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How Much Does A Solar Shingle Roof Cost

Advantages Of A Solar Roof

What are Solar Roof Shingles and how much do they cost?

In 2022, solar shingles and solar roofing products are emerging from a variety of manufacturers, with ongoing improvements in efficiency and durability. Compared to ordinary solar panels, building-integrated solar tiles have two main advantages: superior aesthetics and dual-functionality.

Low Profile: Despite their ability to reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions, some homeowners still think solar panels are too ugly for their roof. While we can see the beauty in both black and blue solar panels, there is no arguing that solar shingles can provide building owners with familiar roofing aesthetics, thus creating a less invasive installation. Sleek, modern, and even futuristic, solar shingles certainly win the aesthetic battle compared to traditional solar panels.

2-in-1 Functionality: More importantly, solar shingles offer 2-in-1 functionality as both a building material and an energy-generating device. Even though solar shingles tend to be more expensive than ordinary panels alone, this does not account for the costs associated with roofing materials. When replacing an old roof and adding solar shingles simultaneously, homeowners may be able to save money by combining two upgrades at once.

How Much Power Do Solar Shingles Produce

To achieve high yields from a limited roof space with suitable light solar shingles solutions, manufacturers had to unify all the solar panels features into rooftop covering. The challenges they faced were materials, roof-mounting solutions, dimensions, and output. Every homeowner is interested in the overall output from the solar roof system or how much power do solar shingles produce? As shown in the table above, one solar roof tile covering can produce from 50Watts to 114Watts.

Another important thing that homeowners need to pay attention to is roof sides. The best roof side for solar shingles installation is the true south in the US. Even if the roof is facing southwest and southeast, solar roof shingles can be an excellent decision for your future. The northern sides of the roof should be covered with ordinary matching shingles since it will not be able to achieve optimal efficiency.

Other Solar Roof Companies To Watch

The solar roofing industry is taking its sweet time to really get going in the U.S. In the last few years, greater efficiencies in solar shingle technology, cheaper pricing, and a growing number of certified installers, have begun to make solar roofs a more attractive option for homeowners.

Elsewhere in the world, solar roofs are also picking up steam. In Sweden, the company Sunroof is making beautiful solar roofs with a low carbon footprint and high efficiency ratings. I have my eye on them for entry into the North American market.

In Germany, SolteQ won the German Sustainability Award in 2021 for its interlocking solar tiles. These are installed direct-to-deck and come with a 40-year performance warranty. Theyre also made in-house in a carbon neutral facility. SolteQ offers a wider range of solar roofing options than any other company on the list above. These include several options for asphalt roofs, Mediterranean tile roofs, historic buildings, bespoke facades, and more. The company is relatively new to the U.S. but does have representatives ready to answer questions if you like the look of its products.

Leigh Matthews, BA Hons, H.Dip. NT

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What Is Your Average Annual Household Energy Consumption

Electricity usage over time is measured in watt hours. Your electricity provider or utility company typical measures usage in kilowatt-hours or kWh. One kWh is one kilowatt generated for one hour. Lets say you use a 40-watt light bulb for five hours, youll have used 200 watt hours or 0.2 kWH of electricity.

We all use different amounts of energy. Depending on how energy efficient your home is and how conscious you are about your energy usage. The good news is you can reduce both and in turn save yourself bundles money. It really matters how much electricity you consume annually. Once we know how many KWs you need we can effectively calculate the size of the solar system needed to power your home. The less energy you consume the smaller solar system needed.

Payback Of A Solar Roof

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Several other factors should also be considered when evaluating the cost and value of your system. You will likely be eligible for some cost deductions through available national, state and utility incentives. All distributed solar energy equipment purchases are currently eligible for a 26% federal tax credit to be claimed retroactively when filing taxes for the previous year. Customers in other service areas may qualify for additional solar tax credits or cash rebates, offered by either the state, county, or servicing utility. Check with your utility provider or do your own research at to see what financial incentives may be available to you. If you are considering a SunStyle roof, our team will assist you in identifying these deductions.

You should also calculate the financial impact of future incremental savings. By reducing or even fully offsetting your external energy needs, the addition of a solar roof will result in monthly energy savings. If you are enrolled in a net energy metering program, you may receive a credit from your utility for surplus energy your system produces and cannot use onsite, further bringing down your energy expenditures. Over a period of years, expect these savings to fully offset the upfront cost of your solar roof. This is referred to as the payback period. With knowledge of your costs and anticipated production, your solar company can help you calculate your roofs payback period.

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Solar Shingles Vs Solar Panels Cost

If you are interested in solar energy and need a new roof, you may want to compare the cost of solar shingle installations with the cost of a new roof and solar panels. Both projects are costly and labor-intensive and can give you a working solar system that helps offset your energy costs. The average price to install new roof solar shingles ranges from $21 to $25 per square foot, including labor, totaling $31,500 to $37,500 for a 1,500 sq.ft. roof. Compared to installing a shingle roof for $6,960 and adding new solar panels for $12,500 to $17,500for a total of $19,460 to $24,460, this seems to be more cost-effective than installing solar shingles. However, there are benefits to installing both styles beyond costs. First, if your roof is in good condition, you only need to install new panels. Installing solar shingles means removing your existing roof, increasing costs and the project lifespan. However, solar shingles can provide a more subtle appearance. Below are the average costs for the solar shingle and solar panel installations on a 1,500 sq.ft. roof.


Why Should I Choose Certainteed

Located just outside of Philadelphia, CertainTeed specializes in the development of innovative and sustainable options for home and business owners. Our mission is to be North Americas recognized leader in sustainable building products.

Quality sustainable design and affordable prices define our consistent and reliable product options. CertainTeed offers Apollo II roof-integrated solar shingle and solar tile systems, as well as the dynamic Solstice® solar system.

CertainTeed has more than 100 years of history and reliability that you can trust. Learn more about us, including our commitment to sustainability and our corporate social responsibility efforts.

About Certainteed

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Additional Costs And Upgrades

Depending on the current infrastructure present in your home, Tesla mentions that it may be necessary to perform additional upgrades during installation. This includes services such as extra electrical work or installation of a Solar Roof on a shed or deck. Prices are quoted directly to you upon inspection, but it is important to note that they are not included in the Solar Roof calculator estimate.

Using your home’s equity is an easy way to fund your new roof!

Get prequalified in minutes by clicking on your state.

Increase The Reflection Of Solar Energy

Tesla Solar Roof Costs

Solar panels reduce the room temperature in the summer. They dont insulate your roof from heat. But, you will have the same insulation effect. Do you know how do they do that?

Though solar panels absorb a lot of heat, they reflect some of the absorbed energy. As more and more energy is reflected off the roof, they absorb only a tiny portion and help cool down the roof.

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Does Tesla Operate In My State How Do I Order

The best way to find out if you’re in Tesla’s service area is to go to the company’s site to enter your address for an estimate. Tesla reportedly has expanded its service area for Solar Roof to the entire United States, though some addresses still say unavailable when you request an estimate. Tesla is definitely expanding though, through the use of third party contractors. In some areas, Tesla will refer you to the website or contact information of a certified installer instead of giving you an estimate.

To order through Tesla, create an account online. Tesla then uses satellite imagery of your roof to design a system and price estimate, which will be finalized when an Tesla agent visits your home to confirm the roof complexity, size and a few other details.

Obstructions in your roof can raise the cost of a Solar Roof.

After you and Tesla agree on a design, it will pull permits and put you on the schedule to install. Tesla reportedly has some in-house teams, even while bringing on more third-party installers.

What We Dont Like About Gaf

Despite the mono PERC cells and ease of installation, Timberline solar shingles only have a power output of 45 W per square foot. This is a lot lower than CertainTeeds shingles.

The operating temperature range is a little smaller than for other solar shingles, meaning they are unlikely to be suitable for very hot climates. We also dont know the temperature co-efficient for these shingles.

While its great that these shingles have been put through their paces by accredited laboratories, it seems they are on the lower end for impact resistance. The solar shingles are rated Class 1 .

  • Solar panels are still very apparent on the roof
  • Likely a 10-15% premium on a roof plus solar array
  • Installation takes longer than a standard rack-mounted array

While not technically solar shingles, these direct-to-deck solar panels are integrated into the roof instead of being installed on racks. The result is a very low-profile solar panel installation with all the protective qualities of roofing shingles.

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What We Like About Suntegra

SunTegra, formerly known as Integrated Solar Technology , is fully dedicated to solar solutions. The companys founder, Oliver Koehler, previously worked at BP Solar and SunPower and branched out to provide more innovative solar solutions for homeowners, buildings, and businesses.

While a smaller business than CertainTeed, SunTegra is expanding rapidly in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. There is currently no waitlist for a SunTegra installation, so this is a great choice if youre looking to add a few solar shingles or tiles to your roof right away.

SunTegra solar tiles and shingles are rated to withstand 112 lbs. per sq. ft. and a maximum wind speed of 130 mph. The operating temperature range is the same as CertainTeeds at -40 and 194 degrees Fahrenheit .

SunTegras tiles and shingles are barely visible from ground level, thanks to their low profile. The lightweight design avoids the need for structural engineering and building permits. SunTegra also claims that their installation process is much simpler and faster than for Tesla or Forward and uses 50% fewer parts than conventional rack-mounted systems. Integrated wiring makes for fast and easy installations and maintenance.

SunTegra also plans to introduce new solar products for garden and patio spaces and for the sides and facades of commercial and community buildings.

What We Dont Like About Suntegra

Tesla Solar Roof Panels Cheaper Than A Standard Roof?

While low-profile, the all-black aesthetic is very apparent on most roofs. If youre looking for something more seamless, a Tesla Solar Roof or Forward installation is your best option.

SunTegra is only a solar company it doesnt offer a full roofing service. As such, if you need to replace your roof, youll have to coordinate installations with two companies. Both products come with a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year power output warranty, which is less generous than the warranties offered by CertainTeed, Tesla, and Forward.

SunTegras solar tiles have 16 monocrystalline cells each and a power output of 64 to 70 W. Their efficiency ratings are 13.9%, 14.5%, and 15.1% for the STT 64, STT 67, and STT 70, respectively. These are much lower than most solar panels. In fact, you may need to cover 50% more of your roof to produce the same amount of electricity as a standard solar array.

Find a Solar Energy partner near you.

The solar shingles are more efficient than their tile counterparts but less efficient than CertainTeeds shingles. There are three shingle models available, with outputs between 105 W and 114 W. The higher wattage is because all of the shingles have 24 monocrystalline cells. The efficiencies, however, are just 15.9%, 16.6%, and 17.2% for the STS 105, STS 110, and STS 114 respectively.

Forward offers a 30-year weatherization warranty and the roof is guaranteed for 40 years.

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The 7 Best Solar Roof Options For 2022

Leigh Matthews, BA Hons, H.Dip. NT

Sustainability Expert

Leigh Matthews is a sustainability expert and long time Vegan. Her work on solar policy has been published in Canada’s National Observer.

Tesla may have been the first company to introduce a full solar roof, but they werent the first to make solar shingles. Here are a few of the best solar roof options, including Tesla, with pros and cons for each.

Not sure if a solar roof or solar shingles are for you? Ask yourself: Should I Install a Solar Roof?

Can You Live Off The Grid With Solar Panels

Solar panels can absolutely provide enough power to live off the grid, but there are a few things to consider. First, solar panels work best when they are oriented towards the sun, so youll need to have a clear line of sight to the sky in order to maximize their power output. Additionally, solar panels need to be properly sized for your power needs too small and youll be constantly relying on backup generators or other power sources, too large and youll be wasting money on excess capacity. Finally, youll need to factor in the cost of batteries and other storage devices to ensure that you have enough power available when the sun isnt shining. With all of these factors considered, it is entirely possible to live off the grid with solar panels, but it does require some careful planning and preparation.

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Is Tesla’s Solar Roof A Good Deal

As with every major purchase, it’s important to shop around. This is especially true of solar, where a local provider might beat national companies, which often have higher overhead costs. Tesla has made its solar panel installations cheaper, though the Solar Roof doesn’t have any one-to-one comparisons.

If you really hate the look of solar panels or love the look of the Solar Roof, it might be the right choice for you. There really isn’t another solar product like it. You will have to pay a premium, though how much depends on the condition and layout of your roof. While Solar Roof is an exciting product, it isn’t practical for most people. With a Solar Roof, you’ll get quality equipment backed by strong warranties, but another company may offer greater choice among panels, batteries and inverters at a much lower price. And, there are online concerns about Tesla’s customer service .

Other companies have rolled out their own solar shingle products, notably GAF Energy earlier this year. While GAF prices aren’t public, in January a spokesperson said the cost would be about half of Tesla’s Solar Roof. More recently GAF said a new roof with solar shingles will cost about the same as a new roof and solar panels. Their solar shingles look less like a regular roof than Tesla’s.

There is the chance that, as Tesla tries to increase installations of Solar Roofs while its share of the solar panel market shrinks, it values customer service more for Solar Roof customers .

How Do They Work With The Roof

The Problem With Teslas Solar Roof

When you install solar shingles, it looks like another layer has been added onto your roof and your home will look exactly the same. The panels will be connected to each other and to a central conductor which contains all of the wirings that bring electricity from the roof to where it is needed in your home.

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Cost To Remove Solar Panels From A Roof By Number Of Panels

The cost to remove solar panels for a roof replacement is $200 to $300 per panel. This includes disconnecting the system, removing the panels and equipment, and reinstalling them with an inspection after replacing the roof. These costs sometimes cover small replacement parts for fasteners or connectors, ensuring your system is in good condition once back on.

Because homes have many sizes of solar panel systems, you can have a wide range of panels installed on your home. Therefore, the cost to remove them from your roof for a roof replacement can vary. Below are the average costs to remove and reinstall the panels after a roof replacement based on the number of panels.

Number of Panels


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