protective, is that a material defect? It could be, but it also might not be.

The manufacturer would have to collect a sample of your roof and test it. If they found there was something defective about the manufacturing of the product that led to loss of granules that would not have otherwise happened, then youd have a case for your leak being caused by material defect.

But if no material defect can be found, the shingle manufacturer is unlikely to pay for any repair.

Energy Star Asphalt Shingles Cost


Energy-efficient asphalt shingles come with an Energy Star rating, similar to many other home building products. These reflect the sun better for adequate temperature control. Depending on the shingle, they can reduce the roof temperature by as much as 50º, leading to less heat transfer. Energy Star pieces reduce air conditioning requirements by 10% to 15%. Most brands offer some form of Energy Star shingles that cost $25 to $60 per bundle. They are worth the extra money for many homeowners, especially for cost savings.

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Asphalt Shingles Prices By Brand

Many leading roofing companies offer a wide selection of asphalt shingles at different price points. Prices range from $16 to $70 per bundle and $48 to $210 per square, depending on the brand. IKO is the least expensive shingle. They make primarily 3-tab shingles with varying warranties. Another affordable brand is Tamko, offering 3-tab and a signature line of architectural and laminated shingles. CertainTeed and GAF are well-known lines for tough, durable architectural shingles with several attributes. The CertainTeed Landmark line looks like cedar shingles. These and those produced by GAF are flame-retardant and resist algae.

Owens Corning is another brand that is well-known for durability. Their shingles are engineered for additional nailing strips, so they hold better in high winds. They also have an extensive line of different styles and colors. The table below shows average prices from the most popular brands in the building industry.


What Are Lifetime Roof Shingles

Lifetime architectural shingles are covered by a warranty that lasts 50 years. During this period, shingles are covered 100% throughout the first decade of their lifespan. The warranty is then prorated for the following four decades.

These shingles have exceptional durability and can withstand harsh weather without any difficulties. Lifetime shingles are a perfect option if you are looking for a roofing solution that will last as long as the house stands.

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Do The 3 Types Of Asphalt Shingles All Come With The Same Warranty

A material warranty is from the manufacturer of your asphalt shingles. This warranty is crucial to protect your roof investment if theres ever a problem with the shingles themselves.

Each of the asphalt shingles come out of the package with a warranty from the manufacturer. 3-tab shingles come with a 25-year warranty, while dimensional and luxury shingles come with a 30-year prorated warranty.

However, dimensional and luxury shingles come with the opportunity to get the 50-year non-prorated enhanced warranty. To get the enhanced warranty, all of your asphalt roofing components have to come from one specific manufacturer to form a complete roof system.

After your new asphalt shingle roof is installed, this warranty ensures the manufacturer covers all of your roofing materials for the life of the roof. Be aware, improper roof installation and inadequate attic ventilation will void the enhanced warranty.

Thats why its crucial to hire a high-quality roofing contractor to install your asphalt shingles.

Whats The Average Life Span Of Asphalt Shingles

50 year Shingles The Truth From A Contractor

One of the factors that will affect the durability of your roof is the material its made from. The two most common shingles are composite and asphalt shingles. They last 20 years on average before they start buckling and crumbling, although their premium versions will last up to 50 years.

Whats the average life of a premium roof?

Premium Shingles are normally fancier-looking asphalt shingles designed for premium homes. A premium shingle is normally thicker and will last longer than a mid-range architectural shingle. Expected lifespan of a premium shingle roof is anywhere from 20 to 30 years, depending on the environment.

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The Best Way To Clean Your Shingles

Most individuals believe they need to repair their roofs because of black streaks. Thus, presuming its dirt or asphalt leaking through. But unfortunately, most individuals are unaware that this fungus clings to the roof. And later on, it causes long-term harm. And by the time they realize whats going on, its too late.

You can eliminate Gloeocapsa magma using several ecologically friendly solutions that are available. Most products contain bleach, which is harmful to the environment. And it will damage the roof too.

Many roofing professionals also use a pressure washer to eradicate the fungus. They use a high-pressure hose on low pressure to force the fungus to detach. That pressure, however, causes more damage to the roof. You do not wish to utilize

What Exactly Are Lifetime Dimensional Shingles

Low cost, installability, and durability are what makes roof shingles very common roofing materials in the United States. The normal lifespan of the roof shingles is 20 years with expected repairs in between those years. Roofing market, however, has introduced a lifetime shingle which has extended the warranty to a whopping 50 years.

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Shingles Do Not Have A Guarantee

Shingles are available with varying levels of life assurance. For example, manufacturers provide 30-year, 25-year, 40-year, and lifelong shingles.

The fact is that a 30-year shingle will not endure that long. However, a 30-year roofs projected service life is around 25 years. That is if properly cared for.

A 30-year shingle will only last 12 to 15 years if not properly maintained.

Inspect Your Roof Every Fall


Inspect the roofing system twice a year. That is, during fall and spring. It would help if you inspected your roof for damage. And thats following significant storms.

That entails tropical storms as well as violent thunderstorms in Florida. Hurricanes, of course, require careful examination. Doing so ensures nothing loosens due to all that wind!

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Youll Never Lose A 50

All warranties are ensured through the material manufacturer rather than the roofing contractor.

The material manufacturer ensures you receive warranty coverage benefits even if your roofing contractor goes out of business.

Even if the warranty transfers to a new homeowner within the 15-year deadline, the manufacturer will still ensure it.

So if youre worried about the roofing contractor closing its doors soon, theres no need to fret. Your warranty is safe and sound in the manufacturers hands.

How Much Do The Asphalt Shingles Cost

The 3 types of asphalt shingles come in at different price points to fit your budget.

3-tab shingles are the cheapest of the 3 types and are a great option if youre on a tight budget. Dimensional shingles are about 15% more than 3-tab shingles, but give you more life and better warranty options.

Luxury shingles are the most expensive option of the 3 types. Theyre going to be almost double the cost of dimensional shingles, but theyre one of the most aesthetically pleasing roofs youll see.

Its hard to give you an exact price on the shingles themselves because the prices of roofing materials fluctuate. To learn more about the cost of your new asphalt shingle roof as a whole, read this article on how much your asphalt roof replacement will cost.

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Extended Manufacturer Warranties = Comprehensive Coverage

Leading manufacturers understand the direct connection between installation quality and how well their roofing products perform long-term. To help homeowners get lasting value and provide peace of mind, they offer optional extended warranty coverage on new roofs installed by authorized contractors who are certified to install the roofing system according to the manufacturers installation requirements.

Most extended warranties are available for an additional cost and require that you have a complete roof system installed, which usually includes certain coordinating components such as:

  • Ice and water barriers
  • Hip and ridge cap shingles
  • Soffit and ridge vents
  • Starter and field shingles

The most comprehensive extended warranties offered bytrusted manufacturers provide a range of benefits, such as:

  • Coverage for all roof system components:Excluding flashing, wood decking and fasteners
  • Lengthy, non-prorated, or continuous,coverage for defective materials: Typically includes labor costs forrepairs or replacements and is extendable for up to 50 years
  • Workmanship coverage against installationerrors of the roof system: Term may be lifetime with prorating beginningafter a certain number of years and includes labor, tear-off and disposal costs


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