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What Does A Gable Roof Look Like

The Benefits Of A Composite Product

What is a Gable Roof? (Gable Roof vs Hip Roof)

is a premier product in this category. Many tiles are only ½ inch thick, but Bravas tile is 1-inch thick making it the thickest composite slate tile on the market.The composition of our tile gives us many advantages over recycled rubber shingles:

  • Design is based on actual slate stone
  • Twice the thickness of most composite slate roof tiles
  • Class 4 impact rating

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Installation Is Less Expensive

Aside from being simple to install, a gable roof also has a low cost of installation. The structure of this roofing material is quite simple, which makes it easy to install and reduces the costs associated with installing this roof.

Roofs that require a lightweight steel or wood frame are less expensive than other roof designs.

Hip Vs Gable Roof In A Nutshell

A hip roof is a type of roof design where all roof sides slope downward toward the walls where the walls of the house sit under the eaves on each side of the roof.

A gable roof is a type of roof design where two sides slope downward toward the walls and the other two sides include walls that extend from the bottom of the eaves to the peak of the ridge.

The purpose of your homes roof is to protect the entire structure from weather.

Most residential roofs are sloped, so water runs down the slope into gutters or off the eaves.

Roof designs can range from very basic.

To very complex.

With lots of angles, valleys, varying pitches, dormers, etc.

And while many roofs are strictly hip roofs

Or strictly gable roofs.

Others use a combination of both roof types to create unique roof designs.


Lets look a little closer.

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Rv Roof Racks/rv Roof Ladder/rv Rooftop Air Conditioner

RV roof rack, ladder and roof top air conditioner are all related to your RVs roof. Thus when handling or using this you need to be careful as you may end up damaging causing cracks to the roof.

RV roof racks are essential because they allow bikes to be carried on the RV. That is important because they enable short distance traveling from where you will camp.

The purpose of the roof ladder is to ensure there is enough space to carry various accessories on the RV roof.

It is also essential to have air conditioners as they help in circulating interior air.

What Is A Skillion Roof

Introducing the Modern Scandinavian Barn Look!  A simple yet striking ...

Also called a shed roof or a lean-to roof, skillion roofs are single-angled sloped roofs that can be attached to a taller wall or be an alternative to a flat roof for a stand-alone structure.

Skillion roofs are common for additions to existing homes along with being a good choice for sheds and porches, but more contemporary style buildings may feature a skillion roof as a design statement.

Skillion roofs have some significant advantages if your property is located in the mountains or northern midwest or New England, since their slope allows for quick snow and water runoff, which makes them ideal for regions that get heavy snow or rainfall.

Skillion roofs tend to be a less expensive choice given their lack of complexity to build.

Standing seam metal roofing is perhaps the best choice for a skillion roof, particularly since it allows for the installation of PV solar panels, which naturally increase the energy efficiency of the home.

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Less Durable With Wind And Snow

Gable roofs cant really compare to hip roofs when it comes to dealing with high-wind and snow areas. They can be problematic for areas that are prone to hurricanes and other storms. If they are improperly framed and constructed with poor support, gable roofs are known to collapse against strong winds.

Additionally, if there is too much of an overhang, high winds can create an uplift against the gables and cause the roof to detach.

If youre using a gable roof in a high-wind area, be sure it is installed using proper braces and check the roof after a high-wind storm.

What Is The Best Roofing Material For A Gable Roof

The style and region of a gable roof are the best factors for determining the best roofing material. Dutch gable roofs are best suited for tropical or rainy climates this designs slope allows for excellent water diversion, which lowers the risk of sitting water, leaks, and so on. The best material for a Dutch gable roof is metal. On the other hand, asphalt shingles arent the best choice for a Dutch gable roof — particularly in a windy, tornado-prone area.

Terracotta tiles or natural slate are two highly durable roofing materials that are both very well suited for gable roof structures. These timeless materials, if installed by an experienced contractor, can last a home for generations — sometimes over 100 years! Ultimately, choosing a material for any residential roof comes down to aligning the homeowners goals and budget with their regional climate. An experienced contractor can make an educated recommendation based on these factors.

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Which Type Of Roof Is Best

Asphalt Roofing Shingles Relatively lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to install, asphalt shingles are the best choice for most houses. They come in sheets that are layered on a roof to give the illusion of more expensive single shingles, such as cedar and slate, that are installed one shingle at a time.

What Does A Gable Roof Look Like

Complete Gable Roof Build! Full instructions for beginners!

The pros and cons of having a gable roof on your home dont matter too much if you dont actually have one, so lets get to the bottom of that first.

The easiest way to spot a gable roof is to look for a triangle, like this:

If your roof goes up on one side then comes down on the exact opposite side, then its likely a gable.

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What Is A Butterfly Roof

This is a type of roof that is v-shaped with two raised wings that meet in a valley in the middle much like a butterfly that is mid-flight.

Butterfly roofs can have a dramatic effect and they are a good choice for homes with contemporary styling and for homes in arid or desert climates since the valley in the center allows for rainwater to be collected (there is usually a reservoir for this purpose incorporated into the design.

Butterfly roofs also allow for larger windows bringing in more natural light and PV solar panels are fairly easy to add on, making this an increasingly popular option for areas suited to this type of construction, like the southwestern U.S. and tropical areas of the southeast.

That said, these types of roofs are more complicated to build and maintain, and it is essential to ensure that the drainage system and waterproofing are top-notch.

Solid membranes are suggested, although metal and other organic materials may work to keep a butterfly roof watertight depending on your location.

The large windows and open design of a butterfly roof may also increase your heating and cooling costs since it will be more difficult to regulate the temperature inside the home.

Asphalt Roll Roof Systems

The most common rubber roof alternative for flat and low-sloped roofs is asphalt-roll roofing. Asphalt roll roofing is applied in sheets in a fairly easy installation process.

For this reason, asphalt roll roofing is popular for sheds and small buildings, as well as for do-it-yourself projects.

However, asphalt roll is only a temporary roofing solution, as it has a very short lifespan.

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Gable And Valley Roof

A gable and valley roof is a commonly used roof on homes with an upper floor attic theyve converted or would like to convert into a living space. It combines the classic gable roof but adds 2 or more gables jutting out from the sides . This addition creates more valleys, of course, and thus creates more open space on the upper floors.

What Does Hail Damage Look Like On A Roof

Pin by Tif Schnarr on Exterior Home Ideas

If you live in an area where hail and wind storms happen, you may be curious how hail damage affects your roof and what does hail damage look like on a roof. Your roof is your homes primary protection from the elements, including those fierce storms. If youre in the pathway of hail, its natural to wonder what to do next. What amount of hail damage did your roof sustain, if any? Should you call your home insurance company and request a new roof?

The good news is that not all hail storms cause significant damage to your roofing materials. Lets start with the basics of hail and how to tell if youve sustained roof damage to your shingles and other areas.

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The Right Partner For The Right Project

Diversified Roofing has provided its customers with the highest quality service to homeowners, residential builders and commercial contractors for decades. We aim to nurture positive relationships with everyone we work with, so you can rest assured that we will work efficiently and communicate clearly. Our experienced, reliable team will do anything in their power to ease your mind and fulfill your vision. If youre looking to reroof your house, reach out to us through our website today.

What Is Gable Roof

The gable roofs are easy to recognize: they have a distinct triangular shape. This type of roof also of the most common designs.

While there are many variations on the standard gable roof design, you should at least be familiar with four of the most popular: side gable, front gable, Dutch gable, and crossed gable.

Here, the different types of gable roof are as follows.

  • Side Roof Gable

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How Does A Gable Roof Compare To A Hip Roof

Both hip roofs and gable roofs are popular choices for residential homes, but they’re quite different. Hip roofs slope back from all four roof sides down toward the walls of the home, which sit under the eaves. A hip roof has no vertical ends, and the “hip” is actually the angle formed where two sides meet.

With gable roofs, on the other hand, only two sides slope downward. The other two sides extend from the bottom of the eaves toward the peak of the ridge line.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Hip Roof

How to Frame a Gable Wall // Roof Framing Part 5

Before installing on a modern roof, be sure to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this design. Consider how these pros and cons fit your preferences and needs.

Like modern roofs, gable roofs come with their own set of pros and cons. Heres what you should know before choosing a gable roof.

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Your Guide To Gable Roofs

Reviewed by Tomas Kalkys. President.Qualifications: More than 20 years of experience in residential and commercial exterior remodeling.Founding farther of Legacy Service.Written by LegacyUSA Team

Get Estimates From Roofing Pros

If youre in the process of designing a new house or framing a roof, then youre probably looking into various types of roofs to determine which one would be best for you. Two types of roof shapes are the most popular for houses in the United States they include gable roofs and hip roofs. Today, were going to focus on gable. If youre considering this type of design for your home, heres your guide to everything you need to know about it.

How To Build Roof

A gable roof is made up of two parts that slope in opposing directions from the roof ridge. These are arranged so that the highest, horizontal edges meet to form the roof ridges top point.

Depending on the size of the land, the pitch and height of the gutters may differ. A ridge board runs parallel to the exterior walls as well as extends all along roofs maximum height or peak.

The tops of the typical rafters are tacked to the ridge board. Those rafters slope downwards and thus are nailed to the ceiling joists as well as the outer walls.

To extend the life of the gable roof until it needs replacing, it will require regular roof maintenance. A skilled roofer must evaluate your roof at least twice a year.

Gutters must be cleansed double the a year, irrespective of roof type, and broken gutters must be fixed or replaced. Clear any debris that has accumulated on your roof. If moss or mold is forming on your roof, this should be removed before your roof deteriorates and leaks.

Nevertheless, one ought not walk on a slanted roof even without appropriate safety devices, but its always preferable to contact a roofing professional.

Experts get the knowledge and experience to examine your roof and identify problems before they worsen, as well as determine whether this is time to repair your roof while your home sustains major structural damage.

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Front Gables Vs Side Gables

Front gables and side gables are the two most simplistic variations of gable roofing systems.

How to easily spot the difference!

When youre looking at a homes front door and see a triangle straight on, youre looking at a side gable roof. If you see the shingles, its a front gable roof. As a general rule of thumb, side gable roofs have the front door under the pitched part of the roof.

How are they the same?

Each variation has two size-equivalent sections that are pitched with an angle. They meet at the peak of your homes roof, where most reputable roofers will install a ridge vent if one does not exist already.

In the case of having a front gable roof, its important to have gutters and downspouts installed if you dont want a flood of water hitting you in the head during a rain storm! Professionally installed seamless gutters and downspouts help efficiently manage water flow.

What Is Gable Roof Made Of

This modern house with a gable roof and round windows on the ground ...

Asphalt is the most popular roofing material and is a very common choice for gable roofs. This material has good all-around resistance to weather and is available in a wide range of color options. As a general rule, asphalt shingles are the go-to material if the gable roof contains a dormer, hips or valleys.

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Consistent Eaves All Around The House

The consistent look all around the house with even eaves and roof sizes can help make your home more aesthetically pleasing. Gable roofs look different on each side , and while some homeowners might not mind the inconsistency in appearance, many prefer consistent eaves all around the house.

If youre one of the latter, then hip roofs win the hip versus gable roof comparison.

Why Are Dutch Roofs So Steep

By the time the Dutch were tasked with rebuilding after two massive fires, stone chimneys had been invented and coal was widely available, so these new buildings not only had chimneys, but stairs, too. But since space was limited, builders had to be creative thus the un-ideally steep, narrow staircases.

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What Is A Gambrel Roof

Gambrel roofs also referred to as barn roofs or barn-style roofs are similar to mansard roofs in several ways.

However, unlike a mansard roof, gambrel roofs only have two sloped sides instead of four, resulting in a roof that is somewhat triangular as opposed to square or rectangular.

This type of roof has a steep lower slope that is almost vertical, a gentler upper slope, and they also offer some storage or extra living space in the form of an attic, loft, or garret.

While the name comes from the Latin gamba or the French gamberal, meaning a horses hock or leg, that name for this type of originated in the United States, with the European name for the style being curb or kerb roof.

Gambrel roofs are often used on Dutch Colonial or Georgian style homes, along with barns and barn style homes, log cabins, farmhouses, and even exterior buildings like sheds and separate garages.

They can have a rustic feel or a more elegant look, making them one of the more versatile styles of roof.

Windows or dormers are a common addition to a gambrel roof as they supply natural light to the garret or loft area under the roof as well as improving the general aesthetic appeal of the property, but they do also increase the chance of a roof leak repair, so it is important to get regular inspections and check the flashing around the windows if you have a gambrel roof with dormers or similar architectural details.

Why Do Dutch Houses Have Steep Roofs

Example of Gable Roof Truss Framing for Two-Car Garage

Before 1800 the more common term for this was Dutch Roof. It is also evident that there is a practical reason why the two sloped roof was a popular format for buildings used for storage. It maximized headroom on the floor space under the roof. The steeper lower part of the roof acts almost as a wall.

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Which Type Of Roof Is Best For You

We went through quite a few roof styles today, and you may be wondering which is best for you. While many of these roof styles would work for your home, its mainly about which factors are most important to you. Once you decide on the level of aesthetics, durability, and functionality you are looking for, you will have a much easier time narrowing down your options.

If you are looking to boost your curb appeal, it is important you pair the right roofing materials with your roof style. For more information on roofing materials plus the pros and cons of each, check out our comprehensive Roofing Materials Guide.

If you are considering taking on a roof installation on your own, make sure to do so safely and be sure to contact a professional with any questions. If you are considering bringing in a professional contractor, be sure to contact First American Roofing for a FREE estimate. Whether it is a general question or an estimate, we would love to hear from you!

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