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What Is A Roof Cap

Why Ridge Caps And Ridge Vents Are Critical Components Of Your Roofing System

How To Install Roofing Ridge Cap (The Right Way!!)

Ridge caps and ridge vents are critical components of any good roofing system. As a result, water flowing into and out of your home cannot be diverted through the roof valleys. Ridge caps help to reduce the temperature in your home while also providing ventilation. Ridge vents are necessary for a variety of reasons and are now considered an essential part of the modern roof design.

Functions Of Ridge Caps That Make Them Indispensable For The Roof

Triangular shaped tiles that cover the joints between two faces of the roof is defined as roof ridge capping. The advantages of installing roof caps are many. Not only does it help keep the weather out, and securing a durable life for the roof, but it also increases the effectiveness of the house overall. The aesthetic appeal of ridge capping is also great.

Knowing the functions of a ridge cap can highlight the significance. a few important points have been summarized here for better understanding.

What Makes A Roof Ridge Cap Important

The ridge line offers a convenient location for moisture and debris to sneak underneath your roofing. So, the area needs added protection. A ridge cap is fitted over that space to shield it. This prevents rain, snow, ice, and pests from sneaking in and creating costly damage.

There are different ways that roofers can create a ridge cap for your home.

  • Asphalt shingles can be wrapped over the top of the ridge line for protection, then covered in another layer of shingles to create a cohesive appearance.
  • Prefabricated roof caps can be made prior to installation from a variety of materials, including asphalt, aluminum, copper and plastic. These materials can be painted or treated to blend in color and style with the rest of your roofing.

No matter what technique is used, the installation must be performed with precision and attention to detail, so you get the protection you deserve.

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What Are Ridge Cap Shingles And What Are They Used For

Asphalt shingles are designed to protect homes without breaking the bank. They are not as long-lasting as metal roofing but they are an American favorite and have been for a long time. These affordable roofing materials come in various colors to fit a persons taste and are durable enough to last a long period of time against the elements, especially with proper installation and maintenance.

Different roof parts require different kinds of roofing materials to protect it. While flashing protects the area where protrusions such as chimneys meet the roof, a different kind of shingle is used to protect the ridges of the roof: ridge cap shingles.

Ridge cap shingles are like regular shingles in that they use the same material and offer the same look in terms of color but they are different in that they are specially designed to cover the ridges of the roof, which are high-stress areas that need more protection, unlike with metal roofing.

Aside from adding necessary protection to your roof ridges, GAFs hip and ridge cap shingles add accents to your architectural roofing shingles and make your roof stand out. These can even add dimension and depth to a 3-Tab shingle roof, making it look better while protecting your home.

GAF offers a variety of choices for their hip and ridge cap Shingles, all of which can be categorized into two major categories: Standard and Premium.



Metal Roofing Ridge Cap Installation Steps

Which roof cap should I use for my vent hood?
  • Center a piece of ridge cap on the building peak. Make a mark at the caps lower edges , at one end of the ridge. See the illustration below.
  • If the ridge is only 15-20 long, repeat step 1 at the opposite end of the ridge. For a longer ridge, move along the ridge repeating step 1 every 15 or so, until you reach the opposite end.
  • Set the piece of ridge cap aside, and snap a chalk line between the marks. You should end up with 2 chalk marks one on each side of the ridge, and running along its full length.
  • Following steps a-c below, place outside closure strips along the full length of the ridge, on both sides of the roof. The edge of the closure should be 1/4 above the chalk line .
  • Run a strip of sealant tape the full length of the ridge, about 1 above your chalk line. Repeat on the opposite side. If there is a paper backing running along the top of the sealant strip, remove it.
  • Run closure strips the length of the ridge, interlocking them end to end as you go, and pressing them down on top of the sealant tape.
  • Run another strip of sealant tape along the top of the closure strips. Leave any paper backing in place, for now.
  • Vented closure is installed in much the same way, except that it is unrolled rather than laid down in 3 pieces.

    5. Starting at the end of the ridge where the first panel was installed, install the first piece of ridge cap.

    7. Lap the next piece of ridge cap 6 over the first, and repeat steps 5 and 6.

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    What Is It Used For

    A cap sheet is used to cover old roof decks before an additional layer of insulation is added through spray or blown-in application.

    It creates a seamless barrier between the roof deck and insulation that prevents moisture penetration into the building assembly below, which can cause problems with mold, odors, corrosion, and rot.

    Plastic Oddities Roof Vent Cap

    The Plastic Oddities Roof Vent Cap will fit comfortably on your 4 pipe. Its a great fit for your ducted 600 CFM range hood. This roof cap features a unique circular design. It will keep leaves, dirt, and small animals from entering your vent so that your range hood can run at peak efficiency.Purchase the Plastic Oddities Roof Vent Cap from Amazon here.

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    Clean And Prepare The Roof

    Before you get started installing, unroll the rolled roofing material on the ground to flatten it out. As the material uncurls, thoroughly clean your roof.

    Use a push broom to remove loose debris from the roof. If you notice any nails sticking up from the wood sheathing, hammer them down.

    Prepare the roof by ensuring you have an adequate base layer to install the roll roofing over. Roll roofing is usually installed over bare wood sheathing. However, applying roofing felt over the sheathing will help protect against leaking.

    Technically, you can install roll roofing over the top of existing shingles. However, when it comes to almost any roofing project, its best to avoid roof layovers and opt for a clean base instead.

    It is also a good idea to install drip edge flashing before laying the rolled roof. Drip edge is a type of metal flashing that is installed at the edges of your roof to keep water from getting underneath your roofing materials. Use roofing cement and roofing nails to attach the drip edge flashing around the bottom edge of the roof.

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    Snap A Square Reference Line

    • A square reference line is important for installing roofing panels evenly. Use the 3-4-5 method to establish a reference line 90 degrees to the eave.
    • First, make a mark along the eave three feet from the corner. At that mark, measure four feet toward the ridge. Then, from the original corner, measure five feet and mark where it intersects the second mark.
    • Snap a line from the first three-foot mark through the intersection of the second and third marks. Since the Getaway roof is larger, I measured to 21 feet, 28 feet and 35 feet to make my square reference line.

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    If You Are Installing A New Roof

    If you are in the process of putting a new roof on your home, then its very likely part of this will be having a roofing cap sheet installed.

    If you notice there is no cap on top of your shingles when looking at other homes that have recently had their roofs replaced, then your roofer should be installing one for you.

    What Are Ridge Cap Shingles

    I was helping a relative shingle his shed roof last summer, but he wasnt sure how to use his shingles on the ridge of his shed. He didnt know that there are ridge cap shingles that are specifically used only for roofing a ridge.

    Ridge cap shingles are shingles specially designed to fit over the ridge of a roof. They are often pre-bent and thicker than regular roof shingles. Ridge cap shingles resemble a single tab from a standard roof shingle and install by overlapping one another from one end of the ridge to the other.

    Most shingle manufacturers make ridge cap shingles to go with their standard shingles. While these shingles are commonly found in asphalt roofing applications, they also exist for other types of roofing materials, such as metal, rubber, tile, and more.

    In this article, well cover what ridge shingles do, where they go on a roof, and how they differ from standard shingles in terms of look and installation.

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    How To Apply Ridge Caps To A Roof

    Related Articles

    Applying or installing roof ridge caps to a roof is the common term for putting on a layer of asphalt or laminate shingles that cover the roof ridge. This is the last task completed on every roofing job, and it must be done correctly to prevent leaking. It is a straightforward process, but it does require working on the highest part of the roof. This can be a do it yourself process, but if you have any doubts about being in this position on a roof, call and let a professional do the job.

    When installing a ridge vent, first apply ridge caps along the ridge, place the ridge vent in place and secure it to the roof, then put another layer of ridge cap shingles over the ridge vent using 3-inch nails to secure the ridge cap shingles in place, according to IKO Industries. You can make your own ridge cap shingles by cutting the tabs off of regular shingles. However, this leads to a large amount of shingle waste, and in many cases it is more cost effective and offers better time management when you include actual ridge cap shingles in the overall roofing scenario.

    Installing Ridge Cap Shingles From 3 And 4

    Master Flow 4 in. Goose Neck Vent

    The installation of makeshift ridge cap shingles from a standard tab-type shingle is just the same as above, but the tricky part can be cutting the shingle to make a ridge shingle.

    To cut a ridge cap shingle from a 3 or 4-tab shingle, youll use your shingle cutter a hook-shaped blade placed in your utility knife to cut apart each tab.

    When cutting a tab, you dont want to make square or rectangular pieces. If you do, it will be difficult to hide the top part of the shingle when you begin to overlap them. Instead, when cutting the top not visible part of the shingle for your ridge cap, youll want to cut inward about 30 degrees or so to make tapered ends.

    To make the tapered ends for a ridge cap shingle, lay a 3-tab shingle right side up flat on the ground with the tabs facing you. Between each tab, youll cut a letter V, with the point of the V at the beginning of the tab. Your cuts will go out and away from you. Youll also have to cut the ends in the same fashion, but since they are the ends theyll only need one cut.

    A tapered end will ensure that the back ends of your DIY ridge cap shingles are hidden. Avoid cutting too great of an angle on your ridge shingles because the hidden portion of your ridge shingle anchors it securely with nails to the roof and the shingle behind it.

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    How To Install Roll Roofing For Maximum Life

    Nonetheless roll roofing installations will have a longer life if installed according to the product manufacturers instructions, nailed at proper intervals, and with seams properly sealed.

    Its also important to install roll roofing over a smooth sound roof deck.

    If the roof decking sags, ponding on the roof surface after rain may reduce its life.

    Overlapping strips of asphalt roll roofing are installed over the roof surfaces with overlapped edge joints sealed, usually with a heated asphalt compound, or cold-applied using a similar sealant that functions at lower temperatures.

    Sketch courtesy of Carson Dunlop Associates .

    Probably in part because asphalt roll roofing is typically used on low slope and nearly flat roofs, it can have an anticipated wear life of less than ten years, often five years.

    The life of roll roofing may be extended by coatings.

    Essential Components For The Safety And Protection Of Your Roof

    Almost all commercial buildings have some combination of hatches, skylights, vents, condensers, and fans. These items all cost money, add weight to your roof, and must penetrate your roofs membrane to do their job. Rooftop curbs are the essential component required to protect your investment in equipment, ensure safety, prevent inefficient operation, and avoid damaging water leaks.

    Our team is made up of industry experts who can guide you to the rooftop curbs, accessories, and flashing suited for your unique situation. Well help you choose the materials and assemblies for your roof type, access points, and equipment. Questions? Please contact us or call us today at 868-9910.

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    When Is It Time To Replace My Roofing Cap Sheet

    The typical lifespan of a roofing cap sheet is around 15 years.

    As previously mentioned, re-coating your existing membrane more often will help it last longer but sooner or later you may need to install a new layer.

    Repairing or replacing your roofs cap sheet is more expensive than repairing the rest of your roof deck but its a crucial component to keeping the structure free from water damage.

    If youve noticed any leaks or dampness in your attic space during or after a storm then you should have a professional take a look at your cap sheet and insulation.

    Asphalt Roofing Ridge Cap Shingles

    How To Easily Install Ridge Caps On A Roof For Beginners!

    On the other hand, an asphalt shingle roof will require ridge cap shingles.

    Since asphalt shingles are more prone to wear and tear compared to metal roofing, its even more critical to have ridge cap shingles in place to stop rain and moisture from penetrating.

    For unique roof designs and sizes, its possible to cut regular shingles to create special ridge caps. If you want to save time and money, though, its best to go with prefabricated ridge cap shingles.

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    What Is Roof Venting & What Does A Roof Vent Do

    To put it simply, roof ventilation is a system that allows air to circulate through the attic. Roof vents are essential to every home. Yet not many homeowners know much about their roof ventilation systems. Roof vents may not be something you necessarily think about, but it should be.

    Roof vents help protect buildings in many ways. They extend the life of the roof, regulate indoor temperatures, and reduce the cost of energy. A well-vented attic will also protect buildings from damage caused by rot.

    Lets take a look at how attic ventilation works. We will discuss why ventilation is important and how it protects homes when installed properly. Hopefully after reading this guide, you will be more aware of roof vents and what they do.

    Metal Roofing Ridge Cap

    For extra protection from dirt, debris, and water, metal roofing requires a roofing closure to be installed between the roof panels and your ridge cap. You can choose from two options:

    • Solid closureThis is watertight and airtight
    • Vented closureThis allows hot air to escape and is preferred when you have an attic.

    Once the closure is installed, a ridge cap is placed on top of it. Ridge caps come in pieces that are 10 feet long and up to a foot wide, and are customized to fit your roof peak with precision.

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    Why Use Cap & Starter Shingles

    Roof replacement is not an easy project. When choosing a contractor you want to know that the roof they install will be secure and prepared to last. Two important materials that will help to prolong the life of your roof are cap and starter shingles. Using these materials on your roofing project will save time and prevent future damage to your homes roof. They will also give your roof a finish that will increase curb appeal, prolong your roofs age, and protect your home for decades.

    How To End Ridge Cap Shingles

    Ultra HP

    One of the biggest questions for DIY ridge cap installers is how to terminate a row of ridge cap shingles. Know that you will not be able to avoid having a few visible nail heads at the end of your row of roof peak shingles. But the good news is there will only be a few.

    To end a row of ridge cap shingles, trim your last shingle to fit the roofline. Then cut a new ridge shingle to fit over the last one. Make sure you use only the part of the shingle that is meant to be visible. Nail and then cover nail heads with roofing cement.

    The last shingle that you nail will be a ridge cap shingle without the tar strip. Some prefer to use four nails for the last roof peak shingle, which is a good idea as it is the most exposed shingle since there isnt another covering it.

    That last shingle that you cut to fit on end will then be nailed twice. Cover the nail heads with dabs of roofing cement.

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