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Is A Metal Roof More Expensive Than Asphalt Shingles

Metal Roof Vs Shingles: Maintenance

Busting common MYTHS about Metal Roofing!

Roof maintenance doesnt top anyones list of fun things to do, yet it must be done to ensure a roofs longevity.

With asphalt shingles, most maintenance involves penetrations through the roof where adhesives, metal flashing and sealants are used. Those sealants deteriorate over time and therefore need to be replaced. And rubber pipe boots the flashings for plumbing pipes that come through the roof are also prone to break down and need attention or replacement.

On a properly installed metal roof, penetrations are flashed with matching metal. If a sealant is used, its as the first line of defense, but the true water tightness comes from the flashing design and the way it channels water off of the roof, Miller says.

On a metal roof, rubber pipe boots are often covered with metal to match the roof, not only for aesthetics, but to protect the soft rubber from the suns damaging rays. That lengthens its life considerably.

Winner: Metal roofing. While maintenance costs for an asphalt shingle roof arent outrageous, a metal roof simply requires less.

Design Options For Metal And Asphalt Roofs

Both metal and asphalt roofs come in multiple design options, so both materials will let you customize your homes appearance.

If you want a metal roof, you can choose from several metals that each look and perform slightly differently. These include:

Steel and aluminum are the most common options for metal roofs and are some of the most affordable materials.

In addition to different types of metal, you can also choose from a variety of colors and patterns, the most common of which include standing seam metal roofs, corrugated metal, metal shingle and metal slate roofs.

Asphalt roofs also come in many colors and styles, and there are three types of shingles you can choose from. These include three-tab shingles, dimensional shingles , and luxury shingles .

Its up to you to decide which option you prefer in terms of curb appeal, but the variety of options for both means you can customize each to your preference.

Final Thoughts On Metal Roofing Vs Shingle Roofing

So, when it comes to metal vs. shingle roofing, which should you choose?

Truthfully, both are great options it just depends on your individual needs.

Ask yourself these questions as a good starting point:

  • How much money am I comfortable spending on a roof?
  • How important to me is using recycled or recyclable materials?
  • Do I live in an environment that could face severe weather events?
  • How much searching for roofing contractors am I willing to do?
  • Do I want a bright, vibrant color? Or more of a gray tone?
  • Does my HOA restrict different roofing types?

At Sheffield Metals, we sell the sheets and coils used to make metal roofing panels. At the same time, we also care about helping you choose the right roofing product for you and your specific needs.

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Asphalt Shingles Are Cheaper Up Front But Metal Is A Better Long Term Value

Remember the cliché we started with? You get what you pay for. Heres where that comes in

Life Expectancy

Say you get the high end of asphalt roofing, the pricey product with 50-year life expectancy youre looking at around $6,000 for that same 2,300-square-foot roof material. But asphalt, unlike metal, degrades as it ages. The marketers may say itll last 50 years, but its efficacy against fire and wind, even rainstorms, will decline dramatically with each decade. Asphalt is a 20- to 30-year roof in most BEST cases, whatever the marketing materials may say and the homes resale value in year 25 will reflect that, even on 50-year asphalt shingles. If you go to sell your home that has a 20-year old asphalt shingle roof, its a good bet that the buyer will ask for that to be replaced or at least a discount on the asking price of your home.

Metal, though, has been proven to last decades and newer innovations have made metal roofs tougher than ever. A 50-year metal roof will indeed last 50 years if well-cared for . 60 years is a long time to not have to worry about roof replacement.

Metal Roofing Aesthetics

If you want that traditional asphalt shingle or architectural shingle look, there are metal shingle options available that are great options. Many of these options can be HOA approved as well. Metal shingles offer the same cost and quality options as do metal panels.

Metal: More Than Just a Roof

Lots Of Metal Roofing Colors To Choose From


There are far more design options for metal panels than shingles. Metal comes in every standard color you could want plus specialty colors that mimic other materials. For example, there are metal panels that are made to look like zinc and copper which are much less than buying panels in those materials.

The choices for the aesthetic of your roof are greater with metal.

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What Are Asphalt Shingles Made Of

It seems obvious that an asphalt shingle is made of asphalt. While that is the main ingredient, they also consist of other materials that serve a purpose in the performance of the shingles. Other than asphalt, shingle contain:

  • Mineral Powder- this is mixed in with the asphalt to give the asphalt more weather and fire resistance.
  • Granules– Hard rock that is crushed and adhered to the surface of the shingles. Helps protect the roof from excessive sun exposure and also adds increased fire resistance.
  • Fiberglass– Gives the roof more durability and a higher fire rating. Fiberglass is only in fiberglass shingles which we will discuss when going over the types of shingles in Chapter 3.
  • Paper – If fiberglass is not used, then paper will be used for the foundation in what is known as an organic shingle.

When Should I Use Metal Roofing

  • You want your roof to last longer .
  • You plan on living in your house for more than 15 years.
  • You are looking to save money on energy bills.
  • You are looking to save money on your homeowners insurance.
  • You want a large amount of color choices for your roof.
  • You live in an area with high winds or severe weather.

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How Much Does A Metal Roof Cost Compared To Shingles

NOTE: This content was initially published in 2020 and is updated below to reflect current material prices and inflation. In these uncertain times, metal roofing continues to be an excellent long-term investment.

When faced with roof replacement, many homeowners have settled for the cheapest, most popular product – asphalt shingles. But over the past several years, a funny thing has happened. Homeowners, tired of the constant churn of shingle replacement, are searching for better roofing options.

Perhaps thats why residential metal roofing continues to gain in popularity. With increasing frequency, homeowners consider the possibilities of a metal roof on possibly their most significant investment, their home. Based on recent data, metal roofing now holds 12% of the remodel market share and 8% of the spending for new residential construction.

Think about those statistics for a moment. That means 12% of the homes needing a roof replacement no longer replace their shingle roof with another roof.


Because, in many cases, theyre simply tired of the never-ending cycle of budgeting for and paying off a roof on their home. In the wise words of Albert Einstein, theyre just over the insanity of it all.

Shingle Are The Most Common Residential Roofing Material

Metal Roof VS Asphalt Shingles: Pro’s and Con’s Explained | Dreamworx Roofing roofers near me

Drive through almost any neighborhood in the United States and it should not take you long to find a shingle roof. In fact, they are the most commonly used residential roof with approximately 7 out of 10 homes having a shingle roof.

The biggest reasons for its popularity are because of the affordability and easy installation. We discuss more benefits of shingle roofing in Chapter 5.

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Average Pricing For Metal Roof Vs Asphalt Shingle

Lets say youve got a roof of 2,300 square feet that needs to be finished, since thats the median size home in the United States . Prices below are for materials only and do not include include installation costs due to the geographical fluctuation of that cost.

Metal Roofing

Youre looking at anywhere from $2 per square foot of economy metal roofing up to as much as $4 per square foot for standing seam. Pricing based on June, 2021 prices on Multipurpose metal panel and 16 Standing Seam Minor Rib material and include warranty, delivery, underlayment and trim.

For a 2,300-square-foot metal roof, the materials cost could be between $5,212 and $9,402.

Asphalt Shingles

For a 2,300-square-foot asphalt shingle roof, the materials cost could be between $2,300 to $5,750.

Average Time To Install

Generally speaking, installing an asphalt roof will usually be slightly faster than installing a metal roof. The average timeline for the former is one to three days, while metal roofs can take up to a week to install and tend to take three to four days, on average.

Most roofing companies will charge you based on the square footage of the roof youre installing, so the timeline only matters for your comfort and the safety of your home, especially as it pertains to the weather in your area.

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Energy Efficiency And Eco

As homeowners become more aware of the wider environmental effects of heating and cooling their homes, many begin to prioritize efficiency as both a means of saving money and protecting the environment. Metal is a highly reusable material, with many metal roofs being made of about 30%60% recycled metal. Their high durability also means they dont need to be replaced as often, whereas torn and damaged asphalt shingles end up in the landfill.

Additionally, since most metal roofs are reflective, they direct the heat of the sun away from the building they cover, blocking heat and lowering cooling costs. Even non-reflective metal can be treated with special paint that blocks UV rays. Experts typically estimate that youll save about 20%30% off the cost of cooling your home in the summer with a metal roof.

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The Lifespan Of A Metal Roof Versus A Shingle Roof

Metal Roofing Lasts Longer and Saves More Energy than Asphalt Shingles

The lifespan of a roof is the number of years you get out of it. Both roofs have good lifespans, but a metal roof will last longer than a shingle roof.

For example, a dimensional shingle roof can last up to 30 years, while a standing-seam metal roof can last up to 50 years. Both a metal roof and a shingle roof should get as close as possible to their maximum lifespan as long as they have adequate attic ventilation and are installed properly.

Keep in mind, there are always factors like extreme weather, the climate of your area, and more that will ultimately determine how long both roof systems will last. However, as long as you invest in quality materials and hire a great roofing contractor, you should get peace of mind for years to come, no matter which roof you choose.

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Your Hoa Restricts The Use Of Metal Roofing

Is your home in a community that has a Homeowners Association? There are certain HOAs that dont allow metal roofing. This is mainly meant to keep all the roofs in the community looking uniform.

You should never have a problem with a HOA allowing a shingle roof given that it’s the most common type of roofing. No matter what type of roof you decide on, it’s best to run the decision by your HOA just to make sure you wont have any problems in the future.

Metal Roofing Colors And Styles

Metal roofing gives you a huge variety of colors and styles to choose from. There are different panel profiles and hundreds of colors. Metal can match almost any design style you are looking to achieve.

There are also different types of metal roofing materials to choose from like copperor zinc. These materials are the most expensive type of metal panels.

What if you want the look of copper or zinc, but without the price tag? There are less expensive painted steel panels that mimic the look of copper and zinc, but at a fraction of the price.

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Metal Roof Vs Shingles: What Is The Difference

As a homeowner, you know how important it is to choose the right roofing system. With so many options available in the market today, it is easy to get really confused. But when you make a decision, you should keep in mind the cost-effectiveness, durability, aesthetics and the overall effort that goes into maintaining the roof. There are many types of roofing systems that you can choose from. However, metal roofs vs shingles are a common comparison and to analyse which one is the best for you, you need to know various aspects of both. In this article, we have analysed both types of roofs objectively and instead of intense confusing information about both type of roofs, we have described defining aspects of each of these roofs. This is will help you make a more informed decision.

Another important thing to know that between the two roofs, one is better than in some aspects and falls short in some other aspects. This is why it is important to weigh your options objectively and be clear on what you as a homeowner expect from your roof.

Here are the various defining features of shingles vs metal roof:

Do Metal Roofs Add More Home Value Than Asphalt Roofs

Metal VS Asphalt Shingles | What’s Better for Your Roof? | Pro Exteriors & Construction

In general, metal roofs will add more value to your home than asphalt roofs, primarily because metal roofing can last about four times as long as a shingle roof.

If buyers understand that they have 40 to 70 years before they need to lay out money for a new roof, they might be willing to pay a bit more for your property, especially if your metal roof is still under warranty.

However, some buyers dont like the appearance of a metal roof, so it can actually lead some people to be less interested in your home. Overall, though, metal roofing is a better option for maximizing resale value.

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Steel Shingles And Tiles

There are several common types of steel roofing. Galvanized steel, which is coated with zinc to deter corrosion, is a popular choice for its strength and durability. A cheaper alternative is Galvalume, which is aluminum-coated steel. On the high end of the scale is stainless steel, which is a rare but striking choicethe Chrysler Building, for example, is roofed with stainless steel.

A 100-square-foot Galvalume panel costs between $75 and $250 and installs for a total of about $5.50 per square foot. Galvanized steel, which is a bit more expensive, runs about $3.35 to $4.25 per square foot, and materials plus installation come out to about $10 per square foot, or $17,000 to $25,000 total. Stainless steel is quite a bit more expensive at $10 to $16 per square foot for materials and as much as $15.50 more per square foot for installation.

Asphalt Shingle Roofs Have Easier Installation And Repair

Only essential tools and a little specialized knowledge are required for asphalt shingle-related work. It will take a day or two to install shingles, but in some cases, they can be installed over an existing layer.

On the other hand, it will typically require more specialized and skilled tradespeople to install metal roofing. It demands a more thorough job and leaves less room for error. This prevents a metal roof installation from being as quick as installing shingle.

In some cases, lightweight metal products may be installed right over an existing roof, given that it is in good condition. It simplifies the overall installation and removes the cost of ripping out the original roof.

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What Factors Affect The Cost Of A Re

The geographic region, eave height, and complexity of the roof all impact the cost of roof replacement. But beyond that, product selection, aesthetics, and installation costs are also dominant factors.

Product Type: The broad type of product selected and the family of products within that category significantly impact the cost of any roofing project. So while the first tier decision might be metal or shingles, the second tier decisions include the thickness of the product and style/type of product.

For example, there are two predominant types of metal roofing: concealed fastener and exposed fastener panels. The product and installation costs vary significantly between the two styles. So while exposed fastener panels on straight gable roofs with low eave heights might be priced comparative to asphalt shingles, a concealed fastener system on a two-story house with a complex roof plan might be much more costly.

Aesthetics: Another critical factor in pricing considerations is aesthetics. Metal roofs come in a wide range of finishes and styles. You can even choose a metal roof that looks like slate, shakes, or tile, and, as Todd Miller points out in this article, those styles can be a great way to enhance a home immediately through increased beauty as well as the high end value implication of an upscale home.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Metal Roofs vs. Asphalt Shingles

How Much Does Standing Seam Metal Roofing Cost?

According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, standing seam metal roofing will cost $8 to $12 per square foot including materials and installation. Standing seam metal roofing will vary in price from one roof to the next. It depends upon how difficult the roof is to install. It wouldnt be uncommon for a difficult metal roofing installation to cost $13 to $18 per square foot.

When youre getting bids for your metal roof, we suggest that you should understand if your roof is considered a difficult installation. Check out this article for an in depth explanation.

Appearance Of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

While visual appeal is subjective, the look of a standing seam metal roof stands out for clean lines and sleek, modern appearance.

Unfortunately, there is also a downside to the aesthetics of standing seam roofs. While the cosmetic issue ofoil canning.

Corrugated panels are best for those who:

  • Want to spend less money.
  • Are doing the installation themselves.
  • Want more of an industrial look.

For many, a major factor they consider when making a large purchase is cost. In the next chapter, we go over the breakdown of the long term and short term cost for shingles and metal.

Chapter 6

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