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How To Add A Tin Roof To A Deck

How To Build A Gable Roof Over An Existing Deck

Installing a Lean-to Roof on an existing Deck

Building a gable roof over a deck is similar to building a slanted roof, with a few differences. First, you will need two more beams that attach from the house framing to the new beam youve installed that is supported by the new posts that will support the ends of the gable roof.

The new beams will be two or three 2x pieces of lumber laminated and supported by joist hangers on the new beam and the ledger board on the house side. These new beams will support trusses, which will be held in place by brackets.

Tying the new gable roof into the existing house may require you to remove some of the old roofing from the existing house. In some cases, the gable roof will be flush with a wall and not a roof, and this will make your life easier. Using flashing to join the house wall and new roof will help waterproof that joint, provided the flashing goes up and under the house siding.

Should I Cover My Deck In The Winter

Its important to cover your deck in the winter to protect it from harsh winter weather. You can choose between a permanent roof and a temporary tarp, but you may want to build a roof to invest in the long-term. If youre wondering how to put a roof over an existing deck, get in touch with your local roofing experts. They can either give you advice or complete the job for you.

Is Underlayment Necessary For A Metal Roof

No, underlayment for a metal roof on a shed is not necessary. A properly installed metal roof does not need a second waterproof layer on a shed. If you intend to heat your shed, however, then you will need underlayment to protect against condensation damage.

Neglecting to use underlayment isnt a bad choice for shed owners unless you dont install your metal roof properly. In that case, your roof sheathing will rot, decay, and eventually have structural failure if you dont rectify the problem in a timely manner.

Tar paper or Tyvek wrap can be used, too. Tar paper is weather resistant, absorbs moisture and will let it evaporate over time. The drawback to tar paper is that if you have a constant leak, it will become too saturated and destroy the wood beneath it.

Housewrap, such as Tyvek, is a more durable alternative to tar paper but more expensive. It is waterproof but not a vapor barrier, so youll still get condensation on the underside of your metal roof. However, the wrap will still largely keep the water from getting onto your roof sheathing.

The best underlayment for a shed metal roof is waterproof self-adhering membrane. Once you apply it, you can rest easy. This membrane is like having two roofs on top of each other it is durable, waterproof, serves as an air barrier and holds up well in extremely hot and cold climates.

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Disadvantages Of Metal Roofs

Despite their many advantages, metal roofs have some potential drawbacks.

  • Affordability. Metal roofs can be as much as two or three times more expensive than other roofing materials. While the life of a metal roof is much longer, investing in a metal roof only makes sense if you plan to stay in your home long enough to enjoy the cost benefits.
  • Noisiness. Metal roofs may be more noisy during a heavy rain or hailstorm than other products depending on the type of decking used during installation . Adding more attic insulation can sometimes solve this problem, but that may increase costs.
  • Expansion, contraction and fasteners. Metal roofing material assemblies that are attached as large panels are designed to expand and contract as they warm and cool. However, both exposed and concealed fasteners have varying lifespans. Depending on the climate, neoprene washers and the screws used during installation may degrade and become dislodged over time.
  • Inconsistency of color match. If a repair is required or a home extension is added years later, it may be difficult to find an exact match to the existing metal.
  • Performance. If water accumulates anywhere on the roof because of poor-quality installation or repair, it can eventually cause serious damage. Low-grade metals may also be thinner gauge and less durable. Some metals rust in certain climates or dent more easily than others during hailstorms or installation.

Can Your Deck Support A Roof New Rooms for Old Houses: Love the mix of stone, clapboard ...

A deck alone can never support a roof. For instance, you cannot rely on your deck joists or beams to support your roof as well as your deck. Load tables for joists and beams consider 10 psf dead loads, which is the amount of lumber used on the deck alone not a deck and a roof. Therefore, adding a roofs weight onto a deck negates the structural integrity of the deck.

A deck roof will need to be supported by posts and a beam. The posts will need to be on concrete footings, deep enough to go beyond the frost line in your area. A beam will connect the posts and will be sized according to the local building code. The rafters will support the roof itself and connect the beam to the house.

If you already have appropriately sized posts supporting your deck, there is the possibility of integrating existing deck posts with the roof posts however, in most cases, the deck roof will require new footings.

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What Can I Use To Cover My Deck

If you search how to build a roof over a deck online, it will help you determine what to use to cover your deck. The three main options include a gable roof, a hip roof, and a shed roof. Once you determine the type of roof you want for your deck, then youll have to choose the type of material. We suggest contacting your local roofing company that builds roof decks to schedule a consultation.

How To Build A Deck Roof: Attach The Purlins

Plan to space the 2×4 purlins parallel to the house and 3 ft. on center. To provide drainage, the panels should slope toward the outside edge of the deck about 1/4 in. per foot. If the span under your deck is 12 ft., for example, the purlin at the outer end of the deck should be 3 in. lower than the purlin along the house .

First, mark all the purlin locations on the deck joists. Install the purlin along the house and the outer purlin. Then stretch a string between them. Measure down from the deck joists to the string at the other purlin locations. Those measurements will give you the widths of the spacer blocks.

Cut the spacer blocks and screw them to the bottom of the joists at the marks. Then attach the remaining 2×4 purlins by screwing them to the spacers.

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What Is The Roof Over A Deck Called

The roof over a deck is usually called a patio cover. This attached structure provides protection from sun and rain and can either have a solid or open roof. Pergola is another name for deck or patio roofs. This is typically characterized as an open roof thats supported by posts or columns. They provide filtered shade to outdoor living areas.

Learn More About Our Deck Repair And Installation Services

Adding a roof under a deck

When its time to add a roof over your deck, Mr. Handyman can retrofit one for you thats safe, meets local building codes and gives you a professional-looking result. One call to Mr. Handyman really does take care of everything on your to-do list, including that roof-over-deck project!

Make sure to stay on top of all your household repairs, improvements and maintenance needs and request service in your area or give us a call at

By: Author Ryan M.

Building a roof deck on a pitched roof can be tricky. There are many things you need to take into account before getting started, so its important that you know what youre doing.

The most beautiful thing is having a roof deck on your roof. If you are going to build a roof deck on your pitched roof, then you will want to know how.

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Getting A Building Permit For A Patio Cover

Some people said a building permit was unnecessary, while others said it was impossible to get without a contractor’s license, or that it would raise my property tax, etc. So I called the permit and licensing office and got the correct answers.

  • Yes, a permit was required.
  • No, it wouldn’t raise my taxes,
  • As long as the property owner didn’t care if I wasn’t a licensed contractor, they didn’t either.

Getting the building permit was actually much easier than I thought. I took the plans to the towns permit and licensing office, filled out some paperwork, and the next morning I got a call and went back to the permit office to pick up and pay for the permit, which came to $85. They made a couple of alterations to the plan that not only were easy to accommodate but also made the project easier and cheaper!

To prepare for the final inspection, I took pictures of each critical step to show the building inspector, which made the final inspection a snap.

Building Permit

Finding Steel Roof Decks Near Me

D-MAC Industries has30 same-day steel deck locationsto better serve you! With supply locations across the United States, youre sure to find a warehouse near your next project. FromBostontoMiami, OmahaandHouston, weve expanded our footprint to help all our customers get steel roof decks delivered the same day to your job site. Check out our locations to see if we have a warehouse near you the odds are we do!

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Learn More About Installing Metal Roofing Over Shingles

If youre interested in learning more about replacing your shingle roof with metal roof panels, were here to help.

  • Use the Find a Contractor feature on our website to find an experienced installer near you to get a quote for your project.
  • Whether youre a contractor already working with our team at McElroy Metal or are interested in using our products for your next project, contact us today to learn more or become part of our national network of distributors and contractors.
  • The Procedure Of How To Build A Metal Roof Over A Deck


    Having a deck in your house can make your house special. Not only can you get some spaces to unwind, but decks can also be that space where you can hang out together with your family and friends during your day off or after-work hours.

    Its pretty common to see decks without roofing, and thats cheaper to have decks that way. If you want a more affordable option of roofing, consider having a metal roof over your deck. Heres how to build a metal roof over a deck.

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    How To Build A Roof Over A Deck

    Roofing a deck provides a lot of benefits. One is that you can better enjoy sitting outside any time of the day regardless if theres too much sun or the weather is gloomy.

    Building a roof over your outdoor sitting area is not only intended to add to your comfort. Good deck roofing will not only cater to your comfort but also add beauty to your surroundings, which will, in turn, increase the homes market value.

    Although its best to get a seasoned craftsman for this project, you can still manage to build one on your own by following these steps:

    Snap A Square Reference Line

    • A square reference line is important for installing roofing panels evenly. Use the 3-4-5 method to establish a reference line 90 degrees to the eave.
    • First, make a mark along the eave three feet from the corner. At that mark, measure four feet toward the ridge. Then, from the original corner, measure five feet and mark where it intersects the second mark.
    • Snap a line from the first three-foot mark through the intersection of the second and third marks. Since the Getaway roof is larger, I measured to 21 feet, 28 feet and 35 feet to make my square reference line.

    Family Handyman

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    Screw The Panels To The Purlins

    Family Handyman

    Starting at one end, attach the first fiberglass panel to the purlin with the roofing screws. Place the screws in every other valley. Snug the screws enough to compress the washer slightly. Overlap the next panel onto the one you just installed and attach it the same way, this will make waterproof deck systems. When you get to the end, the last panel may be too long. You can just overlap it a bit more or cut it to fit. Its simple to cut panels to length or width with a circular saw and a carbide blade.

    Attach Rafters To The Fascia Of The Main Roof


    Now that is done, the next thing to do is to have 6×2 rafters the number of the vertical beams installed.

    These rafters will be attached to the fascia of the main roof, running down and laying on each of the beams, which will now be extending straight from the ground to the lowest part of the roof, which is the end of the deck.

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    Which Steel Roof Deck Is Right For My Project

    Trying to match an existing steel roof deck? With D-MAC Industries steel deck identifier tool, you can find the right steel roof deck for any project! Simply line up the guide to any existing steel roof deck to see which product is right for your project. If at any point you need assistance identifying which steel roof deck is right for your project, our team will be happy to help. We have extensive experience guiding our customers through any decking project, and can make roof deck recommendations that are tailored specifically to your needs.

    Install The Intersected Beams

    On top of the 8×2 rafter and aligned above each of the original beams, install the intersected beams of equivalent size in a calculated straight line one after the other in a pecking order. If they are 6×6, then install 6×6 beams in a standing position.

    All new beams must be of exact height so that the lowest part of the roof will have an even surface to sit on.

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    Splice And Overlap Trims

    • Where two trim ends meet, youll splice them together. First, cut the bottom hem of the underlapping trim at an angle. After installing the underlapping trim, apply sealant on top. Pry open the bottom hem of the overlapping trim and slide it over the angle-cut hem of the underlapping trim.

    Family Handyman

    What Is Metal Roof Deck

    50 Stunning Covered Deck and Pergola Roof Design Ideas (13)

    Metal roof deck is an essential part of many commercial and industrial construction projects. It is a strong sheet of metal that is formed to fit the needs of specific projects. It can be used for flat, pitched, and arched roofs. In some cases, when the bottom of the metal deck is intentionally left exposed, it may even be painted to create a more polished and finished look.

    Metal roof deck serves as the base of the roofing system. Once the sheet of metal decking has been laid down, the rest of the roofing system can be built on top of or around it. This keeps the metal roof deck safe from natural elements like wind or rain, and ensures that the structure is safe and sturdy for many years to come.

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    How To Install A Tin Roof

    • Written by Justin Stewart on Aug 04, 2009To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

    If your state and local building codes allow, you can install a tin roof instead of a normal shed or garage roof to save time and money. A tin roof, while relatively inexpensive, still maintains its reputation for excellent durability. Install one by following these simple instructions.

    Disclaimer: Before completing this project, check with your local building codes and ordinances to ensure installing a tin roof, instead of another type of roof, where you want to is legal. If it is, ask for any specifications regarding its measurements or extra steps you must take to ensure that it is up-to-code.

    What Should Go Under My Metal Roofing

    When aluminum roofing came on the scene, it was found that it, too, could be installed over battens. This was because of its high strength / low weight ratio. Installation over battens was cheaper than putting down dimensional lumber to create a smooth surface. Also, on steep roof surfaces, the battens provided a ladder of sorts for roof access. This was in the days before various scaffolding and other equipment was commonly available.

    The other option for installing metal roofing calls for a solid deck to be in place and then the roofing is attached to it. A solid deck originally meant dimensional lumber installed tightly together. Today, it often means plywood or oriented-strand board .

    Standing Seam Metal Roof installed on solid decking.

    As metal roofing systems were developed in this country, starting originally with hand-formed panels and then machine-fabricated corrugated sheets, the focus was on systems which could be installed over battens.

    Over the years, a problem has developed with metal roofing installed over battens. That problem is the accumulation of condensation on the back side of the roofing panels. If this condensation accumulates too much, it quickly causes a dangerous situation for toxic mold and other problems in the attic space.

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