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How To Build A Rooftop Deck On A Sloped Roof

Select The Right Decking For Your Rooftop Deck

Building A Deck Over a Roof in Austin, Step One Roof It RIght

Rooftop decks are possibly the most punishing area to build a deck. Theyre low clearance , low ventilation and high exposure. They often see the sun all day long. Choosing the right decking to survive – and thrive – in this environment is an important decision.

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Does A Covered Patio Increase Home Value

I have inspected hundreds of homes with covered patios, and most of them have higher home values than those that do not have covered patios.Adding a shade over a patio is a classy part of a homes improvements. Everyone would love to have a classy party in their home to sit and relax, whether by themselves or with guests.

Home improvements and valuable structural additions make a home stand out from ordinary homes. When you have a roof over a deck, it means that you will spend more time outdoors without having to seek shelter elsewhere from the scorching sun or the rain.

Does a covered patio add market value to a home? Yes, it does, and there are two ways it adds value to your property:

  • Aesthetic value
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    Near The Front Of The Bus

    A skoolie roof deck near the front of the bus might be a good idea if you are not doing a roof raise and have just one emergency hatch. This leaves room for a lot of solar panels in the back of the bus.

    A nice idea of having the deck towards the front is the fact that you may not need a ladder then. You could just get on the hood and then get up to the roof that way versus installing a ladder.


    • Might not need a ladder


    • Might need to alter it in a way to make it aerodynamic

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    Installation Of A Roof Deck

    Since most roof decks are floating structures that sit on top of flat roofs, its crucial to weatherproof the roof below the deck to prevent water from leaking into the building below. Flat roofs are prone to leaking even without decks because of design errors, improper materials, and improper installation. Many times when roof decks are installed, they further damage roofs causing more severe leaking and drainage problems. A rubber watertight membrane adds extra protection. The membrane will act as an extra barrier between the floating deck materials and the roof materials below.

    After the waterproof membrane is secure, 2 x 6 sections of wood called sleepers are added for support. They are placed every 16 and provide a structure for the deck materials to lay on. This also allows the deck to be removed easily, in case the waterproof membrane is damaged and needs to be accessed for maintenance and repairs.

    You will have many options for materials and design when building your roof deck. Choosing sustainably sourced wood and decking is a great option for the environment, and most eco-friendly building materials hold up incredibly well against wear and moisture. Youll want to ensure the materials and design you select are a good fit for the climate in your area. For example, some materials are more susceptible to water damage and warping, so youll want to steer clear of those if you live in a rainy state like Florida.

    Install Gutters And Downspouts

    Shed With Loft And Porch  Porch Ideas from " Shed with Loft and Porch ...

    If you want to install gutters for your under deck ceiling, plan ahead and leave space for them. You may have to get creative to come up with an attachment method, depending on how your deck is built. Since the in-stock 12-ft. panels didnt quite reach the beams on Runes deck, he nailed vertical 2x4s to every other joist to provide an attachment point for the gutters. Then he screwed the gutter hangers to the 2x4s. Slope the gutters toward the downspout for drainage.

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    Structural Requirements For A Rooftop Deck

    As you can imagine, building a deck on your roof is no small feat. We have all heard horror stories of rooftop decks collapsing due to poor construction or an excessively heavy load. Because of this, it is crucial that you pay attention to the minimum structural requirements for building a rooftop deck.

    Check Laws & Hoa Regulations

    The first and most important step in planning a deck on a roof is to check all local laws, zoning regulations, and homeowner association rules. You or your contractor should consult with your local building department. Additionally, your municipality may have restrictions on decking depending on whether youre in a historic area. Your HOA may have rules in place that will dictate the size, style, and placement of the deck. Checking these regulations first can save you significant money and time.

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    What Is A Roof Over A Deck Called

    Gable roof is a common name for a deck roof. Its the most popular type it has slopes on the sides for water and snow to come off to the ground and not your deck. As a result, you get a triangular shape of such a roof. There are lots of types that have numbers like 6/12 in their names. This means that the construction elevates 6 feet over 12 feet of the size.

    Such roofs are suitable for all kinds of houses by design and size.

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    Can I Build A Deck On My Rooftop

    DIY Patio Roof Build

    Can your roof structure support the additional weight? A building code official may be able to help you here. Or not. At a minimum, they will likely know what the loading requirements are in your area. You may also need a master builder or structural engineer to determine the loading capacity of your roof. They can determine whether your existing roof can support the extra weight of a deck. Never build a rooftop deck without checking this first.

    There is plenty more design inspiration and information where this came from. Grab your FREE download of the “Rooftop Deck Design Ideas Project Portfolio” and start designing your dream rooftop deck.

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    Screw The Panels To The Purlins

    Starting at one end, attach the first fiberglass panel to the purlin with the roofing screws. Place the screws in every other valley. Snug the screws enough to compress the washer slightly. Overlap the next panel onto the one you just installed and attach it the same way, this will make waterproof deck systems. When you get to the end, the last panel may be too long. You can just overlap it a bit more or cut it to fit. It’s simple to cut panels to length or width with a circular saw and a carbide blade.

    How To Build A Deck Roof: Attach The Purlins

    Plan to space the 2×4 purlins parallel to the house and 3 ft. on center. To provide drainage, the panels should slope toward the outside edge of the deck about 1/4 in. per foot. If the span under your deck is 12 ft., for example, the purlin at the outer end of the deck should be 3 in. lower than the purlin along the house .

    First, mark all the purlin locations on the deck joists. Install the purlin along the house and the outer purlin. Then stretch a string between them. Measure down from the deck joists to the string at the other purlin locations. Those measurements will give you the widths of the spacer blocks.

    Cut the spacer blocks and screw them to the bottom of the joists at the marks. Then attach the remaining 2×4 purlins by screwing them to the spacers.

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    Place The Beams Over The Sill Plates

    Place a vertical beam over each set of sill plates, and then secure the beam with a hold down on either side. Drill a hole deep enough in the sill plate through the hold-down holes to allow a threaded rod to pass through. This keeps the roof sill plate in place.

    Put the beam between each hold down once the sill plate is securedrill holes in the top arm of the hold-down to drill through the beam. Finally, use a galvanized bolt, washer, and nut to fasten the beam. Rep with the other beam. The two front support beams should now be in place.

    Measure The Deck For Roofing Works

    44+ Latest Building A Deck On Top Of A Sloped Roof for Your Compilation

    The first thing you will need to do is measure the deck, understanding that the measurements will depend on its shape and length. For example, measurements for a rectangular or square deck are always easy as you just need to measure the height and width.

    Shapes like trapezoids and pentagons are more complex because they lack an apparent width or height measurement. Take any size and multiply it by 3 .

    Alternatively, you could divide the deck into sections, measure the area of one section, and multiply this by however many sections there are. Then, as soon as you have all your measurements, you can draw them on paper and use them as guides for cutting out your roof boards.

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    Legal Permits Are Essential

    Make sure your area allows it before building a roof deck. Due to zoning regulations and construction requirements, a roof deck may be illegal in some areas or municipalities. Meet the authority offices requirements for a deck atop a pitched roof in your area. Any special setbacks should be discussed with your architect.

    Should I Cover My Deck In The Winter

    Its important to cover your deck in the winter to protect it from harsh winter weather. You can choose between a permanent roof and a temporary tarp, but you may want to build a roof to invest in the long-term. If youre wondering how to put a roof over an existing deck, get in touch with your local roofing experts. They can either give you advice or complete the job for you.

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    Get Started Building Your Dream Rooftop Deck

    Now that youve chosen a roof deck design, picked preferred materials and thought through the details, its time to get started on your deck project. Use our find a builder tool to get quotes or our find a retailer tool to get your materials. Be sure to geta good quote before moving forward and talk through the process with the builder and set solid expectations. Soon your roof deck ideas will be a reality!

    Five: Installing Drainage And Extending Downspouts

    Adding a roof under a deck

    Its best to install a layer of waterproofing over the top of your plywood. This will help divert water away from your house foundation and onto your roof deck. It would be best if you also extended downspouts, which you can easily do with copper piping.

    To create the drainage slope, youll need to angle the piping away from your roof deck in a downward direction by at least one inch for every foot of run usually 2-3 inches per foot is sufficient, but this depends on how harsh your climate is). If youre using plastic downspouts, youll want to run it down a 2×4 resting on the ground with a support post under it to ensure that it remains stable.

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    How About Softwood Decking Material

    Softwood decking is not a very good idea on a rooftop deck. Pressure treated decking is very likely to split, crack, warp and twist in this harsh environment. Even higher-quality softwood decking, like cedar, will require a lot of refinishing up at this height and exposure. If it’s not refinished regularly, expect lots of splitting and checking.

    When Can I Consider Installing A Rooftop Deck

    Youre a good candidate for a rooftop deck if you fit in one of these categories:

    • You have a flat rooftop.

    • You want outdoor space, but your yard is too small.

    • You need to renovate your space, but you have a limited budget.

    • You want to expand the curb appeal and resale value of your home without significantly changing the exterior.

    Start Your Deck Project Today

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    How Do You Properly Build A Deck On A Flat Roof

    I live in a home in NJ with a 3rd floor wooden deck over a a slightly pitched flat roof with conditioned living space below it. This deck was built about 7 or 8 years ago, and is supported by 4×4 posts which are going through the roof and on top of the rafters on the second floor. The ceiling on the second floor is leaking now, and Im pretty sure the deck isnt too safe.

    But I do enjoy the deck, and Im hoping to do some renovations soon and wanted to ask everyone on here what is the best way to build a rooftop deck that allows the building envelope to remain intact, but is still supported properly. I know how to make the roof well insulated, I know how to properly support the deck, but how does I combine the two?

    Any help would be appreciated, and thank you in advance.

    How To Build A Roof Deck On A Pitched Roof

    Building a Rooftop Deck Over Living Space

    Having a roof deck on your roof is the most beautiful thing. And if you are going to build one on your pitched roof, you may want to know how to build a roof deck on a pitched roof.

    Constructing a rooftop deck on your own, particularly on a pitched roof, might be difficult. But, you can do it perfectly by following the step-by-step guideline.

    If you want to take the challenge of building a roof deck on your pitched roof, read the article to the end.

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    Common Types Of Wood Used To Build A Roof Over A Deck

    It involves beams and rafters, and because the deck is an exposed place, it is wise to invest in building materials to withstand different harsh weather conditions. The sizes of the beams and rafters to use are 6×6, 6×2, 8×2, 10×2.

    Here are some wood beams and rafters materials to choose from:

    Cedar Wood

    Cedar is a popular choice because it is resistant to rot and insects. It is also readily available and not heavy. It is the best material for an already existing deck as it will not exert too much pressure on the existing wooden board.

    But the trick to brighten its surface is to apply a sanding sealer and clear varnish after it has been installed. The price of cedar is $3-$5 per square foot.


    Compared to cedar, redwood is a better material but costs more. They cost between $6-$8 per square feet depending on the region and availability.

    But redwood is hard to find in the eastern states compared to its availability in the western states.


    Indigenous eucalyptus is among the hardwoods found in tropical areas. Mature trees with more than twenty years to their belt can last fifty years and beyond when treated with oil-based products.


    Pine is the most common building material because the wood is inexpensive, light, and straight. However, pine is a softer wood and is not resistant to insects. Therefore, its best not to leave pine exposed without painting is to seal it from moisture.

    How To Build A Roof Over My Existing Deck

    Summer may be over, but its the perfect time to start building a roof over your deck for next years sunny season. If youre looking to enjoy the great outdoors right from your backyard while still getting some relief from the sun or rain, a roof over your deck or patio is the perfect solution.

    So, how do you go about it? You may want to just get it over with and do it yourself, but sometimes its better to hire a professional who can get it done efficiently. In this blog, were going to cover the benefits of building a roof over your deck, how to do it, and the average costs. Here at Legacy Service, we will do all we can to help you perfect your homes exterior. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with us for a roof replacement, give us a call at 215-798-9790 or fill out a contact form here.

    Not a real zip code.

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    Building A Covered Deck

    Building a covered deck next to your home can add a great deal to both its value and to your enjoyment of it. The deck shown above is just such a project, and while this article cannot give you specific plans, it can help with planning and building your own deck, complete with roof for those rainy days.

    Every deck plan must operate under some limitations. The location is generally pretty well set by other factors, and often the size is as well. In the case to be described here most of the deck itself was already in place, being used to support an old hot tub that had died a couple of years ago, and a new plan was needed for the existing deck. It was a little small and built right next to a garage in order to have power for the hot tub, but within those limitations, almost anything was possible.

    As the deck is against another building, the roof is of major importance, and it was there that the actual planning began. Before we look at that, however, lets take a look at the actual deck itself, and what was done to improve it into something more suitable.


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