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How Much Would It Cost To Repair A Roof

Average Roof Replacement Cost

How Much Does a Roof Repair Cost? (And Factors That Affect the Cost)

Replacing a roof is without a doubt one of the larger expenses youll face as a homeowner. Whats worse, its not a home improvement that you can directly enjoy once its finished, like, say, a new deck or a renovated kitchen. But its an investment in your property that will keep your home in good shape for years to come.

The average lifespan of a newly replaced roof is 30 to 100 years, depending on the type of roofing material that you choose. And if you need more good news, youll recoup some of the average cost to tear off and replace a roof when you go to sell your home.

Zillow estimates that a roof replacement will return somewhere around 60% of its value in a real estate transaction. Keren Jayne, a realtor with Pearson Smith, says, A new roof is marketable which pays off in other ways. The more marketable features your home has, the more potential buyers and competitive offers it will attract.

The national average cost to replace a roof is around $8,000, with most people spending in the range of $5,500 to $11,000. The two largest variables youll deal with on a job like this are the square footage of your home , and the type of roofing material you choose.

How Much Does A Roof Replacement Cost Based On The Roofing Material You Choose

Now you have an idea of the average cost to replace a roof. But remember, there are a lot of different factors that impact the cost of your new roof.

One of the biggest factors depends on the type of roofing material you choose for your replacement. Not everyone wants the most commonly used asphalt shingle thats part of the price range above.

Thats why were going to help you further by giving the cost of a new roof per square foot based on the different types of roofing materials. Disclaimer: all the prices below are rough estimates and give you an idea of the budget youll need for a new roof.

Size And Complexity Of The Repairs

Roofers use 10-foot by 10-foot measurements for building, repairing, and replacing roofs. This measurement is a square and is how youll buy shingles. If only one square of your roof is missing shingles or needs repairs, it will cost much less than if two or more squares have any damage.

Plain roofs are cheaper and easier to repair compared to those with multiple planes. Whether the roof is flat or pitched also influences the cost. For repair pricing, roofers categorize roofs into these types:

  • Simple, meaning they have fewer than 6 planes
  • Average, meaning they have 6 to 12 planes
  • Complex, meaning they have more than 12 planes

Steeper roofs are more expensive to repair because the roofer must be more cautious, which means the job will take longer. Flat roofs are cheaper to repair, but the cost can add up over time, as theres no pitch, allowing water to pool over time. You might need to schedule repairs more often for a flat roof than a pitched roof.

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Roof

The roof on a building or home protects everything inside, but it might need repairing since its susceptible to so much weather and wear and tear. Professionals can repair roofs that are leaking in various places once they assess the damage. They can also repair broken or missing shingles.

Sometimes, missed minor repairs mean youll have to replace your roof sooner than you want, so keep a close eye on it and have it inspected for safety.

Read on to find out more about the cost of repairing a roof and the types of repairs you might encounter.

Repair Metal Roof Leaks

How Much Does Hail Damage Roof Repair Cost?

The average cost to repair metal roof leaks is $500 to $2,000. The cost depends on how easy the damage is to access, how severe it is, and your roofs material. Metal roofs come in numerous styles and metal materials, including steel, aluminum, zinc, tin, and copper, but leaks are relatively rare for most. These roofs may develop leaks due to punctures from debris, gaps formed by shrinking and rust, and other issues. A metal roof could leak because of missing or loose screws, bolts, and other . This means that repairs are generally focused on the hardware. A section may rarely need to be replaced. Homeowners often prefer metal roofs because they are durable and long-lasting, but that does not mean they are maintenance-free. Repairing leaks on a steel or aluminum roof is less costly than repairing them on a tin, zinc, or copper roof. If the roof requires a new panel or specific materials for fasteners, such as copper nails, the more costly the roof material, the more costly the roof repair to stop the leak.

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Ceiling Leak: Edmonton Abs Frequently Asked Questions

Its common to have questions about issues causing moisture damage in your home. After all, its an unpleasant scenario thats often made more frustrating because it takes time to determine where the leak comes from exactly. We have collected some of the frequently asked questions from customers who have experienced these mishaps or want preventative measures, so that you can get the answers you need.

Cost To Replace Roofing Vs Repair

Perhaps the damage to your roof isnt extensive. Should you repair it instead of replacing it? Before you conduct any sort of repair or replacement, especially on your roof, its always a good idea to get the opinion of a trusted roofing contractor. As long as the damage isnt extensive or you want to change the material of your roof, its possible that a repair may get the job done. If thats the case, youre in luck. Roof repairs are certainly less expensive than a replacement.

For a minor roof repair, you can expect to pay an average of $325 to $1,377 if you have an asphalt roof. Premium materials will cost more, and the hourly rate for labor will likely be around $45 to $65. Below, weve listed some of the most common reasons for a roof repair.

  • Damage to the flashing. The thin metal strips that lie along the joints in your roof are called flashing. These can become damaged or worn over time, which can lead to leaks in your roof.
  • Worn or curling shingles. Asphalt shingles have a long lifetime but when they get old, they can curl up, allowing water to seep into the space underneath. Replacing a section of curling shingles often requires the purchase of a single bundle of shingles, which typically costs about $30 to $50.
  • Pooling water. Water that pools on your roof can cause damage to your home in as little as 48 hours. Thats why its important to keep up with any roof repairs that need to be done.

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Roofing Labor Cost Per Square

With a few different variables at play, roofing labor is generally between $1.50 and $3.00 per square foot. If your roofing professional is using Per Square in the bid , their prices for labor will reflect this multiplied out by 100 to show between $150 and $300 per square. According to the United States Census, the average roof is 17 squares or about 1,700 square feet.

Diy Roof Leak Repair Vs Hiring An Expert

Roof Replacement Costs | How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof?

Most homeowners and businesses will likely encounter roofing problems at some point in their lives. Most minor roof leaking problems could be handled by homeowners. But if you doubt your capability to fix the problem, its commended you consult a local roof repair contractor who will be able to inspect the roof and propose the best solution.

If you need expert assistance with your roofing problem, contact us today to know how we can help you.



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Vent Skylight Or Chimney Problems

Any fixture on the roof is susceptible to leaks. Vents, skylights, and chimneys need flashing and collars to prevent water from getting into the installed roof. Any related repair will start at $500 on average.

The roofer has to remove shingles around the affected area to fix this type of problem. Theyll repair any framing damage, reseal the wood, and put new flashing or collars around the fixture. The shingles go on over the flashing.

Chimney problems can push your repair cost to $750 or more if the chimney is also damaged. The chimneys structure could be causing the leak instead of simply the flashing around it. In that case, you have to fix the chimney before fixing the roofs framing, flashing, and shingles.

Skylights often get damaged on the rubber gaskets, which you can repair with a silicone seal. However, skylights also have flashing around them, like vents and chimneys. The skylight itself might be leaking, in which case you need to get a new skylight before repairing the roof around it. Skylight repairs start at $1,500 due to the intricate work required.

How To Know When Your Roof Needs A Repair

Ideally, you should inspect your roof bi-annually, looking for signs of wear and damage. Some signs that your roof needs a repair are easy to spot. Discolored shingles, moldy soffits, stained fascia, and hanging gutters are all telltale signs that your roof needs to have some work done.

Unfortunately, the more insidious problems like a rotting roof deck, damaged underlying roof structure, and moisture retention are more difficult to see. Most methods of detecting these issues before they get out of control are indirect. If your monthly energy bill is suddenly higher than normal or increases every month without an obvious explanation, it could mean you have structural issues. Your roof plays an active role in maintaining your homes energy efficiency, and a damaged roof is less effective at stabilizing your interior environment.

You should also check your roof for signs of standing water after heavy rainfall, as this is a sign your roof is sagging. Water also tends to collect in roof valleys, so consider installing a roof flashing to help water drain from these areas if you notice any signs of water damage.

If you have a crawlspace or attic, you can check for gaps in the ceiling where your roof joins. If you can clearly see gaps or sunlight, you should call a professional roofer and schedule a roof inspection. This is a common problem in older homes.

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Cost To Fix A Roof Leak By Location

The location of your roof leaks is another factor affecting cost. People pay an average of $150 to $4,500, depending on the issue and location. Location matters because of accessibility and ease of repair and impacts how likely an area is to have recurring leaks or issues. Roof locations with potential issues include valleys or dormers with poorly maintained seams. Most people have more than one of these issues, so the final cost could be a combination of prices. The table and subsections below cover some of the most common locations of various roof leaks, the average repair cost, including labor and materials, how these leaks usually happen, and other details.

Leak Location
$500 – $750

What Is The Best Product To Repair A Flat Roof

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Roof in Colorado Springs?

Most flat roofs are made of asphalt, rubber, PVC, or another synthetic material. Rubber and synthetic membranes are often simple to fix with adhesive patches, while asphalt can be repaired with caulk or resealed with bitumen.

The best product to repair a flat roof depends on the material the roof is made of. For example, rubber and synthetic membranes can be easily fixed with adhesive patches, while asphalt roofs can be repaired with caulk or resealed with bitumen.

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Diy Vs Hiring A Professional Roofing Company

DIY roof repairs are a good idea in the simplest cases, but you should hire a professional roofer for more involved jobs. Nailing down a few shingles or rehanging gutter is within reach of most homeowners, but fixing a sagging roof or fixing a structural leak under the eaves is probably best left to a professional roofing company.

One thing you should check before working on your roof yourself is whether your homeowners insurance will continue covering your roof if you work on it yourself.

Get Quotes On Roof Repair

When you need to repair a home roof, one of the first considerations will be the cost. Well give you the low down of how much you can expect to pay.

Of those who replaced a roof in 2017, most paid around $7,000. This is interesting because the national average is much higher at $20,000. This likely means that there were outliers that had a huge effect on the average.

However, this isnt all that surprising, because roof replacement can vary in cost depending on several factors. How big is the roof, for instance, and what is it made out of?

Theres also a human element involved. Different companies charge different prices to repair a home roof, so who you choose to work with is also going to influence the price.

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Wood Or Cedar Shake Roof Cost

The national average for wood or cedar shake roofing is between $12,000 and $16,000, or $800 per square. The anticipated life span for most wood shake roof installations is between 30 and 40 years.

Wood shake is available in a range of thicknesses, which will affect the price as well as the protection they offer. Additional treatments are available for a class C fire rating at $0.85 per square foot, and a wood shake roof will require maintenance to clean off debris before the rainy season starts to prevent mold and moss accumulating. While they are most commonly made from cedar, followed by spruce and treated pine, you can also get synthetic cedar shake like Brava Cedar Shake from Brava which have a 50-year lifespan and requires no maintenance.

Other Considerations And Costs

How Much Does A Roof Replacement Cost?
  • The longer you wait to have a roof repaired, the worse the problem becomes. Acting sooner rather than later tends to be the best option.
  • Roof repairs that are not taken care of have the potential to become dangerous.
  • Taxes and permit fees are not included.

Check out our guide if you need a loan for your home improvement project.

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Other Potential Costs For Your Roof Repair

On top of the cost to repair your roof, its also worth bearing in mind the additional cost for scaffolding. The cost for a single scaffold up to 10m high is around £625 per week. Check out our scaffolding cost guide for more information on this.

If you need to repair or replace your roof window system , then this will cost in the region of £800 – £1,100, if not more. Find out more about skylight costs in our guide.

You may also need to pay for a skip. Skip hires prices depend on the size of skip you need and where youre located in the UK. A 2-3 yard skip will cost anywhere between £60 – £150, while a Builder 6-8 yard will be £230 – £295. Heres more on skip hire costs.

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Cost To Replace The Underlayment

When you perform a tile roof replacement, youll want to replace the underlayment at the same time. This is a waterproof and water-resistant barrier that the contractors will lay underneath the tiles to help seal the roof. This protects it from more severe weather. Its a common practice to replace the old underlayment when youre installing a new roof, especially if the roof itself is much older. This is very important because it can protect the house if the roof sustains damage from things like leaking or mold.

You can pick your underlayment from a few different options. Most contractors will include the cost of the underlayment in your tile roof replacement cost estimate. However, you do want to double-check. The most common types of underlayment include:

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Hiring Roof Repairs Company

When hiring a roofing contractor, check their references so you can find out what kind of work the pro delivers. has a list of trusted, experienced and affordable roofing experts across the country. You can find the perfect pro for the job in a few minutes. All you have to do is:

  • Answer a few questions about your roof.
  • Supply your contact details so that pros can contact you.
  • Get quotes from the best roofing contractors near you.
  • Read their online reviews.

Pros And Cons Of Roof Replacement

A Complete Guide on Roof Repair

While having your entire roof replaced is expensive, there are many benefits to consider. The first is that issues can be corrected at once. Repairing one area may leave another to begin leaking later, so in the case of a severely compromised roof, a replacement may save money in the long run.

Replacements allow you to upgrade your roof to UV-resistant shingles in hot areas or hail-resistant tiles in storm-prone areas. You can also improve your homes curb appeal with a new roof if you intend to sell in a few years. They are often a good investment in your home, particularly if the existing one is older and your home may be going on the market soon.

However, having your entire roof replaced has its downsides. The first is cost. If most of it is in good condition, repair or a partial replacement may address most of the issues for less.

Replacements can be lengthy, noisy, and result in issues like nails and debris in your yard afterward. While a reputable pro spreads tarps and cleans up carefully when the job is complete to prevent these issues, not every company takes these steps.

In some cases, your current roof may also be under warranty, and replacing it without having it inspected by the manufacturer first could mean you are paying for a new roof for no reason.

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