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How To Become A Certified Roof Inspector

Why Do You Charge For Roof Estimates When Other Companies Provide Them For Free

How to Perform a Roof Inspection According to the InterNACHI® SOP

We charge for our Roof Leak Investigations and Replacement Proposals because we professionally investigate the proximate cause of the roof damage by inspecting the interior if applicable, the attic at our discernment, and rooftop, and provide a detailed proposal package with a fixed and credible price, all within 24 48 hours. An upgrade to include a thorough, consultative report with complete photographs is also available. Other contractors typically only briefly inspect the rooftop and then provide their simple findings with a variable, rough estimate after a weeks span. While the average contractor rushes their free estimate, we commit to provide you with a quality experience and reliable proposal package so you can make an informed decision.

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How Do You Inspect A Roof Without A Ladder

Inspecting Your Roof

  • 1: Do a Walkaround With Binoculars. Take a walk all the way around your house and use binoculars to examine trim, flashings, and around chimneys for cracks or other signs of damage.
  • 2: Look for Shingle Damage.
  • 3: Check the Valleys.
  • 5: Check for Water Damage.
  • 6: Take a Step Back.
  • What Happens When A Certified Roof Leaks

    Stopping leaks is a part of our certification process and includes leaks caused by:

    • Normal wear-and-tear
    • Perils of nature
    • Third party damage

    When unlikely leaks occur, a priority service call to determine the cause of the leak is made by a Cert-A-Roof member for a nominal fee. This fee is specified on the certificate. If the repair is covered under our repair warranty, or the leak is caused by normal wear-and-tear, no additional cost will be incurred in the remedy of it. Leaks caused by other facts do cost extra, but most often, home owners insurance will cover this. We have experience working with home owners insurance, and will therefore perform associated repairs at a fair price. These repairs are necessary in order to keep the certification in force.

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    Haag Certified Inspector : Clarence Chuck Chenevert

    Livingston Roofing contractor Clarence Chuck Chenevert is a Haag Certified Inspector Residential Roofs.

    In addition to his Haag Certification, Chucks experience as a qualified roofing contractor spans more than 37 years. Over this time, he has fine-tuned his inspection skills to ensure homeowners roofs are protecting their families. Clarence Chuck Cheneverts HCI# is 201805305, and you can see his Haag Certified Inspector profile here.

    How Can I Find Out If My Roof Has An Active Warranty

    Commercial Roof Inspections

    This can be tricky if youve just purchased your home and the previous owner doesnt have paperwork. You can check with the city or county to ask if any contracting permits were ever pulled to do major work on your home. While this doesnt capture every roof repair or replacement, it might.

    You could also ask neighbors if they recall when the prior owner might have had work done. In small towns, it would be worthwhile to call local roofing companies within a five-to-10 mile radius to ask if they have ever serviced your address.

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    What Is A Roof Inspection

    Your roof is a mechanical system. It may seem to be a passive feature of your house. But, just like your homes HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, your roof performs functions that require proper maintenance and periodic inspections to ensure reliable service.

    A roof inspection is a thorough examination of all roofing components on, or in, your home. The inspection is performed to determine the current performance of your roof and what, if anything, needs to be done to correct any problems.

    Roof inspections are also performed to certify a roof. That is, to determine the quality and expected lifespan of a particular roof. These inspections are common when buying or selling a house.

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    Get Your Roof Inspection Certification In Portland Today

    The fee for this service is a prepaid $300.00. This fee can also be applied to any work that is wanted or needed after our inspection. You can either call us at or fill out our online form to get the ball rolling.


    • How long is a certification good for?A roof certification from Roof Life of Oregon is good for 5 years, meaning you can trust that your roof will hold up for at least that period of time.
    • Why should you get your roof certified?Homeowners and potential buyers use certification to negotiate the price of a potential sale. For homeowners, it can prove that your roof will stand up to the test of time or that work was recently put into your roof to update its condition, which means the buyer will have one less expense to worry about. For buyers, a certification represents peace of mind
    • What is a roof certification?A roof certification begins with a thorough inspection of your roof, and, if necessary, your attic. We look for weak spots, moss and algae intrusion, leaks, missing shingles, and other potential issues that can decrease the value of your property. This thorough inspection is videotaped and our team can also make any necessary roof repairs, on your approval. This documented inspection is the foundation of your certification.

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    What Are The Cons Of Being A Home Inspector

    There are several potential cons to being a home inspector. First, it can be a physically demanding job, as inspectors may have to crawl through small spaces and climb ladders. Additionally, home inspectors may have to work irregular hours, as they may need to perform inspections outside of traditional business hours. Finally, inspectors may deal with disgruntled customers if they find problems with a home.

    Home inspectors, in general, conduct objective assessments of the state of a home. In addition, they will look for any components or systems that require replacement or repair. A home inspector can assist many families in their quest to purchase a home of their dreams. When attending parties or general meetings, you may be asked to name your family, but when you leave a meeting, the next question will be What do you do? With this job, you will improve your skills and learn new ones that will help you achieve greater professional and personal objectives. The pressure is enormous because people are expecting you to perform well, so you may end up doing substandard work, which could result in you being sued. Make certain that you are honest with your clients if you are accused of lying to them.

    What Does A Roof Inspector Do

    Performing a Roof Inspection with Russ Ackerman CMI®

    Roof inspection is included in a standard home inspection. However, it is a far cry from a specialized roof inspection. Here at The Inspectors Company, we offer both! We will inform you whether your roof should be inspected in detail and whether there is cause for suspicion or alarm.

    If you have a shingle roof, we will keep an eye out for things like:

    If you have a metal roof, we will look for:

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    Why A Home Inspector Isnt Enough For Your Roof

    We have lots of respect for what home inspectors do, and they are professionally trained to do it. However, they dont have a roofing professionals eye for problems with a roof, and a good one will refer you to a roofer for a roof certification if they think something may be wrong with the roof. In some cases, home inspectors may miss problems with the roof entirely, especially if the problem exists in hard-to-access areas such as gutters or gables. The end product of our work is a certificate that gives buyers additional peace-of-mind that they wont have immediate costs associated with repairing their new home.

    William L Hogue & Associates

    Please accept this letter as an unequivocal recommendation for NRCIA. It has been my extreme pleasure to know them for five years. I initially became acquainted with them by enrolling in, and completing the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association online coursesFollowing the course completion and introductory phone call, I flew down to Southern California to meet them in person. After completing a roof inspection together, they took the time to engage me on a personal level to explain the development of the business and his vision for success in the future. They were very patient with me over the next few months as they guided me through the online inspection program and its attendant possibilities for business growth. Over the past five years, I have never experienced a time when I could not easily access them personally and receive the assistance I needed to provide their product to my customer. I have recommended, and will continue to recommend fellow contractors to become part of the NRCIA team. My confidence in doing so is directly related to the solid business model and fair dealings I receive from NRCIA.

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    Inspect Any Skylights They May Need To Be Replaced

    During the time of a re-roof, most skylights will likely need to be replaced. You can expect an 18-22 year life span for an individual skylight, so if the contractors recommendation is the opposite of this rule of thumb, make sure you ask them about it.

    While your skylight may be working fine now, if it is near the end of its life it may be easier and more cost-effective to replace it with the rest of your roof. Removing and replacing a skylight is an intrusive process for your roof and is easier to do when you are already in the process of repairing or replacing a damaged roof. Depending on the homeowner, it could be worth including in your estimation presenting it as an option that would benefit them but not as a requirement.

    How Do You Measure Roof Damage

    Roof Inspections in Biloxi &  Gulfport, MS

    We will give you a verbal overview immediately after the inspection and issue a written one with detailed information soon afterwards. We will go over the results of the inspection with you to help you determine the extent of the damage to your roof, if any. You can then plan your course of action accordingly and decide whether it would pay off to perform repairs or not.

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    Proper Installation And Maintenance

    If your roof was installed or repaired improperly, it could cause problems that cost the insurance company thousands of dollars in claims. Insurance adjusters can identify an improper installation and cite issues that range from code violations and outdated materials to safety issues or the failure to install the roof according to manufacturer specifications. This can work against you after a storm has damaged your roof.

    When To Do A Roof Inspection

    It depends on several factors, including weather conditions, age of building materials, and overall structural condition. Springtime is an ideal time because temperatures tend to be mild and rainstorms less frequent.

    Fall is also good timing because roofs are typically dry at this time. Winter months are not ideal due to extreme cold and snowfall.

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    Get In Touch With Our Certified Roofing Inspector To Schedule An Appointment

    Quality and meticulous roof inspections are at the core of our business, and we arethe company to callfor all your roof inspections,roof replacements, androof repairs. Call us today to have a friendly chat about your roofing requirements. For over 10 years, our professionalroofing contractorshave served homeowners across Olive Branch, MS Southaven, MS Hernando, MS Horn Lake, MS Memphis, TN Collierville, TN Germantown, TN Bartlett, TN Cordova, TN and Lakeland, TN!Get in touch with ustoday to get started!


    How To Become A Home Inspector: A Complete Guide

    Performing a Roof Inspection According to the InterNACHI® SOP

    Pursuing a career as a home inspector is an exciting and rewarding way to make a good living. With a flexible schedule and the freedom to work at your own pace in a challenging environment, dealing with new clients and homes every day makes home inspection a lucrative career. As the customer demand for homes and properties increases, the need for home inspection professionals also increases. In this article, we explore the duties and skills of a home inspector and discuss the steps to become a home inspector.

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    Advanced Roofing Certification Course

    EFI Global Professional Engineers and Registered Roof Consultants provide the technical content and instruction for this 4-day course.

    The course reviews proper methods for completing research and analysis on roofs before and after inspection.

    80% of insurance losses today are building envelope related, specifically in the area of residential and commercial roofing issues. To process these claims quickly and accurately, it is essential for property adjusters and appraisers to have a qualitative understanding of assessment considerations specific to roofing systems. To meet this need, Vale Training and EFI Global, a leading engineering and fire investigation, environmental and technical consultancy, have teamed together to create the Vale Advanced Roofing Certification program.

    How to become certified

    This advanced level program is designed for property damage estimators and appraisers with prior property experience and industry related education such as attendance at seminars or industry classes within the roof estimating, roof construction, fall protection or property damage assessment.

    The course and exam

    For hands-on experience, this course also includes simulated hail mockups and use of a hail cannon to illustrate impact dynamics on different roofing systems.

    Following the course, participants must successfully pass a 3 hour, 50 question multiple-choice exam to become certified. A recertification assessment will be required every three years.


    The Pros And Cons Of A Career In Home Inspection

    Part-time home inspectors earn an average of $47,600 per year, full-time home inspectors earn up to $97,000 per year, and multi-inspector firms earn $500,000 to $3 million per year, despite the difficulty of the job. The only person who succeeds at becoming a home inspector is one who has gone through the training process. There are numerous industry standards for home inspection, and regulations vary significantly across the board. It can be difficult to stay informed about industry education, policy changes, and inspection requirements in this industry, so you must constantly stay on top of them. Home inspection salaries can range from $30,800 to $90,800 per year, depending on a variety of factors. Depending on the type of expertise and the company in which the inspector works, it may or may not be necessary. Structural and foundation issues, roof issues, plumbing issues, electrical issues, heating/cooling system defects, water damage, and termite issues are all potential issues that must be investigated during an inspection. You must stay current on industry standards and regulations in order to provide the best possible service to your clients.

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    Roof Certification Inspection Explained

    When putting up your house for sale, the roof condition is crucial as it will determine the success of the process. Previously, lenders used to require home buyers to have the roofs of the houses they intend to buy inspected before loan approval. However, this process has changed over time.

    Today, financial lenders require professionally trained roof inspectors to provide a roof certification before approving some home loan types. While roof certification is a common concept in the real estate world, many home buyers and sellers have little or no information regarding this critical process.

    A roof certification is a roof inspection report provided by a certified roof inspector that determines the roofs overall condition, what repairs are needed, and how much estimated life the roof has remaining. A roof should have 2-5 years of useful life remaining and be free of leaks to be certified.

    Here is everything you need to know about roof certification.

    Is Home Inspection A Stable Career

    Certified Master Inspector and InterNACHI quoted again in article ...

    A career as a home inspector is a great choice for a number of reasons, including a high income potential, a stable industry, flexible schedules, and the ability to work from home. Our graduates have seen firsthand how this career benefits them in so many ways.

    Those with a strong sense of freedom may find that working as a home inspector is a good fit. Inspectors visit and inspect each room of the home to ensure it is in good condition, from top to bottom. Home buyers get a report from home inspectors to help them decide if they should buy a home. Working for yourself is beneficial for both the work-life balance and the operation of your business. When you have spare time, you can learn any of the necessary skills at home. If youre still wondering if home inspection is a good career option, the online Home Inspector course offered by Stratford Career Institute is worth checking out.

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    Ontario Home Inspector Certification

    Our Ontario home inspector course has everything you need to become certified in home inspection. By training with us online, you will learn all about home and commercial inspections, building code and report writing. Upon completion of the course, you will be an ICA Certified Home Inspector. We will issue you a certificate number, which you can use on your business cards, website, and inspection reports.

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    What Is The Process To Get A Roof Certification

    First, Cert-A-Roof must conduct a LeakFREE® Roof Inspection to determine if your roof meets the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association certification criteria. Next, all roof issues indicated in our report must be repaired by Cert-A-Roof. If a different contractor repairs your roof, Cert-A-Roof must conduct another LeakFREE® Roof Inspection at your expense to confirm your roof now meets the NRCIA certification criteria. You would then become eligible to purchase our LeakFREE® Roof Certification. While the costs can vary widely, an example cost for a 2,500 square foot house is $300 for our certified inspection, $3,500 for repairs, and $350 for a two-year certification.

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