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How Much Is A New Roof Calculator

Why The Cost Of Professional Labor To Install A Metal Roof Is So High

Flat Roof Calculator – Estimate The Cost of a Flat roof

One of the main reasons for the higher upfront cost of metal roofs is the high cost of skilled labor. Installing high-end metal roofs like standing seam and interlocking metal shingles requires specialized skills acquired through expensive training, proven experience, and special equipment.

Unlike conventional asphalt shingle roofs, the installation of a metal roof must always be carried out in highly accurate and precise manner.

A metal roof is not simply nailed to the roof deck like its distant cousin, asphalt roofing. To install a typical metal roof, it can take up to two to three times longer than installing a comparable asphalt shingles roof.

To ensure the longevity of a new metal roof, the entire installation process must be carried out with a proper technical know-how, precision, care, and patience.

For instance, if you plan to install a standing seam roof, be prepared to pay more for the cost of labor, because standing seam installation can be quite technical and tedious compared to other types of metal roofing.

A typical price to install a new high-end architectural grade standing seam metal roof with Kynar 500 paint finish starts at around $10.50 to $12.50 per square foot or $1,050.00 to $1,250.00 per square installed. This figure does not include the cost of removing and disposing of the old roof, which typically runs between $1.50 and $2.50 per sq.ft, depending on the number of layers and the overall size, scope, and relative complexity of the project.

Signs That You Need A New Roof

For homeowners, replacing a roof can be a daunting task. Its time consuming. It can be costly. And it disrupts the ecosystem of your home for a period of time. Even if your home hasnt suffered damage due to storms or other unforeseen circumstances, it could be time for a roofing remodel.

So, how do you know if you need a roof repair, or a full replacement? In addition to using our roof cost estimator to estimate roof replacement costs, here are some ways to find out.

Where Can I Look For Funding For A Replacement Roof

A new roof is a substantial investment in your home and can increase the uplift in the value of your home by up to 63% – this is described as ROI or Return on Investment. Some households will seek to raise money via a Home Improvement Loan or Further Advance if they have sufficient equity in the property or, you could consider a re-mortage either with your current or a new lender. Many roofing companies will offer finance arranged via a third party institution which will be subject to status and may require a deposit although there are some low deposit schemes available.

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Why Choose Capitol Improvements To Replace My Roof

Capitol Improvements have been a proud and thriving roof replacement and home improvement company for over 30 years. We take pride in our work and are one of the top reputable roofing companies in Maryland. Our team of knowledgeable employees has been properly trained and educated on roof replacements and workplace safety. We only use the highest quality materials and other warranties for those materials. Our craftsmen are ready to use their extensive training and knowledge to boost the aesthetic and integrity of your home, by using the latest architectural trends and industry standards. Dont hesitate to give Capital Improvements a call or submit a quote for a free estimate with absolutely no obligation!

At Capitol Improvements, our 30+ years of experience and commitment to getting the job done right has earned us a GAF Master Elite certification. This is the highest certification you can receive from the manufacturer and a cert held by less than 2% of roofers. With us, you receive a leakproof roof installed by expert roof technicians, the highest quality products from GAF, and a lifetime warranty. All of this for a fair price. Thousands of clients have trusted us to install their roofs. We welcome you to join them and allow us to serve your family by building you a roof that lasts a lifetime.

Average Price Of Replacing Your Roof Vs Repairing

2017 Roofing Cost Guide

The national average cost to repair a roof ranges from $200 to $3,000, with most people paying between $225 and $1,150 depending on the extent of the damage, and the type of roofing materials on the roof that needs repairing. If there is either extensive damage or your roof is about 20 years old, and it needs replacing, the average price to replace your roof is around $7,211.

Roof Repair Cost


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Roof Cost Calculator: The Price Of A Roof Replacement In Nashville

Are you ready for a new roof? Are you stressed trying to figure out how you should budget for your roof replacement?

Wouldnt it be great if there was a calculator that could help? Luckily, weve developed one and its ready for you to use right now.

Since 1990, Bill Ragan Roofing has been repairing, replacing, and installing all types of roofs in the Nashville area. We never shy away from educating you and others on important aspects of getting a new roof, including the cost. Thats why we created our very own Roofing Calculator.

Be aware, his calculator wont be 100% accurate, but itll give a good idea of what to budget for. Before we get to the actual calculator though, there are some important things you need to know about using it.

Will I Need Planning Permission To Alter Or Refurbish My Roof

This depends on the scope of what you are doing. There is a certain amount of alteration allowed within Permitted Development rights or PD. However, once you stray outside this, say you want a Mansard loft conversion or you want to change the height of the roof, then you will probably need planning permission. If your home is listed or within a conservation area then even the smallest change to your roof can trigger the requirement for a planning application. Contact your local planning department if you are unsure.

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Premium Designer Shingles 50 Year Shingles

With premium shingles, such as 50-year architectural shingles, your total average cost could range from $550 to $850 per square installed, or anywhere from $11,000 to $17,000 for a typical 2,000 sq. ft. roof replacement, depending on the company you choose to hire, roof accessibility and difficulty, your homes location, etc.

Some premium shingle profiles can cost as much as $80.00 per bundle, while requiring four or five bundles, depending on the specific shingle profile, to cover a square or 100 sq. ft. of the roofing surface.

Thus, the cost of premium shingles alone can be as high as $200 to $400 per square, not including the cost of professional installation, nor other necessary materials and supplies.

Did you know? A part of the increase in your total installation cost for premium shingles should be reflected and offset by a longer labor warranty provided with the installation. A comprehensive 10-year workmanship warranty is what you should expect, at a minimum, at this price point.

See Roof Costs in Your Area

One thing you should keep in mind as a homeowner, is that almost NO composition shingle roof will EVER last for 50 years. If you can get 30 years of service life from an asphalt roof, you did well!

Pro Tip: To avoid warranty claim denials, make sure your roof deck is in proper condition and the attic space is properly vented. These are keys to roof health and they correct two common reasons for warranty denials.

What Does A New Roof Cost

How to measure a roof and calculate square feet. | 01/2020

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In This Guide: Average Costs | Cost Factors | Additional Considerations | Replacement vs. Repair | DIY vs. Pro | | FAQs

A good roof can last several decades, but no roof lasts forever. If your roof is aging, sagging, drooping, or leaking, it may be time to contact a roofing company.

The average cost of a new roof is $10,000, with projects typically ranging from $8,500 to $14,300. The exact price depends on material, labor cost, where you are located, and more. This guide covers the factors that affect roof cost, compares repair and replacement costs, and breaks down do-it-yourself versus professional installation.

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A New Roof Is The Biggest Investment Most Homeowners Will Make Protect Your Home With A Registered Roof Warranty

All new roofs installed by Golden Group Roofing come with a registered 50-year warranty that is non-pro-rated and transferrable to your homes next owner. What that means is peace of mind and a guarantee that your new roof investment will last for decades to come.

Workmanship and installation is a major component of new roofing. Without sufficient and guaranteed professional installation, even the best roofing systems can fail to perform. This is why homeowners need to choose a roofing company that offers both a material and workmanship roof warranty.

Add The Right Kind Of Insulation

When adding additional insulation, you do not have to use the same type of insulation that currently exists in your attic. You can add loose fill on top of fiberglass batts or blankets, and vice-versa. If you use fiberglass over loose fill, make sure the fiberglass batt has no paper or foil backing it needs to be unfaced. If you choose to add loose fill, it may be wise to hire a professional, as the application requires the use of a blowing machine, although some home improvement stores offer rentals of this machine.

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What Are The Benefits Of Having My Roof Retiled

There are many benefits to having your roof retiled. The harsh British winters can certainly take its toll on your roof tiles. Retiling your roof would give you peace of mind knowing that your roof isn’t going to submit spring a leak right in the middle of winter.

The last thing you would want during a cold British winter is your roof leaking and causing tremendous water damage to your property.

Below you will find the most common problems caused by water damage from a leaking roof:

· Sagging ceilings

· Mould

· Damp

Although this is not a comprehensive list of damage caused by a leaking roof, you can get an idea of how much work it will take to repair these problems. It will take roofers, plasterers, joiners, decorators, and possibly electricians to fix the damage.

Roof Replacement Cost 202: New Roof Installation Prices Per Sqft

How Much Does It Cost To Reroof A 2 Car Garage

Its time to replace that scrappy old roof. Are you wondering how much it will cost to install a new roof on your home or garage? If so, check out our just-updated new roof pricing guide for homeowners.

Straight off the bat: It needs to be stated that not all roofs are made the same and not all roofers charge the same prices. That said, on average, most contractors will charge between $4.25 and $6.50 per square foot or $425 to $650 per square to install or replace an asphalt shingle roof on a typical house.

On average across the US, it will cost between $8,500 and $14,300 to replace a 2,000-2,200 sq. ft. roof on a single-family house up to two-stories high. The total cost of a new roof will depend upon the overall roof difficulty and complexity, accessibility, contractor choice, and the local real estate market dynamics.

With a narrower average price range , you can expect to pay between $4.50 and $6.00 per sq. ft. or $450 to $600 per square to replace an asphalt shingle roof on a typical single-family house up to two-stories high. This would translate to a narrower total price range of $9,000 to $13,200 for a typical 2,000-2,200 square feet roof on a single-family house up to two-stories high.

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Why Is It So Expensive To Replace My Roof

When homeowners realize its time to replace their roof, their heads spin with dollar signs. Fear not, there are many options to finance this repair, and once the costs of replacement are broken down, it is much easier to fathom. Weve broken down the costs, and explained why each step is necessary, so you can be aware of what to expect when you choose to replace your roof.

Removing the Old Roof

  • In order to have a new roof put on your home, the old one needs to be taken off. This means the old shingles, flashing, etc all need to be taken down in order to put new material on the house. Angi estimates this to cost between $1,000 and $1,500.

Roof Repairs

  • When the old roofing is taken off the home, it can expose other issues that need to be fixed before the new roof can be installed. Rotting timber may be found, or it may be discovered that you need new supports for heavier material being used. Angi estimates this to cost between $400 and $2,000 depending upon what kind of repairs are needed.

Additional Roof Cost Estimators

  • Roof Shingles Calculator estimates roof area, materials and installation costs of Asphalt Shingles, for Gable and Hip roofs.
  • Flat Roof Calculator estimates replacement costs of low-slope roofs, single ply membranes and built-up roofs , as well as insulation, parapets, penetrations and drains.
  • Roof Rafters Calculator provides material list & prices of lumber for roof rafters / trusses.
  • Roof Pitch Calculator gives you accurate roof slope, based on roof run and rise. Also converts roof pitch to degrees.
  • Seamless Gutters Calculator helps you quickly price out aluminum seamless gutters includes materials and installation. Note, that rain gutters are an essential part of house waterproofing. They prevent water from getting behind the siding, damaging house walls, insulation and foundation, as well as protect your landscaping.
  • Metric Roof Calculator should be used if you live in Europe, UK, AU, NZ or other country that does not use the Imperial measurements system.

Final Word of Advice for homeowners who want to get the lowest possible price: Its too expensive to buy cheap roofs, as it will cost you double to redo it after it starts leaking within a year. This is from my vast experience.

Average Roof Replacement Cost in US:

Low End

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Average Roof Replacement Cost:

See costs in your areaEnter Your Zip Code

Did you know? A typical ranch style or four-square single family house in the US will have a roof area of about 15 to 20 squares. On the low-end, you can expect to pay anywhere from $6,375 to $8,500 for a simple asphalt roof replacement job on a typical four-square or ranch style house, while on the high-end your total cost could range from $9,000 to $17,000 for a more difficult installation, premium materials, and comprehensive workmanship warranty.

Will A Home Warranty Cover The Cost Of A New Roof

Flat Roof estimate and how we price a new flat roof.

Most home warranties dont cover the cost of a new roof or large-scale roof repairs. However, some home warranties cover roof leak repair, either as part of a plan or an add-on. Usually, this coverage only kicks in if the leak occurs over an occupied portion of the home. That means a leak over the living room would be covered, but a leak over a porch or patio would not.

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Do Roofers Have Any Hidden Costs

Apart from the usual roof replacement costs mentioned above, there may be other costs involved that you have not thought about, such as:

Gutters & Fascias

When you receive your quote for a new roof, you might want to check if it includes replacing soffit and fascia and new gutters in the price. Usually, the cost of new fascias and gutters would be an add-on and billed separately.


You will need to hire a skip to remove the waste from your old roof. Most roofing companies will include the cost of skip hire within your quote, but you might want to check it is included for your own peace of mind. You should expect to pay around £200 to hire a skip.


Most reroofing jobs will need scaffolding erected around your property. Have a look through your new roof quote and see if scaffolding has been included within the quote. Hiring scaffolding for an average three bed semi-detached house costs around £1000.

Average Cost To Replace A Roof Based On House Size:

  • 1,000 square feet: $4,000 to $5,500
  • 1,100 square feet: $4,200 to $6,000
  • 1,200 square feet: $4,500 to $6,500
  • 1,500 square feet: $5,500 to $8,000
  • 1,600 square feet: $6,000 to $8,500
  • 1,7oo square feet: $6,500 to $9,000
  • 1,800 square feet: $6,700 to $9,500
  • 1,900 square feet: $7,000 to $10,000
  • 2,000 square feet: $7,400 to $10,500
  • 2,500 square feet: $9,000 to $13,000
  • 3,000 square feet: $11,200 to $16,000

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Vents Can Cause Cellulose Insulation To Drift

If you use loose-fill cellulose insulation on the attic floor, the airflow from the vents will cause the material to drift, leaving spaces in the attic uninsulated.

Also, as that outside air moves through the cellulose, pollen, bacteria, and mold spores can cling to it. This becomes an issue when those particles are then circulated back through the home. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, this can cause a real problem.

Solution: Cellulose insulation should be monitored at a minimum of once a year to make sure it is level. You can rake the material to even it back out, but sometimes you may need to add more cellulose to get the coverage you need.


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