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How To Clean Gutters Without Getting On The Roof

How To Clean Gutters

DIY Gutter Cleaning. No Ladders Required!
  • Make sure you have a good, sturdy, extendable ladder. Always place the ladder on a sturdy surface . You can use a ladder stabilizer both for safety and to prevent damage to the gutters. Also, its best to have a helper around in case you drop something or need a hand with the ladder.
  • Dress for the job. Wear a long-sleeved shirt, work pants and rubber gloves. Cleaning gutters is a dirty job.
  • To remove the gunk from the gutters, use a small, plastic scoop. Gutter scoops are available at the hardware store, or a childs sandbox shovel also works just fine. If you have an old plastic kitchen spatula, that works too, and it wont damage the gutters. Better yet, get a gutter cleaning robot to do the job for you!
  • Spread a tarp underneath your workspace to collect all the gutter gunk and protect your lawn and landscaping.
  • Once youve removed the debris from the gutters, use a garden hose to flush the gutters and downspouts and clear out any remaining debris. This will also show you if you have any leaks. Here, check out the best ways to fix gutter leaks.
  • Once the gutters are clear, repair any sagging metal. You can do this by mounting a gutter hanger. Many gutter repairs are DIY jobs.
  • Once you get the hang of it, gutter cleaning isnt that bad, and youll feel great when its done! Now that you know how to clean out gutters, be sure to add it to your to-do list at least once a year.
  • If cold weather is around the corner, take the necessary steps to prepare your gutters for winter.
  • Gutter Cleaning Tips That Can Save Your Life

    Cleaning out a building’s gutters is a necessary annual task, but not heeding caution can cause personal injury and property damage.

    If more building owners and facilities managers knew the proper way to clean out their roof gutters, there would be fewer injuries and deaths and far less property damage. Fall is the season when gutters are cleaned out in preparation for the rainy or snowy season ahead. If the rainwater doesnt flow properly through the gutter and downspout system, costly repairs can add up from rainwater damage or freezing.

    Its time to clean out those clogged gutters, and to do it safely.

    According to Robert Lenney, inventor of the Gutterglove and a gutter cleaning expert, being properly educated in the art of gutter cleaning is key to a successful and safe cleaning experience. Cleaning out gutters is pretty easy as long as you know what you are doing, replies Lenney. Every time I hear of someone getting hurt from cleaning their gutters, it makes me cringe it could most likely have been avoided had they followed proper cleaning procedures.

    There are a variety of gutter cleaning tips that can bring sanity into this tedious task. Some of the basics detailed by Lenney are listed below.

    Complete The Gutter Cleaning

    Seal any leaking seams and joints with gutter sealant, following the products instructions. To spruce up the outside of the gutters, use a pressure washer to remove any mildew and dirt. Touch up with paint, if needed.

    Now that your gutters are free of debris and draining effectively, consider adding gutter screens to reduce the amount of work needed for future gutter cleaning.

    Cleaning your gutters is a necessary home maintenance task. With the right tools and this guide on how to clean gutters, you can complete the work and repairs on your own. If you need a ladder to reach your gutters, rent one from your local Home Depot.The Home Depot Rental.

    Sometimes DIY means giving us a call. If you don’t have the time, let us repair your gutters for you.

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    Prevent Leaves From Getting Into Your Gutters With Leaffilter

    The methods I listed above work fine, but wouldnt it be great if you could stop leaves from getting into your gutters in the first place?

    Well, there is a company called LeafFilter who does just that. Ive only learned about them recently, but Ive been impressed by their innovative technology and the reviews they received.

    In short, they offer a service to install a filter on your existing gutters, which is built with micromesh technology using stainless steel. They guarantee that your gutters wont get clogged ever again. And if that wasnt impressive enough, they offer a lifetime warranty.

    How To Clean Your Gutters The Right Way

    Different Design Solutions for Clearing Clogged Gutters

  • Draining Issues
  • Replacing Gutters
  • Although they’re a small part of your home’s overall foundation, gutters play a crucial role in protecting the structure of your landscape. If your gutter system stops working, water can damage your roof, which may cause leaks, damage ceilings and floors, and promote mold growth. One common reason gutters stop doing their job is because they’ve filled up with debris, like leaves and twigs. Luckily, you can prevent this from happening by regularly cleaning your gutter system.

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    Gutter Flusher Hose Attachment

    This is perhaps one of the simplest solutions out there, since everyone has a garden hose somewhere in their yard. Its based on the same principle as the blower attachment I talked about earlier .

    Only this time, you will use a ray of water to get rid of the leaves and other debris.

    Just connect the tool to your hose and you are good to go.

    There are a number of products like this on the market but the one that caught my eye was the Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter Cleaner .

    First of all, this isnt just a set of tubes you can put together and attach to your hose. It has an actual telescopic pole with a non-slip grip, making it very comfortable to use. Also, it can deliver water pressure similar to that of a pressure washer so you can be sure there wont be any leftover leaves stuck in your gutters.

    The spray head can be rotated in different angles, making it easy to clean up those hard to reach corners. On top of that, even the water pressure can be adjusted.


    As good as it sounds, there is a case where this may not work. Check out this image:

    See that little cage thing in the gutter? Its there to ensure that the water can always find a way into the downspout, even if the rest of the gutter is heavily clogged up.

    If your gutter has one of these, then using water to get the leaves out of it is probably not viable. However, it may still work if you are only dealing with some small pine needles and dust.

    How To Get On Roof Without Damaging Gutters 2022

    How to get on roof without damaging gutters The gutters are an important part of the roof. Theyre a small, but important part of the roof. Intimidating about getting on the roof without Damaging the Gutters, you might think that youre going to have a really hard time. But its not hard at all. Ive put together a few tips to help you get on the roof without Damaging the Gutters.

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    How To Clean Gutters Without Getting On The Roof

    Gutter cleaning should be done at least once a year, ideally in summer. For your safety, choose a dry day and, if using a ladder, avoid windy weather. Keep in mind that it’s easier to clear gutters when the debris is damp , rather than when it’s dry and compacted. While cleaning gutters and drainpipes, its also an opportune moment to check whether they are in a good state of repair or if any component needs repairing or replacing. In addition, to prevent leaves and other material from settling in the gutters, once youve finished the job you can also install a protection system, such as a leaf guard.

    Protect your hands with utility gloves and wear protective spectacles or a face shield and non-slip shoes. At high altitudes, wear an EN 397-approved helmet equipped with a chin strap. You will also need a bucket to collect the litter clogging the gutters and drainpipes. To more easily remove the accumulated debris, you can equip yourself with a spatula or scoop and clean the gutters one section at a time, repositioning the ladder as you progress.

    Finally, run water through the guttering with a garden hose: besides washing away residual dirt, check whether the drainpipes are clogged.

    Are your drainpipes blocked? You can unblock them easily without a ladder, using a high-pressure washer with drain clearing attachment:

    • Access the outlet where the drainpipe discharges water into the drain or onto the ground.

    Correlated news

    Precautions To Take While Cleaning Gutters From The Ground

    Gutter Cleaning – DIY – How to clear blocked gutters without a ladder

    All of these gutter cleaning methods have a big downside, though: gravity. The gunk you remove from your gutters has to go somewhere, and its generally going to wind up falling relatively close to you. Thats why wearing the right protective clothing is important.

    To avoid injury or having particles getting into your eyes, always wear protective glasses when cleaning your gutters from the ground. Whether youre using a wet or dry cleaning method, its all too easy for things like dirt, leaves, small twigs and other debris to fly from the gutters and irritate your eyes. Safety glasses can prevent any related pain or discomfort.

    For related reasons, wear sturdy, long-sleeved clothing. If youre using a power washer or a garden hose, you may also want to wear a raincoat or other water-proof gear as well. By using a water-based cleaning method, youre probably going to wind up getting wet at some point, so taking the right steps before getting started will make the process less unpleasant.

    If youre wanting to learn how to clean your gutters from the ground, you likely have other questions as well. Keep reading to learn how to fix a clogged downspout and how frequently you should be cleaning your gutters to prevent clogs and water damage.

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    Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Gutters Clean

    Gutters are designed to catch and channel runoff water from the roof to the downspouts. Debris that has built up causes clogging and often forces water to overflow. It is important to ensure that they are always clean.

    To avoid the burden of cleaning gutters regularly, you could use a few tips to prevent them from leaves and twigs. Here are some of the tips and tricks:

    Shear your trees

    Most of the waste in gutters comes from trees as it is mostly made up of twigs and leaves. Shearing the trees will reduce the amount of waste falling into the gutter. This will decrease the leaves that need to be cleaned.

    Using gutter screens

    This is another tip that can be helpful in keeping the gutter clean. The gutter screens prevent leaves and twigs from falling into the gutter. However, the downside of the gutter screens is that smaller waste such as seeds and needles can pass through to the gutter.

    Install fine mesh gutter guard

    Unlike the gutter screens, the fine mesh gutter guard prevents the entry of small particles such as needles and seeds into the gutter. They are also easy to install.

    More on GutterCleaning

    Hire Professional Gutter Cleaners Now

    Hiring professional gutter cleaners is the best option when determining how to clean high gutters without a ladder.

    We have a team of experienced, highly trained professionals ready to offer you the services you need to effectively and safely clean your homes gutters. Contact Evergreen Window Cleaning & Home Maintenance at 206-888-6690 to schedule a consultation and learn how to clean gutters without a ladder.

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    Signs Of Clogged Gutters

    If your gutters are clogged, youll probably start to see twigs and leaves peeking up over the edges. You may also see birds constantly on and around your roof, since clogged gutters are a prime nesting spot.

    Of course, the most obvious sign of clogged gutters is the water overflow. If your gutters are clogged, water will not drain normally through the downspout. Instead, it will pour over the edges of the gutters or leak through the seams. If you see this happening, your gutters are likely clogged somewhere.

    Clearing clogged gutters is important for your home. Not only does it stop birds from building nests in your gutters, but it also prevents water damage. Water damage due to a blockage can become a serious problem if its left unchecked.

    If left for too long, clogged gutters lead to bigger problems, including:

    • Water damage on the side of your home, including stains, puddles and foundation damage
    • Mold and mildew building up in your walls
    • Insect infestations, including potential termite damage

    These can lead to expensive, difficult repairs, especially if the gutters remain clogged for a while. This is why cleaning your gutters regularly and keeping them unclogged is important, even if it may just seem like an easy home improvement project on the surface. If you dont have the time to take on this task yourself, gutter cleaning professionals can help maintain your gutters for you.

    Guidelines For How To Clean Your Gutters And Downspouts

    All Clean Rain Gutters

    Regular and thorough cleaning helps keep gutters in tip-top shape. It requires only a few tools and an afternoon to get water flowing from your roof and away from your home.

    Cleaning gutters in early spring will prepare them for the heavy spring and summer rains. In the early fall, clear out leaves and other debris that accumulated during the warmer months.

    When possible, avoid cleaning gutters after a rain. Allowing a few dry days before cleaning your gutters will allow the debris to dry out, making the chore much easier.

    Start your gutter cleaning task near the downspout and work toward the closed end.

    Cleaning gutters requires working from ladders. Work safely.

    • Never climb above the second to last step/rung.
    • Do not extend your reach.
    • Use a step ladder on solid level ground whenever possible.
    • For two-story homes, use an extension ladder.
    • Use a ladder stabilizer to help keep your ladder in place, if using an extension ladder.
    • If you are not comfortable on ladders, consider hiring a professional.

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    Check Elbows And Downspouts

    After youve cleaned your gutters, its time to move to the downspouts, which drain the water and prevent overflowing.

    Start by removing the elbow, which connects the gutter to the downspout. To do this, youll need a flathead screwdriver or an unbeveled quarter-inch nut driver to remove the bolt that connects the elbow to the gutter. Once the bolt is removed, gently work the elbow back and forth, leading it away from the downspout to get it loose .

    Gutters can have sharp edges, so use caution when removing the elbow. Dont put your hand in the hole created by the removed elbowthere may be exposed screws in there.

    If something is clogged, you may have to do some additional cleanup. Before you open a downspout, put a five-gallon bucket beneath it and use a hose to clean out any remaining debris.

    Do a visual inspection of the downspout, then knock on it in different areas as you listen for a change in sound. If you hear a different sound as you move your way down, its a good indication that something is blocked.

    You can also use a high-pressure hose to test the cleanliness of the downspout. Set the hose to its jet setting and feed it into the gutter as you spray waterif it backs up, the downspout is obviously clogged. If the water passes through the downspout quickly, it means the gutter is clean or youve successfully removed a clog.

    To remove a stubborn clog, work a plumbers snake into the downspout to loosen the debris, then flush it again with a high-pressure hose.

    How To Clean Gutters Without Using A Ladder

    It might not be the most enjoyable task, but cleaning out your gutters is necessary for maintaining a happy and healthy home. If youre like most people, though, youd probably rather not have to climb your ladder every time to clean them out. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can also be pretty dangerous, considering that youre putting yourself at a high risk of falling.

    The good news is that you can clean your gutters from the ground without using a ladder. Were going to cover several options in this blog, which you can choose from, whether you decide to use one of them or multiple.

    If youd prefer help from an expert, though, you can always contact our team at Legacy Service. Weve been helping homeowners improve their living space since 2005, and we have over 15 years of experience in the industry. Whether youre looking for tips about how to clean your gutters without using a ladder, or youd rather hire a professional to do it for you, you can always turn to us. Keep reading to see what we suggest or contact us at 215-798-9790 to get in touch with one of our experts.

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    Cleaning Your Roof In Winter

    Many homeowners ignore their roofs no matter the time of year. But if you want your roof to last a lifetime, some maintenance is involved especially during winter.

    If you notice snow and ice beginning to build up on your roof, its time to follow our tips to clean it. Or, if you dont want to venture into the cold, you can call the experts to do it for you.

    Can Blocked Gutters Cause Property Damage

    Gutter Cleaning – 2 story home in 12 minutes- using a harness from the roof

    Yes, it can lead to costly property damage, if they are not dealt with promptly. Rainwater damage can lead to issues such as rotting fascia boards, water damage to walls, windows, ceilings, insulation, and even foundation damage. If left unchecked, water can permeate through to the internal walls, causing damp and mould spores. Regardless of whether you have cast iron, pressed steel, or plastic gutters, it is essential that these are maintained and regularly checked, to ensure water is free-flowing and clear of debris.

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